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The 10 Best Truck GPS Systems in 2021 Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Missed turns and blocked roadways can cause major setbacks in deliveries, but a GPS will help drivers avoid that problem. Choosing the best GPS for truck drivers can be a challenge, and that’s why we’ve studied all products to become experts.

We’ve analyzed features including screen size, road advisories, customized routing, and mounting capabilities. It’s paramount to buy the best truck GPS because it will help you get your load to its destination timely, safely, and securely. A mediocre GPS will send you down the wrong path which could be very dangerous.

Most Recommended GPS Systems for Trucks

TomTom VIA 1525TM

TomTom VIA 1525TM 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device with Free Lifetime Traffic
  • Our Rating
  • Touchscreen Display: 5 inch

    Free Lifetime Map Updates

    Lifetime Maps: North America (US-CAN-MX)

    Mount: Reversible Integrated Mount

    Spoken instructions in more than 30 different languages

Garmin RV 760LMT

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator
  • Our Rating
  • Easy-to-read 7" display

    Customized RV routing¹ for lower 48 states and Canada

    RV trip planning and sharing

    Lifetime map and traffic updates

    Wireless backup camera compatible

Garmin dezl 770LMTHD

Garmin dezl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator-(Renewed)
  • Our Rating
  • Screen: 7-Inch

    With free Lifetime Map and Traffic updates

    Speed Limit Indicator

    Bluetooth wireless technology and built-in microphone

    Minimum 90-day warranty

10 Best Truck GPS Devices


TomTom VIA 1525TM 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device with Free Lifetime Traffic

The TomTom VIA 1525TM comes in a 5-inch screen and 6-inch screen. It has the option of live traffic and lifetime maps with a North American and USA maps configuration.

Featuring spoken turn-by-turn directions and advances lane guidance this Truck PGS available for an affordable price. Several consumers who reported on this product state that it’s the best truck GPS to buy. It has great features, it’s reliable, and it’s fast. Customers appreciate the accuracy of this device and they also feel that the price is good.

Some people reported having difficulty using this model. They say the programming isn’t that easy.


  • Good price
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • The charging port is right in the docking station so if you’re charging you can’t have it mounted
  • The device seems to prefer toll roads over truck routes
  • The suction cups are not great
  • Programming can be challenging


If you’re ready for a fast and accurate device, then this GPS device is probably a good buy for you. It comes at an affordable price and it has tons of features.

Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator

The Garmin RV 760LMT portable GPS navigator has great functions and provides excellent weather data with radar presentation. A lot of the users who spoke about this product believe it is the best GPS for truck drivers.

Featuring a nice big screen, this GPS navigator boots fast and locates satellites pretty fast. It’s a great item at a cheap price and will let you know in advance when there is a lane change. Some concerns customers had was that the destination address has to be an exact match and upcoming turns are stated as names instead of highway numbers.


  • Good traffic info
  • Loud and clear voice
  • Large and easy to read display
  • Fast boot-up
  • Entering a destination can be tricky if you don’t get an exact match
  • Upcoming turns and navigation list are provided as street names instead of highway numbers


This truck navigation device works well, it has a large display, and it loads satellite info pretty quickly. Just use patience to toggle with the destination street names and this device will serve you well.

Garmin dezl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator

The Garmin dezl 770LMTHD GPS navigator is a great tool to take along with you. It makes placing calls convenient through Bluetooth, includes a lifetime of updated maps and traffic, and it also has preloaded maps for future travel.

A little over 50 percent of the customers who reviewed this device report that it’s the best-rated truck GPS available. This GPS has lots of functions and the screen is big enough.

Customers like the large graphics and that there’s a way to set it for more than one vehicle. The speaker is also nice and loud. Some customers have reported that the device struggles to navigate certain areas and that it runs a little slow.


  • Loud clear speaker
  • Large screen
  • The device is a little slow
  • Struggles to navigate certain areas


This GPS system by Garmin works great to keep you on the right track with its loudspeaker and large graphics. Stay ahead of traffic and road closures with a lifetime of updates.

Rand McNally TND 540 LM 5in GPS Truck Navigator with Lifetime Map Updates

This 5-inch Rand McNally TND 540 GPS truck navigator comes with lifetime map updates. In addition to this 5in screen, it also comes in size 7in. More than 50 percent of users who purchased this GPS system rated it high.

