Best Solar Powered Outdoor Spotlights Reviewed for 2020

by Matthew Wilson

Solar spotlights are good to get rid of the scary view outside your home. They can light signs, landscapes, walkways, and driveways. They make your home look nice and provide a layer of safety and security by deterring intruders.

Don’t worry, we can help you pick the right one.

We have studied enough of these types of lights to become experts and we are here to help you find the right lighting for your home. We’ve analyzed features including lighting angles, types of LED bulbs, and lighting hours.

It’s important for you to have the best solar spotlights and not the mediocre because you need a light that’s going to be bright and dependable.

A mediocre solar spotlight will fail to take in the sun’s energy and will fail you. This resource provides you with all the comparison material you need including a solar-powered spotlight review for all.

Top 10 Best Solar Spotlights for the Money:

  • Wireless installation
  • Weather resistant – leave them out throughout the year
  • Before use – let the lights charge in the sun for two days for full battery
  • 2 Lighting modes – dim and high
  • Solar-power, low voltage, hang or stake, automatic
  • Installation screws, manual, spike, solar in-ground light included
  • Works for up to 9 hours
  • Waterproof

This solar powered in-ground light is perfect for lighting your dock, grass, deck, or landscape area. The light color options include cold white, multi-color, or warm white.

Purchasers get the option of sticking the lights directly in the ground or mounting them on the wall. It comes with a solar powered rechargeable battery.

After the initial charge, it only needs up to 4-5 hours of charging in the sunlight. There are two lights per box.

Customers who have purchased this product are very happy. There are thousands of reviews on this product and overall, the customers feel that the lights are very easy to assemble and the solar panels are a nice size.

They provide bright lighting throughout the entire night. One of the coolest things is that the lights work automatically as soon as the sun sets.

Pros / Cons

  • Long lasting lighting
  • Large solar panels to take in lots of sun energy
  • On/off switch helps to manage how much battery power gets used up
  • works great for power outages during storm season
  • Lights seem to have a short life
  • Need to make sure lights are receiving direct strong sunlight for best results


This light set adds a really nice touch to your lawn and driveway. Some customers have reported receiving compliments from their neighbors for the high-quality lighting in the evenings.

It’s great that the lights are solar powered and they last a long time. They seem to be the best solar yard spotlights. Frequent users won’t have to worry about a higher electric bill, or remembering to turn the lights off when they no longer need them.

  • Working time a minimum of 6 up to 10 hours
  • 2 Lighting modes – dim and high
  • 180 Degree Angle Adjustable
  • Extra large solar panels
  • Waterproof and heatproof for year round usage
  • Easy installation
  • Ground installation and wall mounting hardware included

This light has 4 super bright LED bulbs and comes in two bulb colors such as warm white-2300k and white-6000k. On a full day’s charge the light will offer 8-10 hours of brightness.

It turns on automatically in the evening time, but there is an on/off button included. It needs to be charged for 4-5 hours after the initial charge. Each package comes with 2 bulbs.

Light up your garden, walkway, and driveway with this awesome set.

Customers who are using this product say these are some of the best solars led landscape spotlights for the price. They are easy to install and they provide very bright lighting.

One of the most common comments is that this light works well up against bushes, gardens, and trees. Some customers have noted that the warm white looks more yellow, and that light color is what is bringing out the landscaping.

Pros / Cons

  • Perfect amount of brightness even on a low setting
  • Long-lasting lighting in the evenings
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent customer service
  • Might not get much usage on cloudy days
  • Not really durable, they break easily
  • Wires are thin


This is a great set of lights if you need to illuminate your yard in the evenings. After a full charge, these lights provide a nice shine to your landscaping and give your home an attractive and warm feel.

They provide several hours of lighting throughout the night, and if you are very careful with them they can last you a long time.

  • The long lasting battery gives up 12 hours of light after an 8-hour charge
  • Weather resistant – can be used all year long
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to install

This 4 pack of decorative flame torches is really a bunch of LEDs providing a safe alternative to a real flame. The height of these torches is 43 inches and they are completely solar powered, never needing batteries.

The lights automatically come on at dusk and light up your patio or driveway.

This product has a little more than one thousand reviews and almost everyone enjoys this product. The majority of the reviews are saying how nice the lights look on their property.

The lights have a flicker that makes the flame look real. They are a really nice addition to your yard and your guests and neighbors will instantly notice.

Pros / Cons

  • They look realistic in the yard
  • Long lasting lighting
  • Very attractive in a yard
  • Easy to install
  • Flicker in lights looks foggy and unrealistic up close
  • They seem to break easily


These lights are great to set up in your yard and set a warm and cozy mood. They will impress your neighbors and guests. They are long-lasting, and simple to install. Light up your patios, walkways, and landscape today with this 4 light set.

  • Bright 12 LEDs with 600 lumen
  • 120-degree lighting angle
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • 2 Lighting modes – Low and high
  • 2 Installation options – in-ground or wall mount
  • Includes screws for wall mounting
  • 90-day refund, 24-month warranty, and 24-hour customer service

This set of solar lights has 12 LED solar spotlights. They are IP67 Waterproof and they are optional for in-ground or wall mount installation. These lights will light up your driveway, porch, patio, or garden.

