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The 10 Best Mini Drones with Camera in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022

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A mini drone should have good handling, a decent flight time, strong durability, and useful features like one-touch landing and the ability to sync with a smartphone. This guide will cover the top 10 most popular mini drones with camera on the market and compare them on these points, and you should be able to find the right model to suit your needs.

A drone can bring excitement and joy to the user, so read on to find a device that will let you become a master of flight. Mini drones are the perfect avenue to get into the recreational flying scene.

Most Recommended Mini Drones with Camera

Potensic A30W WiFi FPV Drone 720P HD Camera

Potensic A30W WiFi FPV Drone 720P HD Camera, RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Button Take Off/Landing, Emergency Stop-Blue
  • Our Rating
  • Build-in 720P HD FPV camera.

    Flight Time 6-8 mins.

    Drone Size 8 x 5.7 x 3.7 inches.

Mini Drone with Camera for Kids and Adults

Mini Drone with Camera for Kids and Adults, EACHINE E61HW WiFi FPV Quadcopter with HD Camera Selfie Pocket Nano Drone for Beginner RTF - Altitude Hold Mode, One Key Take Off/Landing, APP Control
  • Our Rating
  • HD Camera can take aerial photos and videos.

    Flight Time: about 7-8 minutes.

    Quadcopter Size: 11x11x3cm.

Drone with Camera - ATTOP Drones for Kids

Drone with Camera - ATTOP Drones for Kids & Beginners, AR Game Mode 480P RC Drone for Kids w/App Gravity/Voice Control/Trajectory Flight/Altitude Hold 360°Flip Mini Drone Foldable & Portable
  • Our Rating

    Flight Time: about 5-6 minutes.

    2.05 x 2.52 x 1.18 inches.

10 Best Rated Mini Drones with Camera on the Market:

Potensic A30W WiFi FPV Drone 720P HD Camera, RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Button Take Off/Landing, Emergency Stop-Blue


This is great purchase to make for anyone trying to get into the drone scene. Although more expensive drones can offer better features, learning the ropes on a mini drone can let you know exactly what kinds of units will work well for what you want to do.

This model has all the necessary tools to let you fly well: It coordinates to your phone, alerts you to important notifications and doesn’t break down easily. Because this is unit is affordable and performs well, it is a good buy.

The total flying time is capped to less than 10 minutes, so a second battery might be a good investment to make to let you achieve multiple flights throughout the course of a day.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers noted that this drone offers tight handling, good durability, and decent camera quality. They also loved that this model was affordable. Because drones can often crash, it is important that they can withstand hard collisions.

This model features propeller guards that customers found helpful in keeping their drones from getting damaged. Windy conditions can be difficult for mini-drones to fly in, but many reviews noted that this model was able to use in them. They disliked that the model came without lights to locate it in adverse conditions, so they felt that this model was best used indoor use.


  • Easy to fly
  • Indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • Durable design prevents breaking down in collisions
  • No micro SD slot to save videos


This model can benefit anyone looking to try flying drones for the first time. It comes packed with helpful features to make it very enjoyable to use.

Mini Drone with Camera for Kids and Adults, EACHINE E61HW WiFi FPV Quadcopter with HD Camera Selfie Pocket Nano Drone for Beginner RTF - Altitude Hold Mode, One Key Take Off/Landing, APP Control


Mini drones can be purchased for a variety of different reasons, so some drones will work better for particular types of individuals. This model excels in offering everything you need to master drone flying at an affordable price. It carries most of the latest features, and it also syncs well with smartphones.

With a smartphone, you’ll be able to capture images and videos that can be used to help you within a wide variety of projects. For instance, you could use this drone to help you sell your house by using it to take great pictures of your home in the air.

Despite being a smaller drone, this model offers great value in letting you improve your flying skills and serving you through aerial photography and video.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviews noted that this model flies extremely well. Handling is very important on mini drones, for big crashes can break essential pieces of hardware. This model is easily controlled, and customers loved that they had a separate remote to control the drone.

