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The 8 Best Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs for House Uplighting on 2020

by Matthew Wilson

Last updated on September 10th, 2020

Last updated on September 10th, 2020

The standards for LED lighting have improved considerably since their first release years ago. The improvements include an extension of longevity from a handful of years to multiple decades. The improvement extends to testing the bulbs for safety as well as an environmental factor such as the types of materials used in manufacturing, how they were acquired, and how they burn out. The best LED flood light bulbs for outdoor fixtures are one that is long-lasting and durable with quality, environmentally sound products. The light bulbs will provide complete illumination, at a wide angle for years at a time without flickering or dying.

The reason for selecting an LED outdoor bulb is to provide that long-term quality lighting inside and outside the home.

Comparison of Flood Light Bulbs

Flood Light Bulbs: Wattage: Equivalency: Lumens: Color temperature: Socket Base: Warranty:
1. Maxxima PAR38 LED Indoor/Warm White Flood Outdoor Light Bulb 15W 100W 1,275 3000K E26 3 Year
2. AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight PAR38 LED Outdoor Flood Light Bulb 13W 90W 900+ 5000K E26 3 Year
3. Westinghouse LED Flood Wet Location Warm White Outdoor Light Bulb 15W 90W 1,310 3000K N/A 3 Year
4. Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb, 100 Watt (14W), Dimmable Outdoor Flood Light 14W 100W 1,200 2700K E26 5 Year
5. Sengled Smart LED Outdoor Flood Light Bulb with Motion Sensor 12W N/A 1,200 3000K E26 N/A
6. PAR38 LED Outdoor Flood Light Bulb,Classic Glass 18W 70W – 150W 1,680 5000K E26 3 Year
7. Sunco Lighting LED Bulb, Indoor Flood Light for Cans 17W 100W 1,400 5000K E26 5 Year
8. SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chaser, Outdoor Flood Spot Light Bulb 25W 250W 2,650 5000K E26 5 Year​

8 Best Outdoor LED Flood Light Bulbs:


Maxxima PAR38 LED Indoor/Outdoor Warm White Light Bulb 1275 Lumens 15 Watts 100 Watt Equivalent 3000K 90 CRI Dimmable Energy Star Flood Light (4 Pack)


The Maxxima PAR38 LED Indoor/Outdoor Warm White Light Bulb is the brightest outdoor flood light bulbs. The Maxxima light bulbs produce up to 1,275 Lumens with the same strength as the 100 Watt bulb. The light bulb uses only 15 watts of energy.

The Light bulbs are weather resistant and capable of providing light during all kinds of situations indoor as well as outdoor. The beam of light from these bulbs extends 40 degrees with a complete spread of light. The base holding the blub is E26 standard materials.

The light bulbs produce a 3000K warm white glow with 90 CRI, which is dimmable as you need. The bulbs are energy-saving and will give you $250 in electricity savings and bulb replacement costs. The bulbs are long-lasting and come with a 3-year warranty; they are UL approved and are Energy Star Rated for energy efficiency.


  • Are energy star rated for energy efficiency.
  • Are good for the outdoors as well as indoors.
  • The light bulbs produce up to 1,275 Lumens.
  • Are bringer than some soft incandescent bulbs.
  • Light bulbs could be sturdier.


AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb, 90W Equiv. 13W Non-Dimmable (4 Pack)


The AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb is low wattage outdoor flood light bulbs. The PAR38 LED bulbs have glass filters that provide a filtered light like the halogen PAR38 bulbs. The bulbs do not need a warm-up period but turn instantly on at their full level of brightness.

The LED Floodlight bulbs are energy efficient bulbs that provide over 900 Lumens of light with 85.6% less energy consumption. They produce a cozy, soft light that is not harsh, and it is long-lasting. The cozy light produced is 80+ on the color rendering index, which illuminates colors the way you are supposed to see them.

The light bulbs do not flicker like older types of light bulbs and are NVF less than 10%. The light produced also produces zero harsh glares, which can cause eye fatigue and stress. Light bulbs are non-dimmable, but they are compatible with pre-installed dimmers in regular home wiring.

The LED light bulbs are compatible with indoor and outdoor environments and are completely water-proof. They have the standard E26 based, which works with 120V light fixtures. The light bulbs work well for tracking lighting and security lighting.