They come in a pack of 2. On the low light setting the light will stay on for 12 hours and on the high light mode, it will last for 6 hours. They will automatically detect when the sun goes down and will also turn off at sunrise.

Customers who have purchased these lights are very happy. They feel the product is a great deal for the price and the lights are very bright to light up your exterior areas.

Pros / Cons

  • Good quality lighting
  • Very bright
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Multiple settings
  • The motion doesn’t trigger lights on for that long
  • Must be placed in direct sunlight for a full charge


These solar lights are bright and dependable. They have multiple settings for you to use solar energy in the most beneficial way possible. The motion detection setting makes this product a really dependable solar security spotlight.

5. Upgraded Outdoor Solar Spot LightsUpgraded Outdoor Solar Landscape SpotLights - Waterproof Adjustable Yard Solar Lights for Outdoor Garden Pathway Driveway Lawn Walkway Lighting Illumination, Auto on/Off Bright White (4 PC)


  • Waterproof
  • Heat and weather resistant
  • Adjustable and rechargeable
  • No hardware or wires needed for installation
  • Easy installation
  • Charging 10–12 sunlight hours for best lighting
  • They last long with the inbuilt upgraded 600 mAh lithium rechargeable battery.

Another one best solar spotlight product comes with 2 lights. It is adjustable and works perfectly on your landscape, driveway, and walkway. It turns on and off automatically.

Adjust both the lights and the solar panels to either get the best lighting angle or to gain the best path of direct sunlight. These lights can be purchased for in-ground installation or on a string.

Most customers are enjoying this product. It gives a great evening glow to your yard. The string lights are good for parties and other special occasions. They are nice and bright and extremely attractive.

The lights provide a soft comfortable glow that doesn’t interrupt your time outside for being too bright. A few customers reported receiving defective bulbs that broke soon after purchase.

Pros / Cons

  • Very nice looking
  • Bright
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Need extension cord to connect two sets because there’s no female end
  • No extra bulbs included


This is a great set of lights with choices between in-ground lights and string lights. If you need to decorate the yard for entertainment, then these lights are a great asset.

Buyers should think about purchasing extra bulbs up front, because the bulbs may go bad eventually. Overall this is a great product for the price and the majority of people who are using them are really happy.

You can purchase your set today.

  • Automatically turns on at night, off at sunrise
  • 12 LEDs with total of 600 lumens
  • Water-resistant IP67
  • In-ground installation or wall mount, with hardware included
  • 4-6 Hours running on high lighting and 8-12 hours on low lighting
  • Charge in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours for a full charge
  • Adjustable light and solar panel for best illumination and charging

This 2 pack of solar lights are weatherproof and good to use all year round. They can be mounted on the wall or they can be in-ground lighting up your landscape.

They provide great security lighting for your driveway, pool, yard, and patio. They have sensors and will automatically turn on when the sun starts to go down.

Customers who are using these lights appreciate the durability and functionality. Some customers reported using these lights after a power outage from a storm and are reporting that the lights are doing great.

They are bright enough to light up your outdoor areas with no problem. Customers feel they are worth the money and they last for a long time.

Pros / Cons

  • Durable
  • Bright
  • High and low option
  • Good price
  • The spotlight has a narrow angle projection
  • The solar panel can only tilt up and down
  • No motion detection sensor


This 2 pack of lights seems to be solar powered landscape spotlights that are well worth the money. The provide ample lighting outside in both the low and high setting.

The equipment is durable and easy to install. You can even use these lights in a time of emergency if your power goes out.

  • 2 Installation options – wall bracket or in-ground
  • Adjustable 120 degrees light head and 150 degrees solar panel. The solar panel can also go 360 degrees horizontally to get the most sun in different environments
  • The solar panel is large
  • 2200mAh Li-ion battery can last for 10 hours once fully charged
  • Waterproof IP65, ready to use year round
  • Two lighting modes controlled by the switch
  • 1-year warranty on quality issues

This two pack of solar spotlights has 18 bright SMD LED beads with up to 1000 lumen. This lighting set will keep your home and property safe in the evenings.

It comes with 3 color options including 7 colors light, warm white light, and cool white light. These lights can be installed on doors, patios, decks, garage, or in-ground for your driveway and garden.

Customers who have provided a solar powered spotlight review are very happy with this product. They light the soft lighting it offers, and it does well to light up pathways and outdoor areas.

The material quality is durable and customers appreciate that the installation hardware is included. The swivel ability in the solar panel is a really good feature.

Pros / Cons

  • Great lighting coverage
  • Electricity free
  • Long stakes
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Instructions can be a little confusing


If you’re looking for a durable set of lights this is it. It is weatherproof and it will light up your property perfectly. It provides bright but not harsh light and the solar panel is big enough to capture even the smallest amount of sun.

It comes in various color options.

  • Waterproof IP44 – can survive in rain and snow
  • Stainless steel – corrosion resistant and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Charge in sunlight for 4-6 hours and get 6-8 hours of lighting
  • 1 Year warranty

This 12 pack of fancy lights is great for your garden and walkways. They are made from stainless steel and are completely solar powered.

