The 7 Best Wearable Spy Cameras: Hidden Body Camera Reviews & Buying Guide for 2019

by Matthew Wilson

There are a variety of reasons to purchase a wearable spy camera. Wearable hidden cameras can be attached to clothing or carry items to make sure you’re capturing all the pieces of a situation for your own safety and security.

There are several cameras out there and that’s why we’ve researched the best wearable spy cameras in the market, and have become experts on what is available.

We’ve compared all features of the top cameras from image quality to battery life, and recording features. It is important to have the best wearable spy camera because you need something that is discreet but will provide the best image quality.

The mediocre spy camera might be too heavy, have poor image quality and be difficult to hide. This article provides customer reviews and detailed information to help you make a conscious decision on the right spy camera for you.

Comparison Hidden Spy Camera

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List of Top 7 Best Wearable Spy Cameras on the Market Today:


  • Easy, one click recording
  • 120 degree field of view
  • Record and store up to eight hours of footage using a 64GB micro SD card
  • Rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to three hours of recording time
  • Loop recording and time-stamping options
  • Convenient USB plug for quick and easy charging


This camera holds up to eight hours of video using a separately sold 64GB SD card. The plug-and-play USB on the camera makes it easy for you to upload your videos to your computer. The small design of this camera fits easily in a pocket or purse, though the camera also comes with a lanyard to wear around your neck if you prefer.

People love this camera for its affordable price and numerous attributes. You are sure to love how easy this camera is to set up and use, and the various recording options ensure that you will have the clearest video possible. ehomful Body Camera HD 1080P Wearable Mini Hidden Spy Pen Camera Portable Cop Pocket Cam Convert Video Recorder USB/One Key Fast Record Police Body Cameras for Home/Office (No Need Charging Cable)

Pros / Cons
  • The convenience of the USB plug means you can easily upload your videos to your computer.
  • At under $40, this camera is a great value for the price.
  • Helpful instructions teach you how to configure the device to your specifications.
  • Because of the size of the camera, the settings can be difficult to figure out with only one button to program the various settings. Fortunately, this device comes with a helpful instruction manual.
  • The microphone on the device may not record well in areas with surrounding noises.


If you want an affordable and powerful body camera then this is the one for you. Easy to use from the start, you are sure to get plenty of value out of this device.


  • HD video and photo options with the click of a button
  • Wirelessly sync photos and videos with your devices and social media accounts
  • USB charging lasts for up to 70 video clips
  • Bluetooth connectivity to connect these glasses to all your wireless devices
  • Water resistant in snow and rain


The second generation of this well-known brand of concealed camera is smaller and more powerful than its predecessor. These camera glasses allow you to take videos from your first-person perspective.

Whether you are spending a day at the beach or skydiving, the unique perspective of this camera will give you interesting videos every time.

Frequent users of this camera say that it is convenient and well made. They like the choice of colors and the convenience of snapping quick pictures in real-time. Spectacles 2 (Nico) - Water Resistant Camera Glasses - Made for Snapchat

Pros / Cons
  • Polarized lenses give these glasses 100% UVA and UVB protection. They work great as sunglasses as well as a camera.
  • Bluetooth technology automatically shares your photos with your phone.
  • Because this camera is water-resistant, you can candidly take photos in any weather
  • This body camera is expensive, coming in just under $200.
  • Each video can only be a maximum of 30 seconds before you must press the record button again. There is no option to make longer videos.
  • Because the camera is attached to the sunglasses, it would be conspicuous to wear this camera indoors or at night.


If you are looking for a discreet way to capture pictures and videos, the first-person perspective of Spectacles 2 is just what you need. The ability to capture videos and photos with the click of a button and upload them wirelessly to your phone makes this camera one of the best-hidden body cameras.


  • Loop recording
  • Motion detection
  • 1080P/720P HD quality video
  • Small size
  • Body cam
  • Charge and record simultaneously
  • Battery is 380mAh non-removable lithium-ion
  • Record up to 100 minutes of video in 1080P resolution
  • Record up to 120 minutes of video in 720P resolution
  • Record 1 full week in motion detection at full charge
  • Comes with clips and mounting and downloading equipment
  • SD card sold separately
  • 2 Years manufacturer warranty

This tiny spy camera stays hidden and records on a loop, rewriting oldest data first. The motion sensor in this camera picks up activity with a time and date stamp. Use it as a body worn surveillance camera to catch the action as it happens.

