The 9 Best Suppressor Covers in 2020

by Matthew Wilson

Last updated on September 8th, 2020

Last updated on September 8th, 2020

Since there are many suppressor covers to choose from, selecting the right model can be difficult to accomplish. This guide will walk you through the best nine suppressor covers that can help you shoot easier and safer. It is crucial that suppressor covers fit snugly onto suppressors, be built to last, and don’t melt under high temperatures.

Additionally, covers should also be aesthetically pleasing; a badly designed sleeve will not encourage shooters to shoot with it very often.

The following nine suppressor covers have been reviewed on these points. They excel in utility and can be great companions in the field or out in the range.

Comparison of Suppressor Covers

Suppressor Covers Length Diameter Rated inner core Review
1. Rifles Only MAD Suppressor Cover (OD Green) 8.5″ 1.5″ to 1.75″ 3000°F
2. Magpul Suppressor Cover Medium Coyote Tan 5.5″ 1.48″ to 1.52″ 1300°F
3. Rifles Only MAD Suppressor Cover (OD Green) 9″ 1.5″ to 1.75″ 3000°F
4. HTP Suppressor Cover (Coyote Brown) 6″ 1.375″ to 1.625″ 3000°F
5. Rifles Only HAD Suppressor Cover (Multicam) 5″ 1.3″ up to 2″ 3000°F
6. Rifles Only MAD Suppressor Cover (OD Green) 6″ 1.5″ to 1.75″ 3000°F
7. Rifles Only MAD Suppressor Cover (Coyote Brown) 9″ 1.5″ to 1.75″ 3000°F
8. SLNCO SCOAC1979 Scow Suppressor Cover FDE 6″ 1.56″ N/A
9. Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy 6.5″ 1.5″ 800°F

9 Best Suppressor Covers on the Market Today:

Rifles Only MAD 8.5" Suppressor Cover (OD Green)

Rifle Only Gear’s full auto suppressor cover is designed well and built specifically for hot temperatures. A suppressor will reach over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit when a weapon is fired continuously, so covers must be rated for serious heat.

The interior mold of this cover is built to handle fully automatic gunfire, but the exterior sleeve is not.

This means that you must purchase a separate exterior sleeve that is rated for sustained bursts to shoot a fully automatic weapon. This is a slight inconvenience, but the unit can handle infrequent firing well out of the box.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers feel that this product does what it is advertised to do. Some specifically praised its good heat management for infrequent bursts, and others liked its snug fit with compatible suppressors.

One reviewer noted that the cover had to be broken in to stay firmly on their gun; after a few initial adjustments, the cover’s cords never loosened.


  • Unit is able to be used in a variety of environments
  • Strong interior design can handle fully automatic gunfire
  • Powerful cords keep the cover from moving while firing
  • Included outer interchangeable sleeve is not rated for sustained fire


Rifle Only Gear’s 8.5 inch cover is a great purchase for non-sustained firing, and a separate sleeve may be purchased to shoot for longer periods of time.

Magpul Suppressor Cover 5.5", Medium Coyote Tan

A rifle suppressor cover must allow heat to escape but not let itself become too hot to handle. This challenge to heat management was tackled by Magpul, and their result was this unique suppressor cover.

Their cover is intuitively designed to utilize airflow to bring temperatures down when shooting from a fully automatic weapon. It works excellently, and the unit’s hardshell also provides protection to the suppressor.

What Customers Are Saying

Their suppressor cover review does not disappoint. Reviewers highlighted that the unit’s clamps keep the cover in place while firing, and the cover itself is safe to handle after quickly shooting 100 rounds.

After 100 shots, a suppressor will be well over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Magpul’s cover can be purchased to avoid potentially serious injuries while being near such a hot pieces of metal.


  • No additional accessories are necessary to fire continuously
  • Bronze appearance looks appealing
  • Heat is dispensed well through a well-executed design
  • Price is higher than entry-level covers
  • Large size may not be desirable for everyone


Magpul’s cover can protect you from injury when firing from a fully automatic suppressed weapon. Its large frame may be a deal breaker for some, but the unit’s design allows for effective heat dissipation and stable positioning when shooting.