The setup takes seconds by just turning on switch beneath the cap, pulling out the spike and placing in the ground. These lights will turn on automatically at night time and off at dawn.

Only a couple of customers reviewed this product and they both received a defective batch. They did however like the few lights that worked out of the package they received.

Customers who purchase this product gets all working lights should be quite pleased.

Pros / Cons

  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Flimsy light casing
  • Don’t seem to last long


These lights seem to light a great idea, and even though the two customers who reviewed had trouble with their package, they did like the idea and the lights that were working.

It’s worth a shot to purchase this small group of lights and see if you can luminate your walkway, garden or lawn. It’s an inexpensive product, so if you like it that much, you might want to buy a second set anyway. Solar LED Pathway Lights, Stripsun 12 Pack Outdoor Garden Lights with Solar Powered, Stainless Steel Landscape Lighting for Garden Yard Lawn Patio Walkway Driveway (Warm White)


  • 7 LED multi-color spotlight
  • 2 Model color change – either 7 colors changing or one color lighting
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • 180 Degrees angle adjustable

This 2 set solar lighting package provides color spotlights for your landscape and pathways. It has an automatic sensor that turns on with it’s dark and off when it’s light. It has 90 degrees adjustment for both solar panel and light head.

Customers are happy with this product they like the many colors and they like the brightness and flexibility. These lights definitely add to the appearance of your home.

Pros / Cons

  • Long-lasting
  • Bright
  • Several color choices
  • Instructions are not great
  • Could be brighter


These lights add an attractive touch to any area of your yard you put them in. They are bright enough to light up the nighttime walkway or garden.

They also last a long time. There are many color options to choose from which can make lighting your exterior quite fun.

  • High lumen lights will shine brighter than the average solar powered lights
  • Glass lens
  • Easy to install
  • Automatically turn off and on with sunset and sunrise
  • Long-lasting – over 10 hours run time at full charge
  • Weatherproof – can withstand light snow and rainy nights

This 4 pack of solar lights are made from aluminum metal. They have an elegant look and are an attractive addition to your garden, lawn, and patio. They are high lumen and have a super bright light.

The lighting color is warm white. Installing these lights consist of turning them on with the switch below the cap and pushing the stake into the soil.

Many customers agree that this set of lights provides tons of bright light. The spike is long enough to give them height off the ground for even more lighting.

In addition to being brighter than average lights, they are also reportedly bigger. These lights are the perfect way to make a statement on your lawn.

Pros / Cons

  • Bright
  • Big
  • Durable
  • Beautiful grass pattern
  • Rechargeable batteries burn out pretty quick
  • Design lighting makes them more for a yard or garden and not walkways


This set of lights is great if you need to brighten up an area in your yard. Even though the stake is plastic, customers are reporting durability within the light itself.

Try these lights if you’re ready to make a statement in your grass or just to light up your landscape.

Tips on Choosing the Best Solar Spotlights

  • Pick a spotlight that provides a wide enough angle to light your target area
  • The right spotlight for you can hold tons of sun energy and give you long-lasting light.
  • Pick a spotlight with a warranty. Bulbs and batteries get old quickly and damaged easily.

Best Solar Spotlights

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Spotlights

Think about what areas you plan to light, make sure you are purchasing enough bulbs

Think about bulb color, do you want it bright or warm?

Do you plan to wall mount or place in-ground? Have you thought about hanging lights? Need to find lights with options

Are you lighting for safety and security or decoration? Answering this question will help determine the brightness, type of lights, number of lights, and whether you will be purchasing multi-color lights.

if you were looking for security lights, security motion sensor lights and solar security lights might be a better choice for you Lepord 2 Sets 9 LED Solar Spotlights Outdoor Solar Lights Waterproof Color Spot Lights for Garden Landscape Spotlights Dark Sensing Auto On/Off Solar Up Lights for Yard Patio Lawn


Best Solar Spotlights FAQ

Q. What is the best solar spotlight choice?

Best Solar Powered Outdoor Spotlights

A. It depends on your lighting needs. If you are aiming for safety and security, you need bright lights that will hit the darkest areas outside your home. You might also want to look for motion sensor which will narrow your search down a lot.

Q. Is there a way to guarantee my lights will last over time?

A. No. The only thing you can do is purchase a light pack with a warranty included. The only other suggestion is to purchase backup bulbs or batteries when you buy your spotlights.

Q. Is there a best angle ability for the solar panel?

A. Something to think about before you start your search is where the sun hits your home. The angle is only important if you do not get a direct sunlight hit, which is good to find out before you make a purchase. If you don’t get good sunlight you might want to get the widest solar panel range possible.

top 10 Best Solar Spotlights

Making The Decision

Now that you’ve read up on all the research regarding solar spotlights you are equipped with the knowledge to make your purchase. You have read about customer experiences and you also know which lights are the brightest and long-lasting.

Remember to base your decision on what your specific needs are for the safety and security of your home. You may find that you need to adjust your budget a little to get more of a particular light set or to get a different light set completely.

Whatever your final choice is, get out of the dark and secure your home by purchasing the best solar spotlights today.