Bodycam supports a max size of 64GB SD card. It comes with an instruction manual, warranty card, card reader, USB cable and reset pin.

More than half of the customers who have purchased this tiny spy cam are pleased with it. They like that it is easy to hide with its small size and they also appreciate the video quality.

The motion detection is a popular feature with users. A few customers reported purchasing a defective camera. Spy Camera no Wi-Fi Needed - Hidden Camera Motion Activated - Mini Body Camera - Nanny Hidden Small Cam - Tiny Spy Hidden Camera - Spy Hidden Cameras for Home - Easy to Use Portable Hidden Recorder

Pros / Cons
  • Easy to hide
  • Good video quality
  • Motion detection feature
  • SD card sold separately
  • Not made for low light


This camera works well if you’re looking for something that will remain discreet whether you wear it or mount it. It has lengthy recording time and you can also record on a loop.

This camera brings you great quality and the battery recharges while the camera is in use. Overall this is one of the best wearable hidden cameras you’ll find.


  • Long recording time
  • Loop recording
  • 1920x1080P HD or 1280x720P video quality
  • Small size
  • Built-in 560mAh rechargeable battery
  • 3 Hours of video recording
  • Simultaneous recording and charging
  • Supports a max of 64GB micro SD card
  • Easy to use
  • 3 functions: non-video, video, and photograph
  • Magnet dots for attaching to metal
  • Clips on to clothing and other soft surfaces
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 1 Year warranty
  • SD card not included

This small spy camera can be used as a wearable camera for the body, dashboard in vehicle, or on the bicycle. It has a clip design that allows to you to attach it to your backpack, bag, pocket or other items. It has 3 buttons to work its 3 functions so you can switch between still photos and video.

Customers who have purchased this tiny camera appreciate the quality of the images and the ease of the downloading process. The audio quality is also pretty good for the small device. Lenofocus Mini Body Camera 1080P Full HD Hidden Spy Cameras Portable Pocket Clip Wearable Camera Video Recorder Small Sport DV DVR Dash Camera for Car Bicycle Home Office Security

Pros / Cons
  • Long battery life
  • Quality video
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect size
  • Instruction manual can be a little tough to understand
  • Footage can be compromised if camera is in motion


This device is a great spy camera to wear on clothing. You can use it as a nanny cam at home or as security camera at the office. This tiny device is good to travel with and works on bicycles and cars.

Use it as a wearable spy camera for kids who are with the sitter or are out and about. It’s one of the best wearable spy camera to ensure safety of your loved ones and the security of your property.


  • Wearable camera
  • HD video
  • Discreet design, appears as fashion piece
  • Takes photos and records video
  • Easy to use
  • Two function buttons
  • Built-in 16GB micro SD card for recording on a loop

This stylish hidden camera appears as a fashion piece and can be used while walking, biking, or during a meeting. It has HD video quality and can be quickly adjusted.

The video shows time and date stamp, and the micro SD card can be continuously written over as it gets full.
Customers who have purchased this product are very pleased. Camera Loop Video Recorder HD 1080P IR Night Vision Cameras(Black)

Pros / Cons
  • Stylish
  • Discreet
  • Hard to start and stop watch for stealth recording
  • Difficult to get proper recording position when wearing
  • Watch is not waterproof


This small wearable hidden camera will remain discreet sitting on your wrist or on your desk and it will record the action as it happens. It holds time and date so you will always know when something important took place.


  • Front and rear clips
  • 1080P HD resolution
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Records up to 90 minutes
  • Motion detection and continuous recording
  • Loop recording
  • Max memory card support is 32GB micro SD
  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry

This tiny DV recorder captures in 1080 HD resolution. It is a wearable camera that can pick up motion detection or can be set to record continuously. It is great for several occasions and it’s easy to carry around.