The light bulbs are long-lasting and come with a 3-year warranty. Each bulb is expected to produce up to 15,000 hours of light, which is around 13.7 years, with around 3 hours of daily use per bulb. The long-life ensures you will not need to replace the bulbs for over 13 years.


  • Last over 13 years.
  • Are water-proof.
  • Have glass filers to provide them with a softer glow.
  • Need the correct installation for perfect use.
  • The lights may be dimmer than other types of lights.


Westinghouse 0311000 15-Watt (Replaces 90-Watt) PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Wet Location Warm White Light Bulb with Medium Base


The Westinghouse 0311000 15-Watt (Replaces 90-Watt) PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Wet Location Warm White Light Bulb is long-lasting outdoor flood light bulbs. The old incandescent light bulbs are 90-watt bulbs with the Westinghouse light bulb being only 15-watts. The bulbs are lightweight PAR38 LED bulbs that work well as security lights.

The Westinghouse light bulbs produce full brightness instantly with a clear, bright light finish. The bulbs are an investment on time. Light bulbs last up to 22-years, which will eliminate the need to change the light bulbs through most of the time the bulb is in use. The bulb will save you up to $205 over the entire life of the light bulb.

The light bulb is water-proof and is ideal for wet locations where the light bulb is in a completely closed fixture. Light bulb averages 25,000 rated hours of light that are bright as well as lightweight. The light provides illumination without washing out color.


  • Are free of mercury.
  • Have a rating of 25,000 hours.
  • The light bulbs last up to 22-years.
  • Won’t work on motion detectors.
  • Work well in cold weather.


Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb, 100 Watt (14W Equivalent), Dimmable Flood Light, E26 Base, 2700K, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, 6 Pack


The Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb is outdoor led security light bulbs that come in five different degrees of brightness from warm white light, to crystal white light. Each light bulb produces 86 Lumens of light per watt. The light bulbs have a lumen count of 1,200. The beam projected is at a 40-degree angle.

The light bulb has a projected life span of 25,000 hours. As PAR38 bulbs, they are equivalent to the older halogen and incandescent bulbs. The light bulbs are Energy Star certified and UL-listed to deliver savings and performance. The right type of light bulb will work in most standard outlets, including ones with dimmer features.

The UL listing for the Hyperikon is completely safe with added technology features. The light bulbs have CRI 93+ technology, which is a near-sunlight level of light quality for true color and consistency. The light bulbs provide a smooth level of dimming capabilities that is from 100-20% of modern dimming power.


  • Come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Are energy star certified for environmental standards.
  • The light bulbs have a life span of 25,000 hours.
  • Metal of the bulbs could be thicker.
  • Light bulbs are temperature sensitive.


Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb with Motion Sensor, Hub Required, 3000K PAR38 Floodlight & Daylight Sensor, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant & SmartThings, 1 Pack


The Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb with Motion Sensor is outdoor flood light bulbs. The Sengle LED light bulbs are easy to set up with a hub that connects to compatible sockets. They have the Sengle Smart Hub that is smart light bulbs. They are compatible with Alexa devices and SmartThings hubs.

The light bulbs have a built-in motion sensor with full illumination within 90 seconds of detection or 30 feet. The light has a projection of 30-feet with a wide-angle detection sensor that picks up movement within a 100-degree radius.

The Sengle Smart Led Light Bulbs have integrated daylight sensors that ensure the lights won’t turn on during the day unless instructed to by the Sengled Home App. The Sengled Home App is compatible with Android and Apple phones. The app also allows for voice control that works with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

The voice control feature for the light bulb only works with the compatible hub. The light bulbs and the hub are easy to install with simple twist features and an E26 socket that is weatherproof and Par38 rated for wet weather. The LED flood light bulbs reviews are mostly positive for the remote features and the long lifespan.


  • Are compatible with Smart Technology.
  • Have built-in motion sensors.
  • Light bulbs have a projection feature of 30-feet.
  • Adding the codes from each light bulb into the App for voice control is not easy.
  • The hub can stop communicating with the light bulbs.


PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb,Classic Glass,Bright White Light,18W(=70W-150W PAR38 Halogen Equivalent) LED Daylight 5000K,E26 Base,Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof IP65,120V,4-PACK


The 8W PAR20 LED Daylight Flood Light Bulb is high output led flood light bulbs. The light bulbs are standard PAR20 light bulbs that come with an E26 base. The lights direct out at a 40-degree angle. The light is a bright clear illumination that is equal to an incandescent 50W-70W bulb.