Although this unit needs a smartphone to capture video, the remote can be used to control the drone and fly it well. Reviewers noted that this model is perfect for new flyers or people looking to use a drone for indoor purposes. One customer was an experienced flyer, yet they purchased this drone for when bad weather strikes and leaves them unable to fly outside.


  • Easy to connect to a smartphone
  • Remote works well to control the drone
  • Picture quality is good
  • Outdoor climates like rain or wind may keep the drone from flying well


This model is the best mini drone with camera under . It flies well and lets you take good images for recreational or professional use.

ATTOP Mini Drone for Kids Drones for Kids & Beginners, RC Drone for Kids w/Gravity Control/Voice Control/Trajectory Flight/AR Game/Altitude Hold/App Control/Headless Mode/ 360°Flip


This drone is a good purchase for the amount of features that you’ll get. You’ll be able to secure your smartphone onto a remote and transmit a live video feed of the drone’s camera, for example. You will also have a virtual AR game available to let you entertain younger flyers and teach them how to fly drones.

The drone itself is durable and best used to fly indoors. It also has good flying tools like one-touch landing and altitude hold to make first-time use easy and fun.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers loved that this drone was able to be easily used by children. Many reviewers noted that they gave this model for the kids to play with, and everything turned out well afterward. There were no complaints of damage done to their home, drone or young fliers. This model excels in being family-friendly.

Since the unit also comes with a built-in game, children will especially find this drone to their liking. It flies well, and it can also be controlled on a smartphone for older individuals.

Another topic discussed was the quality of the camera: Customers were well pleased by it. This drone was a good purchase for many due the device’s durability and having a satisfactory camera to take pictures with.


  • Included smartphone holder fits comfrotably
  • Extremely easy to use out of the box
  • Camera can capture clear images
  • Controlling via smartphone may make flying more difficult


This is a great drone for kids. The drone is durable to withstand the crashes that children can make, and it also comes with a unique game that children can find exciting.


Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera


This drone is a good investment to make for a product that can last a long time. Most drones don’t offer all of the features that this unit has, so buying this model ensures that you will make the best flights. There are lights on the drone to let you see it in the dark, and its camera can take good shots in the day.

The X5C 4 would be a great gift for anyone trying to upgrade their entry-level drone to improve their skills.

What Customers Are Saying

Many reviews were positive and noted that this is the best budget mini drone with a camera. Although the camera is not the best, the drone still gives great video and captures clear images. Customers loved how easy it was for them to buy additional accessories for their drones as well.

Additional batteries, carrying cases and chargers were purchased to create an deluxe set for this model. One reviewer explained that they were able to get over an hour of total flight time by buying additional equipment.


  • Flying may be difficult at larger distances


This is a good drone for enthusiasts. Buyers can obtain additional batteries and chargers to have a drone that they can fly for a whole afternoon. It can be flown indoors and outdoors, so it is a good purchase to make for someone looking to fly in all conditions.

Holy Stone HS160 Pro Foldable Drone with 1080p Full HD WiFi Camera for Adults and Kids, with 2 Batteries 24 Mins Play, Carry Case, FPV Live Video, Optical Flow, Altitude Hold Functions


This is a powerful drone that is controlled solely through a smartphone. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for children if they are still too young to handle phones by themselves. Yet this model is excellent for anyone trying to take clear images or video. The 1080p camera is powerful and can let you use this drone for fun or for work.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers felt that this product is worth the price for the value that it brings to the buyer. You can get around 20 minutes of flying time through the dual-battery setup, and the drone flies well through its dedicated phone application.

Although some reviewers had trouble connecting their phones over Wi-Fi, most did not experience this problem and successfully flew their drone indoors and outdoors. Due to the praise given for its flight time and good image quality, this model can be considered to be the best micro drone with hd camera.


  • Drone has safety features in place to prevent crashes
  • Drone’s camera position can be adjusted
  • An extra battery is included to increase flight time
  • No external controller; must be flown with a smartphone


This well-built drone is perfect for experienced fliers or anyone looking for a model that can support longer flights. Although it is slightly more expensive than the other drones on this list, the camera on this unit gives you a full high-definition experience.

