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5 Best Puck Locks: for Trailer & Cargo VAN Security in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022

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Are you looking to enhance the security of your trailer or cargo van? Maybe you have heard about puck locks, but are not sure whether or not they are a worthwhile investment. If you need more information about puck locks, you have come to the right place.

This blog post is an in-depth buying guide for buying puck locks. We will be looking at the top five products in the market, as well as sharing some useful tips on how to choose the best cargo trailer padlocks for your vehicle.

These are the very same tips we used to select a lock for our van, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Keep on reading to find out how you, too, can make the best choice.

Our Recommended Puck Locks

PACLOCK's 400A Series Padlock, Buy America Act Compliant, Stepped Back Puck Lock, Blue Anodized Aluminum, High Security 6-Pin Cylinder, One Lock Keyed to #26541 w/ 2 Keys
  • Paclock's 400A Series

  • Our Rating
  • Aluminum body is more resistant to grinding attacks than a hardened steel padlock

    Weight: 0.81 ounces

    Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.75 x 1.6 inches

Master Lock Magnum Vehicle Hasp and Lock (UNT)
  • Master Lock Magnum Vehicle Hasp and Lock

  • Our Rating
  • Constructed of durable steel

    Weight: 4.79 pounds

    Dimensions: 9.9 x 4.8 x 2.1 inches

ASSA #AA-SR400 (Like American Lock A2000) 2-7/8" Shackleless Solid Steel Step Back Padlock Lock Resettable Combination Dial Hockey Puck Style (Combination On Front)
  • Assa #AA-SR400 Puck Lock

  • Our Rating
  • Solid steel lock body with chrome plating or electric black coating

    Weight: 3 pounds

    Size: 2-7/8"

5 Best Puck Locks for the Money:



PACLOCK's 400A Series Padlock, Buy America Act Compliant, Stepped Back Puck Lock, Blue Anodized Aluminum, High Security 6-Pin Cylinder, One Lock Keyed to #26541 w/ 2 Keys



This Paclock product comes in an attractive blue color. Other than its elegant design, it is one of the most robust locks in the market. Here are the features that make it exceptionally sturdy.

What Consumers are Saying

Most buyers appreciate the excellent workmanship that goes into the making of this product and the accompanying hasp. Others love the convenience of rekeying different locks, while some also like its simple and unobtrusive design.


  • Sturdy construction that protects your vehicle against drilling and melting attacks
  • Made in the USA using quality parts
  • Rekeying options that make it more convenient to open and lock the door
  • A poor return policy which means that you may have to pay for the returning costs


Master Lock Magnum Vehicle Hasp and Lock (UNT)



This Magnum product stands out from other locks on the list because it comes with a compatible hasp. This is advantageous because it means that the lock will fit snuggly on to your vehicle.

What Consumers are Saying

For most buyers, this is one of the best commercial vehicle security locks that enhances security significantly. Many love the fact that it comes with a hasp, which ensures that secure installation.


  • The product comes with a compatible hasp
  • It has a key retaining feature which ensures that you never leave the padlock unlocked
  • The product does not use back plates which makes it susceptible to prying



ASSA #AA-SR400 (Like American Lock A2000) 2-7/8" Shackleless Solid Steel Step Back Padlock Lock Resettable Combination Dial Hockey Puck Style (Combination On Front)


This product of Assa Abloy is a top-notch puck lock that offers maximum security for your van or trailer.

What Consumers are Saying

Most buyers have positive things to say about this combination puck lock. This is hardly surprising, given that Assa Abloy has built a reputation for making quality products.


  • Keyless opening and locking system which offers added convenience
  • Sturdy construction that can withstand drilling and bumping attacks
  • The product is rather expensive

Mul-t-lock TR 100 "Hockey Puck


This is a superior quality product that enhances van security tremendously.

What Consumers are Saying

A majority of buyers are more than content with this product owing to its solid metal construction. Many laud it as one of the most secure locks since it is virtually invincible against any forceful attacks.