Only a few customers reviewed this product and the responses were mixed. Some have had trouble using it and others have been ok with the results.

The video quality is reported to be pretty good, but the continuous recording option doesn’t work as well as it should. Apparently if you need a motion detection device it works pretty well, you just have to find the right hiding spot. Mini Spy Camera Portable Tiny Size Hidden Nanny Camera Body-Worn Recorder,BSTCAM Motion Detection Recording and 90 Minutes Battery Life Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Covert Small Camera [Not Included]

Pros / Cons
  • Good picture quality
  • Good battery length
  • Not discreet enough
  • Buttons are hard to use
  • Have to get software upgrade to enable audio


This hidden spy camera is great if you’re looking for a high-quality video. You might want to find your hiding place prior to making your investment. This camera works great if you’re trying to catch a thief or if you’re using it as a nanny cam.


  • 140 Degrees wide angle lens
  • Full HD video quality 1920 x 1080p 30 fps
  • Motion detector
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to use
  • High quality images
  • Infrared night vision mode
  • 3-4 hours

This mini spy camera has infrared technology to provide you with clear night vision. It has a wide angle lens and you can wear it on the go.

It works well indoors and outdoors and can take still photos as well as continuous recording. Set it to motion detection to pick up on moving objects.

Customers who have purchased this product have not yet reported any feedback.

HBGiSi Mini Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera 1080P Portable Wireless IP Security Camera WiFi HD Spy Cam Covert Tiny Nanny Cam with 140°Angle Night Vision Motion Detection

Pros / Cons
  • Night vision
  • High resolution video
  • Motion detection
  • Small device
  • Built-in microphone
  • N/A


This mini camera works great as a travel for stationary video recorder. The infrared night vision offers a clear picture and it has a strong battery that records for up to 3-4 hours

Tips on Choosing the Best Wearable Spy Camera

The right wearable spy camera will easily attach to your personal items including purses, backpacks, bags, jackets and others. If you plan to wear your camera you might want to find one that comes with clips or some type of Velcro.

The wearable spy camera you’ll want should maintain good picture quality even when in motion. A wearable camera indicates that you might be placing it on yourself or something else that will be in motion during use.

The best wearable spy camera worth purchasing will remain hidden even as you wear it. Some of the best hidden cameras are tucked away inside obvious objects including hats, jewelry or pockets.

top rated wearable spy camera

A good wearable camera might also have audio so you can use it in important situations including meetings. Some cameras have a microphone but you have to add software to get the audio to work.

A good company will stand behind its product. Take a look at the warranty and support information. See if there is anyone available to help and how fast the turn around response usually is.

This is something you might find in customer reviews. If there is a warranty or guarantee included, it’s most likely a solid product.

You will want to pick a camera that has a color that is really easy to blend in. Sometimes that means picking a color cam but it might be most convenient to get a basic black camera.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Wearable Spy Camera

  • wearable spy camera resolutionCamera resolution:

Poor image quality defeats the purpose of recording anything. A hidden camera is already small which makes it even more important that clear images are visible. Each still photo and video needs to have high quality. You will want a camera with the highest possible resolution. Some of the cameras come with two different resolution options including 1080P HD and 720P.

  • wearable spy camera batteryBattery life:

A typical camera battery might only last for a few hours with continuous play. If you are only looking for motion detection you might get the most out of your battery by only using that feature. If you do plan to use your camera for continuous play, then you will want to consider the device with the best battery.

  • wearable spy camera memoryMemory capacity:

    wereable spy camera reviews

Some cameras will have a built-in memory card while others will be sold separately. Occasionally you will get a camera that can hold a larger SD card. Use a larger memory card to store all of your recorded data as needed. Cameras that record live video and capture photos should also include a date and time stamp to help you remain organized.

  • wearable spy camera recordingRecording options:

Think about whether you will need still shots or live video. Also consider if you will use motion detection or continuous recording. If you need all of these functions as an option, you’ll have to find a camera that has all three features. Some cameras might only have two of the three so you’ll have to check the specs. An easier way to use the camera with all the features you need is if it has specific buttons for each setting.

