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Thomas Palmer has always been interested in learning how things work. When his friends were busy playing with the toys their parents bought, Thomas was more interested in taking them apart, figuring out what made them tick, and using that information to make them better.

This love of understanding the why behind technology followed Thomas as he began working in the field of home security and the installation of security devices. In his desire to provide his clients with the best security system for their needs, Thomas used his personal time as well as his time on the job to learn why certain security systems stood out from the crowd and why others, even those offered by big-name companies, did not live up to the hype.

Matthew Wilson is another individual has a deep interest in all things related to home security. After hearing multiple accounts of people in his neighborhood having their home broken into, Matthew was determined not only to invest in a system that would protect his home and his family but also find a way to share the information that he learned with others.

What started out as a superficial interest in home security systems soon led to Matthew becoming an expert in the field and someone that others would turn to when they had questions about the quality or effectiveness of a home security system or device.

His interest included learning what it is that burglars look for when they select a home that they are going to rob. What time of day do burglars usually strike? Are there certain things that make a home more inviting to burglars?

He also became interested in steps that homeowners could take to protect themselves. For example, was it better to own a gun or a security system? Was pepper spray effective? The more he learned, the more he was driven to learn, and this has led to him becoming a virtual encyclopedia of all things security related.

As fate would have it, Thomas and Matthew eventually teamed up and began compiling the information that they learned. That wealth of knowledge evolved into the comprehensive guide on home security and safety that is found on this website.

This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to add security to their home or business. It provides detailed information on topics ranging from CCTV to getting a guard dog to selecting the right security system for your home. If it is security-related, you are sure to find something about it here.

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