  • The padlock is exceptionally sturdy and can withstand drilling attempts without giving way
  • It has a rekeying option which allows you to use one key for multiple locks
  • Since the padlock uses physical keys, there is a chance that a thief could pick and pry it open


Trimax THP2XL Keyed Alike Trailer Door Lock, (Pack of 2)



Trimax is also a renowned manufacturer of quality locks, so it comes as no surprise that one of the company’s products made it to the list of the five best puck locks for vans and trailers.

What Consumers are Saying

The product enjoys mostly positive reviews from buyers thanks to its durable make. Others like that it comes in a pack of two, which means that you don’t have to buy the locks separately if you need more than one.


  • It has a nice-looking chrome finish
  • It does not have any exposed shackles or chains, which makes it indestructible by brute force
  • Has a shiny finish which makes conspicuous to burglars

Factors to Consider When Buying Puck Locks for Cargo Vehicle

Cargo vehicles typically carry more valuable items than regular commuter vehicles. This is why the security of your car should be a top priority. One of the best ways to enhance the security of your vehicle is to use a puck lock.

However, not all puck locks are created equal. Here are a few tips to guide you in choosing the best lock for your truck.


One of the critical factors that you must consider before you choose a puck lock is the material used to make the padlock. You want to choose a hardy material that is impervious to brute force since it will make it hard for thieves to break the lock.

cargo trailer padlocks

Some of the most reliable materials that are ideal for making puck locks include stainless steel, fortified aluminum, and nickel.

The hardier the material is, the more impervious it will be to drilling and melting attacks.


You should also pay attention to the design of the lock before you choose one for your vehicle. You want to pick one that has solid construction without any exposed points of weakness.

For instance, chains and shackles can easily be cut, which can compromise the security of your car.

Take time to read a puck lock review before you choose your product. If most consumers like the construction of the lock, you will probably like it too.


The best puck locks offer car owners exceptional convenience. Some convenience features to look for in a lock include keyless locking and opening systems and the ability to rekey the locks. The latter is especially crucial if you will be using multiple locks on the same vehicle.commercial vehicle security locks


Another factor you should keep in mind before selecting a lock is its design. Ideally, the best puck locks are demurely designed.

This is because inconspicuous padlocks do not draw attention to your vehicle, which makes it hard for thieves to suspect that you have valuables in your car.

Puck Locks – FAQ

Are puck locks secure?

Puck locks are among the most secure padlocks on the market. This is because they often have a solid design without any exposure of weak points. Additionally, most such locks are made of heavy metals that are hard to break or melt.

Although many puck locks offer additional security compared to ordinary locks, some offer better protection than others. Top-quality products are better able to withstand picking and drilling attempts, so it might be better to invest in them than purchasing lower quality products.

Can puck locks be rekeyed?

Some puck locks for vans can be rekeyed, while others cannot. You must check the exact specifications of a lock before you purchase it. It is better to have a lock that can be rekeyed as it will offer you extra convenience.

Will drilling cause the lock’s cylinder to pop out?

The level of a lock’s vulnerability to drilling differs vastly depending on the construction of an individual product. Many quality products can withstand hours of drilling without prying open, while others will give way after a few minutes of drilling.

It is better to purchase a quality product that cannot be easily drilled. It may cost some extra money, but it will be worth every extra penny you spend on it.


Finding the right puck lock need not be a hard task if you follow a few tips. Some of the most important ones include robust construction, internal shackles, and a demure design.

Among the products on the list, the best one is the Paclock's 400A Series puck lock. This is because it is made of fortified aluminum and comes with a keyless locking and opening mechanism. It also has a discreet appearance that will not alert anyone about the valuables in your vehicles.

Moreover, the product has the option of rekeying the locks you order so that you can open multiple locks using one key. The sheer convenience that this offers is enough to make it one of the best cargo van locks on the market.