Rifles Only MAD 9" Suppressor Cover (OD Green)

The 9 inch rifles only suppressor cover works for large rifles that need big suppressors. Since large suppressors put out lots of heat, a good cover must be able to manage temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit to stay effective.

The interior core of this model is rated at 3000 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent it from melting or bursting into flames. This makes it effective for tolerating rapid firing, and high-grade cords help keep the cover fixed tightly on weapons.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers loved the design that allows the cover to be easily cleaned. This sleeve was also reported to be excellent in stopping mirage effects from interfering with long shots. Additionally, the exterior cords were said to keep the cover firmly in place.

One review noted that their cords melted after about 50 shots, but the unit’s description states that their exterior sleeves are not rated for sustained fire.

The interior mold is rated for high heat, yet a separate sleeve must be bought to shoot continuously with it.


  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Outer soft sleeve can be transported easily
  • Remains firmly in place while shooting
  • Separate exterior sleeve must be purchases for sustained fire
  • Fully automatic rated exterior sleeves can be expensive


Rifle Only’s 9 inch unit could be the best suppressor cover choice for certain individuals. The cover fights against mirage effects and stays firmly in place while shots are fired.

If you have a weapon that doesn’t shoot rapidly, the included exterior sleeve could work just fine to make a separate sleeve purchase unnecessary.

HTP Suppressor Cover (Coyote Brown, 6")

COL-Tac introduced a powerful cover to the market that stands up to the competition. Their suppressor cover tolerates extremely hot temperatures and is made out of a strong material that won’t fade away easily.

Some covers suffer from not being able to withstand high heat, but COL-Tac’s cover has three layers of heat management.

Their inner and middle mold are rated independently for fire protection, and they have added fire-resistant threading as a last resort. The unit’s Velcro is welcome; it makes it extremely easy to attach the cover to a suppressor.

What Customers Are Saying

The reviews for this cover are positive and highlight how well-built the sleeve is. One customer mentioned in an armageddon suppressor cover review that they vastly prefer the COL-Tac’s sleeve. Another reviewer shared their experience of shooting 200 rounds with this cover.

They wrote that it worked great, didn’t move out of place and stood up to heat without melting.


  • 3000 degrees Fahrenheit protection
  • Water resistant
  • Suited for fully automatic gunfire
  • Price is a little higher than entry-level covers


This sleeve could function as a pistol suppressor cover or as rifle attachment. It is a little more expensive than standard covers, but it is built well and effective.

Rifles Only HAD Suppressor Cover (Multicam, 5")

HAD covers are able to handle high temperatures, so they are perfect for shooting with fully automatic weapons. Their high heat rating means that you will be able to unload multiple clips before you run into any problems and need to stop shooting.

Because of the capability for rapid-fire, the HAD suppressor heat wrap should work well with experienced shooters.

What Customers Are Saying

A majority of the reviews mention that customers were able to fire rapidly with the HAD cover.

Some reviewers experienced a small challenge in selecting the right size to fit their suppressor, yet someone got around this by deciding to reach out to the manufacturer in the future for more information.

A notable comment showcased that these covers were recommended by industry experts because of their ease of use and effectiveness in withstanding temperatures from fully automatic gunfire.


  • Outer sleeves are interchangeable between the manufacture’s similar covers
  • High recommended limit of four mag dumps at one time
  • Easy installation onto a suppressor
  • Reaching out to the manufacturer might be needed to select the right cover size


The HAD cover should be purchased if you love to shoot with automatic weapons. Normal covers can melt in seconds with continuous shooting; special wraps must be bought to cover suppressors on rapid-firing weapons.

HAD covers endure extreme heat from sustained shooting and are available in many sizes.

Rifles Only MAD 6" Suppressor Cover (OD Green)

The MAD 6 inch suppressor cover works great for weapons with smaller calibers. Though the MAD is offered in many different sizes, this 6 inch unit offers the same benefits of the larger-sized siblings.

Mirage effects are reduced when shooting with this cover, and the sleeve is able to be handled immediately after finishing a shooting session.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this cover. For example, some reviewers found the manufacturer’s instructions to be very helpful in directing the first cover installation.

