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The 10 Best Mortise Locks & Lock Sets in 2020

Last updated on September 22nd, 2020

A mortise locks is a special type of heavy-duty lock that has various components housed in the interior of the door. The mortise lock is considered to be more secure than the standard cylindrical lock and can provide the best safety for your family if you install it on your entry door.

The challenge begins with deciding which mortise lock set best suits your door and that’s why we’re providing you with a list of the top mortise locks on the market.

We’ve already compared features like door thickness, ease of installation, and durability. You have to invest in the best mortise locks so you can properly secure your home.

An average lock will not be durable or reliable, placing your safety at risk. This resource is a great place to gain the information you’ll need to know before you make your final decision.

Our Recommended Mortise Lock Sets

Wright Products VMT115PB

Wright Products VMT115PB, BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set
  • Our Rating
  • Wright Products VMT115PB Serenade Style Mortise Lock Set, Brass.

    Escutcheon plates and levers have a classic design to enhance the look for your door.

    Built-in keyed deadbolt lock for increased security

Prime-Line Products Classic

Prime-Line Products Classic Bronze Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Keyed Knob – Perfect for Replacing Broken Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits 1-3/8 in-1-3/4 in. Interior Doors
  • Our Rating
  • Prime-Line Products Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Lock Set Keyed Knob.

    Made from steel.

    Fits 1 3/8 inch – 1 3/4 inch interior doors.

Prime-Line E 2294 Vintage Style

Prime-Line E 2294 Vintage Style Indoor Mortise Lock Assembly Kit – Cast Steel Construction, Brass Plated Finish, Antique Skeleton Key – Backset, 1/4” Max Square Spindle - Reversible Latch Bolt
  • Our Rating
  • PRIME-LINE E 2294 Vintage Style Indoor Mortise Lock Set Assembly Kit.

    3/8 inch backset with 9/32 inch square spindle drive can take a max spindle size of 1/4 inch.

    Includes latch and deadbolt strike with fasteners(Square spindle, door knobs, trim plates, and spare keys are sold separately).

10 Best Mortise Lock & Lock Sets:

Wright Products VMT115PB, BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set

This fancy serenade style mortise set by Wright Products is brass inside and out, but it is also available in a satin nickel finish.Purchase this universal set to replace most of your mortise style locks with a 3/4 inch or 1-inch backset. This imported set also coordinates with Wright’s serenade entry locksets.

Most consumers are pleased with this lockset. It fits great and only takes a little bit of time to install. It works well and looks really nice once it’s installed. Quite a few people saw it feels like they have a new door when they’re using this lock. This well made lockset lasts for a long time also.


  • Works well on screen doors
  • Good quality product
  • Good price
  • The lock pieces has ridges that you can break off to fit different door widths
  • Installation can be a challenge
  • Instructions could be better


This universal heavy duty mortise lock will fit most standard doors with no problem. The classy design will enhance the look of even your oldest doors. It might take a few minutes to install, but once you place it on your door you’ll get a brand new look and feel.

New customers should be aware that the handle is setup for a right side placement. If you need to install on the left side you’ll need to turn around the pieces.

Prime-Line Products Classic Bronze Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Keyed Knob – Perfect for Replacing Broken Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits 1-3/8 in-1-3/4 in. Interior Doors

This mortise keyed knob by Prime-line will make a great replacement or update for your lock sets. It is just right for broken antique models as well as others.

This style is available in classic bronze, brass, and satin nickel. The bonze style brings a lovely traditional look with modern quality. Get this set to replace your old knob quickly and easily.

Consumers feel the quality of this set is good and the installation is pretty quick. The price is nice and it looks great on older doors.


  • Looks really good
  • Good price
  • Fits nice
  • Fast installation
  • Knob tends to squeak a little when turned
  • Have to manually turn knob towards latch for the lock
  • Tends to jam with ease
  • Have to chisel extra space in door frame


If you’re looking for a standard mortise lock set, then this set is right for you. It is universal and can easily replace the majority of other lock sets, especially on older doors.

It will enhance the look of your door, making it look brand new again. New users should be aware that the lock plate that attaches to door jam might cause you to do a little chiseling in your jam for a flush fit.

Prime-Line E 2294 Vintage Style Indoor Mortise Lock Assembly Kit – Cast Steel Construction, Brass Plated Finish, Antique Skeleton Key – Backset, 1/4” Max Square Spindle - Reversible Latch Bolt

This indoor mortise lock assembly kit by Prime-Line has a vintage style and is constructed with cast steel. You can by this kit as a single pack or up to 5 packs.

The installation for this kit is fast and easy. Just slide the mortise lock into your existing door pocket and hour lock is fixed. This kit works on right or left handed interior doors.

Consumers feel that this is the best mortise door lock set for the price. These locks are lighter than your standard vintage mortise locks but they still look good and function smoothly.

They also seem really durable and consumers expect their installed locks to last a long time. Consumers also appreciate that this kit works great on old doors.