  • using wearable spy cameraEase of use:

Consider who will be using the camera. Will it be an elder? a child? You want the camera and it’s functions to be as easy to understand as possible to get the best results. If it’s a camera for a kid, you want to attach it to a good spot where it can be effective. If you are buying it for an elder you want it to be in a place where they can remember they’re wearing it and have the ability to reach it and easy take it off when they need to.

  • wearable spy camera tipsLifestyle:

Think about when you plan to use the camera and how you can best disguise it. A fancy watch will stick out like sore thumb at a gardening event, but it would go well at a business meeting. You need a camera that you can wear and it will rightfully blend in with whatever your most common situations are.

  • wearable spy camera with night visionNight Vision:

Not all cameras have night vision. If you need to record something in the evening you should look for a camera that can do well in low light.

  • wearable spy camera weightCamera Weight:

A wearable camera needs to be lightweight so that it goes unnoticeable and it doesn’t weigh you down. It can be hard to be discreet when your device is being a hinderance.

  • wearable spy camera lens Angle lens:

Think about what you will need to capture between narrow views and wide angles. If you need to cover a broad range of things you might opt for the wide-angle lens. You can find the lens specifications in the features area.

  • wearable spy camera connectionWire vs. Wireless:

Think about whether you need wireless capabilities or if you plan to keep the camera stationary. If you will be hiding the tiny camera in a book case or discreetly attaching it to a desk, it might be ok to get one with a wire. If you plan to move around a lot with the camera and transfer it from one clothing item to the next it might be best to get a wireless device.

Also, if you have a feeling that you are being watched without your knowledge, see our list of hidden camera detectors. This will help you protect yourself and your family from surveillance.

Wearable Spy Camera FAQ

small wearable hidden camera

Q. What is the best type of wearable spy camera?

A. That depends on your daily activities. If you are going hiking or doing a strenuous activity, you might need the camera that latches on really well. Someone that just needs to wear it to a meeting or while sitting behind a desk at work could get away with one that simply attaches to their shirt or jacket.

Q. What types of wearable spy cameras are there in the market?

A. There are several different types of spy cameras out there that you can wear. They come in a variety of forms including in jewelry, in hats, ink pens, glasses, lighters and more.

Q. Is it illegal for me to wear a hidden spy camera?

A. No. It really depends on your intentions. If you are using the camera for blackmail or doing other harm to others it can be illegal to record without consent. In some countries audio is illegal but the video is not, however, if you live in the USA you can freely capture audio and video.

Q. Is recording automatic with a spy camera?

A. No. Initially, there might be a feature that you can set to continuously record, otherwise, the camera can be set to motion detection. Check the features to see what your options are, but the camera most likely will not be recording on its own. Another thing to consider is that some cameras have a built-in DVR and some do not. You might have to connect your camera to another device such as a computer to get the data. DVR capabilities or ports will be listed in the specs.

Q. Are hidden cameras weatherproof?

A. No. Most hidden cameras are not designed to be placed outdoors. You can create something to attach to the camera and protect it from exposure to the elements, but that might interfere with your image quality. If you need something that is great for both indoors and outdoors you might spend a little more on weatherproof camera.

But do not forget that security is essential not only near your door but also around the perimeter of the whole house, robbers are scared off by cameras, so for you, we have collected the 10 best fake security cameras so that you can protect yourself and your family.

Making The Decision

Now you are aware of the many top wearable spy cameras the market has to offer. As you may have noticed, there are several ways to spy on an event or person.

You can use your camera as a stationary device to capture motion when it happens, or you can wear it on your body set to a continuous record-setting and get a copy of entire situations.

Wearable spy cameras are very convenient and efficient because you can control the functions and determine how you are recording your target person or event.

In this article, you have read which spy cameras have provided the best results for customers and you have also learned which cameras have your most important features.

Ultimately, it all comes down to which camera best suits your needs. You know what your plans are for your camera and now hopefully you know the best wearable spy camera to use for getting your spying done.

Now let’s get proactive with protecting your family or securing your information and purchase your spy camera today!

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