After breaking the wrap in, they found that the sleeve does not move while shooting and that it does help reduce heat mirages. One customer loved the MAD enough to justify purchasing six units.


  • Wide selection of sizes means the HAD can fit most suppressors
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Arrives ready to slip onto suppressor
  • Exterior sleeve is not rated for automatic gunfire


Suppressors on small caliber weapons will still get hot, but this model could be the best suppressor cover to get for them. While this sleeve can’t support automatic gunfire, bolt action weapons work extremely well with the wrap.

Rifles Only MAD 9" Suppressor Cover (Coyote Brown)

The MAD black cover looks stylish and performs very well. This wrap works for larger ammunition, but it is not designed for rapid fire. An additional sleeve designed for fully automatic shooting, called the HAD, can be purchased and used with the interior mold of this cover.

By itself, this cover helps cut down troublesome mirage effects and allows you to handle or remove a suppressor while it is still extremely hot.

What Customers Are Saying

The suppressor cover review had many comments that recommended this wrap for purchasing. Its lace system was acknowledged to be easy to use and effective in keeping the sleeve from moving while firing. Additionally, its material was reported to be successful in reducing mirage effects.

Lastly, customers were pleased with the design that allowed for very fast installations onto their suppressors. Despite the MAD not supporting fully automatic shooting, buyers were pleased.


  • Can be applied to a suppressor in under sixty seconds
  • Strong cords hold the cover in place while shooting
  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Purchasing the fully automatic rated sleeve requires a larger investment


The black MAD cover provides the all of the benefits that you could want in a wrap. It is effective in its principle duties of reducing mirage effects and letting you handle hot suppressors on the fly.

SLNCO SCOAC1979 Scow Suppressor Cover 6" FDE Gun Stock Accessories

This cover is perfect for new shooters. It boasts an affordable price that lets it be gifted to gun enthusiasts just starting out or stored away as a backup to be used in emergencies.

With 1000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat protection, the SLNCO works wonders in eliminating mirage effects and offering safety to handling hot suppressors. Although it is not rated for continuous or rapid fire, it holds up well to slower shooting on semi-automatic weapons.

What Customers Are Saying

The SLNCO has a lot of positive reviews. In one instance, a reviewer wrote that their popular Omega suppressor worked really well with the cover. Since the SLCNO has a high amount of positive reviews, it could be considered as the best suppressor cover for omega.


  • Affordable price point
  • Perfect for single shooting or intermittent fire
  • Tough exterior sleeve can hold up to wear and tear


The SLNCO offers an affordable and effective solution for the problems that suppressors have. By being able to be used for a wide variety of weapons and costing lower than other covers, the SLNCO is a fan favorite.

Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy (Black, 6.5)

This Burn Proof Gear suppressor cover will let you shoot for hours and handle your hot suppressor anytime. Its sleeve is made from durable materials that lock onto suppressors: powerful cords anchor the unit snugly and tightly.

Because Burn Proof Gear’s cover handles high heat and stays firmly in place, it could be the best suppressor wrap that is available to be acquired.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers loved that they were able to easily select the right cover size. Burn Proof Gear’s included size chart is really accurate and made choosing the correct model very simple.

They were also enthralled at the performance of this cover; one reviewer noted that they had it for six months and didn’t run into any difficulties while owning it.


  • Allows you to handle a suppressor after hours of firing
  • Has a strong wrap to keep itself in place while shooting
  • Made out of a strong material that won’t shred easily
  • Slightly more expensive than other models


This cover could be argued to be the best suppressor wrap. It performs extremely well and doesn’t suffer from common cover pitfalls such as melting, getting jarred out place or tearing easily.


Covers are practically necessary to have if you plan to shoot with suppressors. After firing for only a few moments, suppressors become very hot and almost impossible to handle. By using a cover, you will be able to hold burning suppressors to keep yourself and other people safe.

These nine covers are excellent models to consider purchasing. They all function well to reduce heat mirages and allow you to handle hot suppressors; each one can make suppressed shooting safer and easier. For greater hand safety, use tactical shooting gloves.

Consider shopping for a cover today. When your weapon is over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, the best suppressor cover will let you handle it like a pro. Excess heat coming off your suppressor will have a harder time burning you or making you miss your shot.