It a good device like a brand new product. It is simple to use and store addresses in and it can be easily updated with WiFi. Some customers have reported glitches in the program and difficulty reading the screen.


  • Good quality
  • No problem to use
  • Reliable
  • When the device needs to be updated it shuts down until the update is completed


This GPS works well and is quite reliable. The Rand McNally TND 540 truck GPS is simple to function and it can be updated with wifi, just make sure your updates are coming in at a convenient time because you might lose your map if it updates during your drive.


YoJetSing GPS Navigation for Car,Truck GPS 7 Inch HD GPS Navigator, Built-in 256MB+8GB Vehicle Navigation System, Voice Reminding, Free Lifetime Maps(Pre-Installed USA+Canada+Mexico)

This YoJetSing GPS navigation system made for cars and trucks. It offers true direction guides letting you know about speed limits, height restrictions, and traffic alerts. It also keeps you on the correct route, avoiding labyrinth junctions and complicated viaducts.

A bunch of consumers has shared their opinion and like this product. The screen is large and clear. The battery of this truck GPS holds a charge pretty well and it has great satellite navigation. Setup is fast and it’s simple to manage. It’s a nice product at a price you can afford.

Some people reported difficulty using the touch screen and that the speed limits weren’t properly calibrated.


  • Large clear screen
  • Strong battery
  • Good price
  • Updating seems to be difficult


This device has a large screen and comes at an affordable price, however updating speed limits and roadways seems to be a challenge even after contacting the manufacturer.

If you have the patience to try to download the information you need before your travels, then you might really benefit from this truck navigator. It functions well once you get going.

Garmin DriveSmart 70 NA LMT GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps and Traffic, Smart Notifications, Voice Activation, and Driver Alerts

The Garmin DriveSmart 70 NA LMT GPS Navigator System comes with everything that truckers need: driver alerts, voice activation, smart notifications, and a lifetime of maps and traffic updates. Most of the truck drivers who bought this GPS system really enjoy it.

The big navigation screen is easy to read and the voice commands work well. It provides lots of information and it has a very sensitive touch screen. Some people had concerns about the glare on the screen and also trouble with finding detours when there are road closures or traffic jams.


  • Large screen
  • Works well
  • Easy to control
  • Lots of features
  • Glare and reflection can be frequent while driving
  • Finding detours ahead of construction road closures or traffic jams can be a challenge


Overall this might be the best GPS for truck drivers. It has tons of features, the screen is large, and it’s easy to control. It provides real landmarks and it will give advance notice of upcoming road changes such as sharp curves or speed limits.


Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro 8in Truck GPS Tablet with Dash Cam and Bluetooth

The Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro GPS tablet has an 8-inch screen, dashcam, and Bluetooth. Most of the consumers who spoke about this product said that it’s the best truck GPS for sale. It is easy to navigate and the directions seem to be spot on.

It doesn’t freeze up or drop signal. However, some people reported struggling with a shaky mount.


  • Easy functionality
  • Works well
  • Good directions
  • Doesn’t come with a user manual
  • Mount holder is too weak. It shakes and breaks


If you can find a safe way to mount this navigation system it is a great GPS for truck drivers. It is simple to control. The large screen is easy to see and navigate. It gives good directions and it seems to be pretty accurate.

Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator with 5-inch Display, Free Lifetime Map Updates, Live Traffic and Weather

The Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S truck GPS navigator comes with free lifetime map updates with live weather and traffic. Some of the customers who talked about this product rated it very well. It is pretty accurate, simple to use, and find locations with. This truck GPS is convenient for truck drivers since it has bridge heights and weight limits.

Overall it is a very dependable product. Some customers reported poor routing for truck drivers. They also said it’s not loud enough and it’s a little small.


  • Accurate navigation
  • Not hard to use
  • Doesn’t include a user’s manual
  • Not loud enough
  • Screen too small for truck drivers


This device appears to be a little challenging to use if you’re a truck driver. The screen is really small, the sound is low, and there’s no user’s manual included.

On the bright side, the dezl 580 LMT-S truck GPS is not difficult to manage and it will provide accurate navigation. It includes bridge heights and weight limits. New users should be sure to keep their device calibrated and updated.