  • well made lock
  • Fits well
  • Great price
  • Easy to install
  • Interchangeable locks
  • Not available in different colors
  • Skeleton key is not really standard
  • The part that retracts the latch seems to be poor quality


New customers should check the measurements against their current system. Some customers reported the kit being too large or small to swap out from their old locks.

Another thing to note is that even though the mortise case-lock ships to close in a specific direction, you can still easily reverse the latch for opposite swinging doors.


Yale 8890FL Fail Safe Electrified Mortise Lock Body Only

This 45H fail-safe electrified mortise lock and inner parts by Stanley Best is stainless steel. It comes in a satin chrome finish. This is one of the best-electrified mortise locks on the market.

This sturdy and durable lock has the ability to be installed on doors that swing both inward and outward. The only way to unlock this set is by turning off the power to the lock.

Once you install this set the door will always remain locked until you use a key or turn on the 24V DC for the lock. This lockset has been designed to be installed on an entry door. Consumer data is not yet available for this mortise lockset.


  • Reversible handing
  • Steel construction will last for years
  • Fail safe lock will not trap you inside if a fire emerges
  • Expensive


Purchase this set if you’re looking for the best 45h mortise lock. This lock is strong and will last you a long time. It has reversible handling so it will benefit you whether your door swings in or out.

You can manually turn off this electric lock if you need to, but it will always stay locked unless you use a key to get through the door.

This is an entryway door that works great for those who need better security at and entrance. Purchase your secure stainless steel lockset today and make your home safer!

Global Door Controls 1-1/8 in. Mortise Lock Body with Deadbolt Function in Duronotic

This mortise lock with deadbolt by Global Door Controls has a 1-1/8 inch backset. You can install this lock on both your left and right handed doors.

The keyed mortise cylinder is not included in with this lock. This lock is designed for steel or aluminum framed entry doors and accepts standard (A/R) cams.

Consumers have reported that this lock is made from quality and is a perfect fit. The installation is simple and consumers say they feel more secure with the long deadlock. Overall they feel that this product works really smooth.


  • Good price
  • Solid construction
  • Cylinders are missing
  • Latch and face are not flush when door is unlocked
  • Locking bolt can be too long in some cases


This black mortise lock seems to work really well for those who use it, especially those using it on retail storefront doors. It is strong and durable and comes at a decent price.

Another great thing about this lock is it can be reversed. Increase your door security by purchasing your long bolt lock today!

Prime-Line E 2497 Mortise Keyed Lock Set with Glass Knob – Perfect for Replacing Antique Lock Sets and More, Fits Doors with 2-3/8" Backset

This mortise Keyed lock by Defender Security has a glass knob and works great for those who are replacing antique locksets and other parts.

This set fits doors with 2-3/8 inch backset. This set is classic bronze but it is also available in satin nickel and polished brass.

Consumers like that this lock is solid and feels nice when the handle is turned. The door lock solidly clicks when you shut the door. They appreciate that this beautiful set fits their older doors. Overall they are happy with this lovely look and its price.


  • Includes 2 keys
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t jiggle
  • Solid construction
  • Cover plates seem a bit flimsy and easily bend when you tighten the screws
  • Adjustments will have to be made to use this on modern doors


New purchasers should consider thread-locking adhesive on the set screw will prevent your knob from slipping. Another thing to note is that on your modern doors you might have to hollow out your mechanism box area.

Use this knob lock set to replace or update your current interior door hardware. This set is easy to install on both your new and vintage doors. Purchase this beautiful mortise deadbolt lock today to instantly improve the look of your doors.

Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric Digital Door Lock, Fingerprint with Small Mortise (AML-220)

This digital door lock by Samsung has a touch screen and a large mortise, but it is also available with a small mortise. It has adjustable handle levers that can be flipped to the right or left side. This lock is battery operated with emergency power contact.

Consumers are happy with this lock, some have stated that this is the best lock they’ve ever had. Even though the reviews are really positive, current users mention that it is not uncommon to have to contact customer service during some part of the installation.


  • Auto locking
  • High quality lock
  • Tricky to install
  • Install instructions are not great
  • Actual screw parts don’t match the parts picture or the instructions
  • Includes too many bonus parts


New customers who purchase this high-tech lock should beware that the screws are long so you might have to cut them with a hack saw if your door is 1-3/4 inches thick.

This is one of the best mortise door locks on the market when it comes to programming who gets access through your door, and having advanced security. Purchase your touchscreen mortise lock today and make your home more safe!

Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached Lockset (Right Hand, Polished Brass)

This heavy duty lockset by Gotham has the mortise attached. This right hand lock is polished brass and is also available as satin chrome as well as a left handle.

This lockset was designed to compliment your current home décor. It was constructed from durable material and has a reliable mechanism. This system works best for keeping your business and home locked down.

Consumers are happy that this lock looks great and is super easy to install. They believes it’s made with great quality materials for the price. It works perfectly as a replacement for old mortise locks that no longer work.


  • Well assembled
  • Simple installation
  • Looks nice
  • Might take a little work for the lock to fit on an old door
  • Deadbolt length is a bit long
  • Inside handle has more play in it than it needs to


This lockset is perfect for updating locks on an old door or changing the locks on your new home. The majority of these locks are re-keyable and they only take a few minutes to install.

