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For those among us susceptible to snowstorms, a portable garage, or carport, is an ideal strategy for avoiding the dreaded scenario of digging your car from the snow. With the winter season making its welcomed exit, now would be the time to catch a great deal on winter gear and items in preparation for the next snow season.

Super quiet and durable, belt drive garage door openers use a rubber belt instead of a chain. With the rubber belt, you get a smoother and quieter operation that prevents vibrations and swaying movements from the door. Plus, belt drives that use steel-reinforced rubber are incredibly durable and strong.

There’s no way to plan exactly when we’ll need a ladder, but the best thing to do is buy a quality ladder that will be there when we need it. There are certain things we must consider when buying a ladder including safety, ease of use, and durability. A mediocre ladder could potentially break easily, or not provide the best safety.

It can be extremely challenging and frustrating to search for garage door keypads in 2021 on the Amazon marketplace. Garage keypads are designed to eliminate the need for a traditional key for a garage. This digital technology allows for a digital pass code to open and unlock a garage door.

Are you using a trailer hitch lock? If not, you have left your trailer open for theft to anyone who comes along and wants to hitch your trailer to their vehicle. With the use of a lock, you are able to keep the trailer hitch and the receiver locked. This will prevent the receiver from being lifted. A key is often needed to unlock the device.

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