The 8W Led Daylight Flood Light Bulb will save up to 90% on your electricity bills. The light bulbs are bright daylight bulbs with a white 5000k glow. The LED bulbs have a CRI 80 rating with a voltage input of 85-265 Volts equivalent to the 120 Volt bulbs. The light bulbs are completely glass with an IP65 waterproof base and design.

The light bulbs are good for indoor and outdoor light situations, including cold, hot, snow, and rainy weather. Long exposure to heat can crack or deform the glass.

The light bulbs are not dimmable and do not work with dimmer systems. The light bulbs are 18W equivalents to the standard halogen light bulb at 150 Watts. The lights are long-last and sturdy, but they do come with a 3-year unlimited warranty in case there are problems.


  • Produce a warm, bright light.
  • Are IP65 waterproof.
  • Are good for temperature changes.
  • Can start to flicker.
  • The light bulbs cannot dim.


Sunco Lighting 10 Pack BR40 LED Bulb, 17W=100W, Dimmable, 5000K Daylight, E26 base, Indoor Flood Light for Cans - UL & Energy Star


The Sunco Lighting 10 Pack BR40 LED Bulb is good cheap outdoor flood light bulbs. The bulbs are top-rated dimmable BR40 bulbs that fit most dimmer systems.

They have seamless action capabilities that work well with high-quality lighting features for all sorts of sockets. The light the bulbs produce true color renderings with quality lighting ideal for offices, kitchens, and bedrooms.

The Sunco Lighting bulbs help lower energy costs with a reduced energy consumption of up to 85%. The lights have a long lifespan outdoing the traditional fluorescent light bulbs. They are also UL certified as safe with energy star listings for standards of brightness and longevity. The lights produce instant bright light without buzzing or flickering.

The light bulbs have an E26 base with an estimated 25,000 hours of life. Light bulbs fit 6″ sockets with an estimated savings of $228 from the reduction of expended energy. The light bulbs come with the Sunco 5-year warranty. As a US-based company, they stand behind their warranty and their products.


  • The light bulbs are plastic, which makes them resistant to breaking.
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.
  • Light bulbs have a 5-year warranty.
  • A buzz when used with a dimmer.
  • May be too bright for some people.



SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chaser, PAR38, 250W Equivalent, 2650 Lumen, Replacement for Halogen Flood Spot Light, Medium Base E26, Dimmable, 5000K Daylight


The Sylvania Ultra LED Night Chaser is a powerful led outdoor LED flood light bulb. The bulbs come in daylight brightness or bright white brightness. In both types of lights, they are ultra-bright with 2,650 lumens of light each.

The Sylvania light bulbs have a medium base with an E26 socket and are perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting. They offer crisp daylight illumination wherever they are with a brightness that shows up on home security systems.

They offer a complete replacement for a regular incandescent 250-watt bulb. The Sylvania Ultra Led Night Chase bulbs are energy efficient with 87% savings on regular energy consumption. They are longer lasting than incandescent bulbs with 25,000 hours (22 years) of projected life. The light bulbs have a daylight color appearance with 5,000 Kelvin’s.

The light bulbs are good for indoor and outdoor settings with general illumination for large areas such as high ceilings and driveways. The lights are compatible with dimmer switches up to 10% dimming features and tolerate weather exposure as they have a UL rating for wet weather.


  • Are bright enough to light driveways for safety and security.
  • Have a wide-angle for complete illumination.
  • The light bulbs are compatible with indoor dimmer switches.
  • May be too bright for some people.
  • Light bulbs won’t turn on with motion sensors if the dimmer switch is set too low.

Final Thoughts

The use of LED lights saves people money. They are long-lasting and sturdy modern additions to any home that remove the need to change bulbs frequently. Of all the light bulbs reviewed, the best LED flood light for a backyard is the Sylvania Ultra LED Night Chaser.

The Sylvania Ultra LED Night Chaser provides 40 degrees of floodlighting that offers 2,600 Lumens of light and lasts up t 22 years with 25,000 hours of illumination. The light provides daytime lighting even at night for all sorts of situations.