Mini Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video, EACHINE E10W Wifi FPV Mini Quadcopter with HD Camera Selfie Pocked Drone RTF - 3D Flip, APP Control, Headless mode, One-key Return, LED Lights


Some drones need to be small in order to meet the needs of particular individuals. This drone is for these types of buyers. Although the drone is small, it flies well. Additionally, it has a great camera that children will have fun playing around with. Due to its tiny size, individuals who will be flying in small areas can find that this is the perfect drone for them.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers loved how well this product worked. Because it is so small, it doesn’t look impressive right off the bat. But customers were able to fly the drone 80 feet in the air and use it in their homes without it breaking down.

Some buyers dropped the unit from big falls and found that the drone didn’t break down. Many were pleased at finding such a unique model that is small but powerful.


  • Can be flown outside at high altitudes
  • Rugged to withstand collisions
  • SD-card compatible
  • Drone’s small size makes it difficult to fly in windy conditions


This drone is one of the smallest models that you will find available on the market. It is well-suited for indoor flight, and it captures great video. It can be blown away in windy weather, but its ability to fly in high altitudes makes it good to fly outside in good climates.


Potensic A20W Mini Drone with Camera, 720P RC Drone for Kids Portable Quadcopter 6 Axis - Real Time FPV, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Route Settiing, 3 Batteries


This small drone can be the perfect model for anyone looking to fly their device inside. It is very small, and it can be flown over a smartphone or through its dedicated controller. Although it will not have the camera quality of some other high-end models, this drone makes it up for it by being affordable and dependable.

It’s built to last with propellant guards to prevent damage to the unit or indoor furniture in the cases of collisions.

What Customers Are Saying

This model received a lot of praise for its good flying ability. Some customers felt that other models didn’t live up to their expectations, for they were disappointed with poor handling. However, reviewers loved this model. The drone’s ability to fly in small spaces makes it perfect for indoor flight.

Other customers gave this drone to their children, and their kids had fun. Because an exterior controller is included, parents won’t need to worry about their phone breaking if children want to fly. Although the flight time is under 10 minutes, one customer got around it by buying multiple models to always have a charged unit available.


  • One-key takeoff and landings makes flying indoors easy
  • Propeller guards keeps drone safe
  • Bug-free smartphone integration
  • Video feed may lag during flights


This is a good, small flying drone with camera. It is affordable, and its compact size makes it perfect to be flown indoors. The drone offers good maneuverability and makes it well-suited for outdoor flights on windless days.

Drone with Camera, TOPVISION Foldable Quadcopter RC Drone with WiFi FPV HD Camera Live Video, Altitude Hold, One Key Start, APP Control, Black


This drone has the equipment to make any flight successful. Propellent guards keep the unit from causing damage to walls, and removable batteries can let you have long-time flight times. Although it does not boast a 1080p camera, the drone is still recommended for its user-friendly experience.

New fliers can buy this model to learn how to fly drones, and they’ll always have a device that is highly compact and be able to be used almost anywhere.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers loved that their children could use this drone without difficulties. One mother bought extra units to ensure that their family will always have a reliable drone to take out for adventures. The drone has the latest features and is very affordable, so it was recommended for providing excellent value without breaking the bank.


  • Drone has stable flights
  • Durable to keep flying after crashes
  • Drone can do flips to capture a great photographs or videos
  • A second battery must be bought to double the flight time


This is sturdy model that is perfect for new flyers. Since it can take abuse, it can be considered as the most child-friendly, miniature drone with camera. It is affordable, and the picture quality is suitable for kids.

Holy Stone HS370 FPV Drone with Camera for Kids and Adults 720P HD WiFi Transmission, RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, One Key Start/Land, Draw Path, 3D Flips 2 Modular Batteries


The Holy Stone HS370 has the latest features that you would want in a drone. One-touch take off, a good camera and great flights are all brought to the table. Although the device is slightly more expensive than other compact drones, it is still a recommended purchase because it performs very well.

Some drones can’t go above 10 minutes in flight time, but this model can fly indefinitely with extra batteries. The camera also takes clear images, which can be important for some individuals.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers loved that the drone has good value. An included SD card allowed customers to record videos and take photographs without using up space on their phone, and extra batteries let them fly the unit for upwards of thirty minutes.