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS with 7" HD Vibrant Display

The TND 740 IntelliRoute truck navigation GPS has a vibrant 7-inch HD display. Consumers who already have this device are saying that it’s a nice product. They can update maps from mobile hotspots, the magnetic mount stays in place, and it’s pretty accurate.

This device is reportedly trusted over other brands. It doesn’t freeze and reroutes instantly if a turn is missed. Some customers have reported running into un-updated info, battery issues, and poor trust issues with locating truck stops.


  • Works well
  • Easy to update maps
  • The magnetic mount holds up well
  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Finding safe routes to all truck stops can be challenging


This GPS navigation system is made with truck drivers in mind. It provides lane assistance, a large display, and the magnetic mount will keep the device in place over bumps in the road. Due to poor battery life, new users should keep this device plugged in.

TruckWay GPS - Pro Series Model 720 - Truck GPS 7" Inch for Truck Drivers Navigation Lifetime North America Maps (USA + Canada) 3D & 2D Maps, Touch Screen, Turn by Turn Directions

The TruckWay GPS – Pro Series 720 has a 7-inch screen and it’s made for truck drivers. Comes with lifetime North America Maps (the USA and Canada). It has 2D and 3D maps, touch screen, as well as turn by turn directions.

Close to 50 percent of people who use this device right now feel it is the best GPS for truck drivers. It’s effective, has a large screen, and the lifetime maps are quite helpful. Works great for new trucking school graduates. Customers appreciate that this product will warn of dangerous roads up ahead. It’s a decent product for what you’ll spend.

Some people have reported receiving the wrong directions and getting brought to low bridges. Others concerns are struggles to charge the device and that it frequently freezes and shuts down.


  • Large screen
  • Lifetime of maps
  • Poor battery life and can be challenging to charge
  • Not the best navigation
  • A touchscreen isn’t sensitive enough
  • Updates slowly


The TruckWay GPS – Pro Series 720 is good for truck drivers because it will warn of dangerous roads, it has a large screen, and it comes with a lifetime of map updates. New users should be sure to put in the zip code when looking for an address, and also get with customer service about charging the unit early on.

They should also try to schedule updates before a trip because this device doesn’t update as fast. Overall it navigates pretty well and customers feel it is a great value for the price.

How To Pick the Best Truck GPS System

Read reviews

The best way to find out what you are really purchasing in a system is to see how other customers feel. Check out reviews to find out if products lived up to the promises they featured.

Accurate mapping

You will want a GPS system that is known for accuracy in directions. You will need to properly plan out your trips including gas mileage and the estimated time of arrival. Try to stay away from Truck GPS systems that might give you a wrong turn.

Traffic alerts

Try to get a GPS system that will give you advance warning of construction blockage, accidents, or any other reasons for traffic delay.


The safest way to drive is to stay focused on the road with both hands on the wheel. Try to get a GPS navigation system that allows voice command. It will most likely include Bluetooth for placing and receiving calls as well.

Approved roadways

The right GPS for trucks will be customizable for your truck and will be able to note the roadways that can’t have a semi-truck on them. They will look out for the height, length, width, weight, and product being carried. You won’t have to worry about reaching a low bridge.

Drive assist

Look for helpful features. A good helper for truck drivers will tell them when they are in the proper lane for exiting, but also letting them know when a rest area, weigh station, or truck stop is near. The good GPS system for truckers will also warn about narrow roads, steep inclines, and curves. If you think that somebody can steal your car, install a hidden GPS tracker in it, and you will always be able to track your car remotely.

best gps for truck drivers


You now know what to look for when purchasing the best truck GPS it’s time to narrow down your options and buy your device. A GPS needs to be trustworthy for truck drivers because the majority of the time these drivers are traveling into unknown territory.

A wrong turn or unknown obstacle up ahead can cause a major delay and even an accident. That’s why it’s important to purchase a GPS that works properly and is very reliable. Get a device that will lead you to your destination safely and will always have an updated mapping system.

Remember to take a peek at the reviews of the GPS system you like the best. The features will help you make your choice, but see if other customers found it to be a success before you finalize your decision. If the reviews are great and the features are beneficial, go invest in your GPS navigation system right away.