If you’re looking for a lock with good quality parts that will last a long time, then this is just the right set for you. Purchase your lockset today and start replacing those old worn out locks. Make your old doors function like new right away!

PINEWORLD Smart Door Lock, 202 Electronic Keyless Entry Door Sash Mortise Lock, 6 Ways to Unlock and Business Manage for Door Lock Security, Handle Reversible (Backset 2'') (202-R)

This biometric fingerprint mortise lock by Pineworld is a smart lock electronic keyless lock made for entry doors. Those who use this system will need RFID cards and the system manager will need the TUYA app for remote control.

There is also a mechanical key for secure door locking. The color of this system is cool black, and it’s a black right-backset 2″.

Consumers like this smart lock system. They enjoy the various ways to gain access and they appreciate that customer support is so helpful. Another bonus about this system is the simple installation. It strong, durable, and works great at the home or office.


  • Lots of features
  • Strong durable lock
  • Great security and privacy
  • Instructions could be more detailed
  • Works best for uncut doors or if you already have a mortise lock


If you want to increase the security of your home or office, then this is the perfect route to take. This strong and reliable locking system will let you keep track of everyone who enters your door. Some American standard doors will be a challenge and should get locksmith installation.

Don’t worry about power outages with this system, just add 4 AAA batteries into the backup charger in case of an emergency. Increase the security and privacy of your home or office by purchasing this smart lock system today!

Pella 2 Point Bolt Mortise Lock Body, Storm Door White

This 2 point bolt mortise lock body by Pella is for storm doors. It has a white color and this latch is perfect for a replacement if your original storm door latch wears out.

Consumers are happy with this lock because it works great and it fits perfectly. It makes worn doors seem brand new. It’s also easy to install and will rid you of any problems you are having with your Pella storm door latch.


  • Fits great
  • Works excellent
  • Simple installation
  • N/A


This lock body is designed to replace all of your Pella storm doors whenever your old one breaks. Older doors tend to have trouble with latches over time, but as soon as you start having difficulty with your current latch you can order one of these lock bodies. Buy one today and get your storm door working properly today!

What is the Mortise Lock?

A mortise lock has a body and trim plates that are fitted onto the inside and outside of the door. It also includes interior and exterior levers. Mortise locks include several separate heavy-duty components that have to be fully assembled.

These types of locks are referred to as higher security locks and they can be opened with a key from the inside or outside. These locking systems can also be combined with other security systems to help protect your home.

These locks might be best used for children’s rooms or for entry doors to your home. If you’re deciding between a mortise vs cylindrical lock, here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider:

Advantages of a Mortise Lock Include:

  • Hard for intruders to open
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Looks nice
  • Dual locking system. Doors with these locks can be locked from both sides
  • Passage function. Add this lockset to your kid’s room so that the door secures closed without locking
  • Sliding bolt lock mechanism

Disadvantages of a Mortise Lick Include:

  • Installation process is more involved
  • Price is higher
  • Not compatible with all door thicknesses
  • If a replacement is needed, then the entire lock has to be completely taken out

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Mortise Lock Sets

Door thickness:

Take your door measurements first because a commercial mortise lock set needs a certain thickness in order to be installed. You don’t want to order a lock that is either too big or too small.

How many keys included:

Find out how many keys are coming with your lockset and also if the lock can be re-keyed.

Acceptable doors:

Make sure the lockset you want can be used on the type of door you need it for.

Not all mortise locksets work on all door types, especially entry doors. When you identify that your mortise lock can work on a door, you’ll still need to verify that it’s ok for either an interior or exterior door.

Knob style:

Consider where you are installing your lockset and pick a doorknob that compliments the area. Stainless steel and brass are probably best for budget purchases, but there is also the option of cut glass or diamonds.
Stream Quality

Durability and materials:

Longer lasting materials are brass and stainless steel, but you can always aim for a pretty finish coating that contributes to the durability as well.
Intercom Usage


You might need to hire a professional for your perimeter doors. A miss-installed lock can lead to failed security which is very detrimental to a door that leads to the outside.

If you are unsure of the installation of this heavy-duty lock, consider hiring a locksmith to complete the installation or service properly. Be confident that you are securing your home.

Video CapabilityTake a photo of your current mortise bolt work before you start the replacement so you know where to put everything.


questionLearn how to identify some of the problems that could be wrong with your mortise so you can figure out what the problem is


If you’ve finished reading this compilation of best mortise locks then you are a lot better off than the average mortise lock shopper. The final step is making the decision about which mortise lockset will provide the best security for you so you can purchase one.

Burglary is becoming more and more common in all neighborhoods, so now is the best time to go ahead and invest in a locking system that will benefit you and your family. Take your door thickness measurements, think about what type of lock you need, how many, the age of your doors, and where they will be installed.

If you’re nervous about installation, remember to contact a locksmith, especially for your perimeter doors. Check out the reviews to make sure you’ll be happy with your purchase and then invest in a mortise locking system that will keep you and your family safe at all times.