Although one review noted that the drone has to cool down after longer flights, this isn’t a problem. 30-minute flights are very commendable, for most drones do not reach this time.


  • Drone remote works well
  • Comes with an SD card
  • Feels well-built and sturdy
  • Despite running on batteries, the drone must be given time to dissipate its heat after flights


This drone comes with a lot of bonus features to make it a good purchase. With an exterior remote, high-definition camera and removable batteries, this model would be perfect for someone looking into getting serious about drone flying.

Teeggi T10 Mini Drone with HD Camera Live Video FPV Gesture Selfie, Foldable Micro Pocket Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners,RC Quadcopter with App Control, Altitude Hold, 3D Flips, Headless Mode


This drone is very affordable, so it gives almost any individual the chance to get into the flying scene. It is a cheap mini drone with camera that is best used indoors, for its small size makes it perfect to be maneuvered around smaller rooms.

Since it can be controlled over a smartphone, it is very transportable. You would only need to carry around the drone, so this model would be good for buyers that need a unit for travel purposes.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers enjoyed the drone and felt that its best feature was its safety guards. Because it can be flown indoors without damaging furniture or walls, many felt that it was the perfect indoor drone too.

The unit comes with an plastic remote, which can be used to give more control over the model than through the smartphone application as well. Because kids can use the remote, a lot of reviewers felt that unit is child-friendly and would make a good gift.


  • Gesturing features make photography and videomaking easy
  • Good video quality
  • Small size makes it able to be carried almost anywhere
  • Relatively short flight time


This drone is affordable, and it is excellent for indoor flights. Smaller drones work best for flying indoors, for bigger ones can easily crash. Despite not having a competitive flight time, it can work well for casual fliers.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Mini Drone with Camera

Buying a drone can be exciting, for newer models are being released every month that outperform their predecessors. By taking into consideration your needs, you’ll be able to pick the right drone that will serve you the best. Here are five things to take into account when making your next purchase.
best mini drone with camera under 50

Indoor Versus Outdoor

Small drones will work better in indoor conditions, and large ones will work better outside.

This is because a strong breeze can launch drones in certain directions and could possibly crash them. If you will fly outside, getting a lager model will make it easier to fly in the wind and keep your drone safe.

Kids or Adults

Adults might want more advanced features on their drones than what children would find sufficient. A child won’t need a 1080p camera, but an adult can find that a mini drone with the best camera will let them do exciting things like take exciting outdoor photographs.

The necessity of a Camera

In addition to determining who will fly the drone, consider how necessary is it to have a great camera. While most drones take good shots, some better suited for aerial photography. If you will just be flying the drone inside, other features like flight time and handling might be more important to secure.
best micro drone with hd camera

Travel Considerations

If you will be frequently traveling with your drone, think about how transporting it around will be like. A single drone is easier to carry than one drone and five batteries.

Some models need extra batteries to secure a good flight time, yet other drones can get a good time from a single charge.


Finally, consider how often you will use your drone. If you plan to use it every day, it could be beneficial to spend more on a model that will perform very well.

Some of the latest mini drones are equipped with high-definition cameras and are capable to withstand windy weather. An avid drone user could find a product like this useful to let them get the best flying experience.

And if you are interested in mini cameras, then check out the best wearable and hidden spy cameras reviews.

best budget mini drone with camera


The best drones will let individuals fly their devices and have fun. Some models could work better for certain buyers, so it is important to choose the right device. There are many different features that a good drone should have, so doing adequate research before picking one up can let you obtain a unit that is perfect for your needs.

This guide covered 10 popular drones and showcased their strengths. Consider buying one today for a gift to friends or family, for drones can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Mini drones are especially valuable, for their small size makes flying safe, easy, and fun.

Because drones can be enjoyed by a large variety of people, having one will let you connect with a large community. They can be taken out to fields or on road trips to capture amazing experiences — getting the best mini drone with the camera today will let you join in on the fun and capture photographs and videos in brand new ways.