The 17 Best Home Security Cameras on 2020

by Matthew Wilson

Last updated on March 25th, 2020

Last updated on March 25th, 2020

What could be more important than the safety of your family? Absolutely nothing. It would be nice if you could be home 24 hours a day seven days a week protecting your family and your property, but realistically that’s just not going to happen.

When you invest in the best home security camera for your home environment, you show that you take your family’s security seriously.

The purpose of our home security camera reviews is to give you the information that you need to make a conscientious decision when determining which camera system will be right for your home. Your family’s security is too important to leave it to a mediocre camera, so you should settle for nothing but the best home security camera.


Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Wireless IP Camera IP2M-841B (Black)
  • Our Rating

    SMARTER, SAFER SECURITY, NVR, Synology, QNAP, NAS, FTP, Blue Iris or Amcrest Cloud.

    IR LED night-vision up to 32 feet.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 1 camera kit
  • Our Rating
  • Weatherproof for Outdoor or Indoor use

    Wireless home camera with 2-year battery life

    Totally wire-free, with no monthly fees or service contract required

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, White
  • Our Rating
  • Works with Alexa to launch real-time video with your voice

    Monitors your home in 1080HD video with infrared night vision and Live View

    Includes Lifetime Theft Protection: if your Camera gets stolen, we’ll replace it for free

List of 17 Best Home Security Cameras:

We will take a few minutes to review some of the best indoor and outdoor security cameras on the market. We will look at cameras in different price ranges and with different styles.

7 Best Indoor Security Cameras:

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Wireless IP Camera IP2M-841B (Black)


The first thing you’re going to notice about this indoor wireless security camera system is that it is relatively inexpensive. This unit will capture video at 180 P with 30 frames per second.

You have the option to store your information on a local microSD card or to use the cloud video recording service. The included app expands the security system’s functionality, allowing you to control many of its features from your smartphone, smart device, or your computer.

The two-way talk and integrated motion alerts allow you to stay in contact with your family regardless of where you are. This is the best indoor camera for individuals who are away from home a lot but are concerned about the safety and well-being of their family.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Excellent Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Functionality
  • The Ability to Store Information in Cloud Storage or on the Device
  • Difficult to Integrate with Other Devices
  • The Cloud Service May Be Expensive


If you’re looking for a high quality indoor camera that you can use on a budget, this is the unit for you. With its 1080 P video and zoom, pan, and tilt functionality, this unit performs like you would expect a more expensive unit to perform.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 1 camera kit


The second product to be reviewed within these best home security camera system consumer reports is the Blink XT Home Security Camera System. This camera system comes with three small, rectangular cameras and a Blink Sync Module.

Their small size and black, sleek look make them ideal candidates for indoor cameras that won’t stand out and can easily be concealed.

For one, customers claim these cameras have high video and snapshot quality. On the other hand, the motion detection is said to be too slow to actually catch whatever or whoever triggered the camera. Other consumers claim that the sync module isn’t strong to place the cameras around a big house or property.


  • Sleek, small design
  • No wires involved, completely WiFi
  • Free cloud storage
  • Battery powered
  • No software or app to use besides cloud stored space
  • WiFi hog and has sync problems over large distances


The Blink XT Homer Security Camera System likely provides the best battery operated home security cameras. They are ideal for keeping an eye on unwanted snoopers and intruders, as well as any critters or animals that may be giving you grief.


Google, NC1104US, Nest Cam Indoor, Security Camera, Black, 1


This unit takes away the stress that comes from not knowing what’s going on at home when you are away. It has a versatile magnetic stand that allows you to place the unit wherever you want it to be. The unit has the ability to save up to 30 days of continuous history.

You then have the ability to sort through all of the recorded videos quickly, finding the exact moment of the video you want to watch. The app turns your smartphone or tablet into a virtual eye in your home or office.

You can see who’s there, you can listen to them, and you can even speak back to them. One of the nice things about this Nest unit is that you will get personal alerts telling you when there is someone in your home.

The unit provides crisp 1080 P video with 8X digital zoom, allowing you to see every single detail in crystal-clear full HD.


  • Plug-In Go Security
  • 24/7 Live Streaming
  • Cloud Storage
  • Two-Way Audio
  • The Camera Runs Hot
  • Requires Nest Proprietary Hardware and Software to Function


This is a quality unit. It provides all the functionality that you would expect from a wireless security camera in this price range. The fact that you can only use Nest proprietary cloud service and you are required to spend money every month for the service may not sit well with everyone.

YI Smart Home Camera 3 w/ 6-Month Cloud Service, AI-Powered 1080p 2.4G Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera System with 24/7 Emergency Response, Human Detection, Sound Analytics for Nanny Pet Dog Monitor


Coming in at number four is the YI 1080p Home Camera, the best budget home security camera. It’s also among the best rated home security cameras on the market, and for good reason.

The YI Home Camera has a modern aesthetic to its design and packs a punch with its features. One of those convenient features is two-way audio, allowing you to receive audio from the unit and talk back through it.


  • Live feeds (via YI computer application)
  • Two-way audio allows for conversation
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Baby crying detection
  • Free alert cloud storage up to 7 days
  • Storage sold separately (either memory card or cloud)
  • Although sleek, it’s fairly noticeable and not easily missed


The YI 1080p Home Camera is a great camera for keeping an eye on those important things and spaces in your life. While it’s not suited for secretive recording, it’s a strong camera with awesome multi-functionality.


Security Camera WiFi IP Camera - KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera with Cloud Storage Two-Way Audio Motion Detection Night Vision Remote Monitoring,Black


The best indoor home security camera may just be the KAMTRON HD Homer Wireless Baby/Pet Camera. This camera makes its music with its ability to pan pretty much the entirety of your home or space. The camera itself is a ball-shaped, rotating unit that pans horizontally up to 350 degrees. The camera is able to rotate itself vertically 100 degrees.

The camera lens itself has a 62-degree viewing angle. This allows for the camera to have full visibility throughout your space. Past consumers report the camera to be super simple and easy to set-up and use. Others claim the price can’t be beat for the quality of camera you receive.


  • Full, 360° vision and live feed viewing
  • Two-way audio for communicating through the camera
  • Supports large memory card
  • Strong encryption of feed and recordings
  • Only compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi


The KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Camera is the best wireless home security camera money can buy. This adept unit is able to view the entirety of your space as well as send motion alerts to keep you on top of your security.

Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud Wi-Fi IP Camera - Wireless Security Camera System - HD Video Surveillance Recording Streamed On All Devices - 2 Way Audio Surveillance Nanny Cam, Pet Cam, upgraded VT-361


There are many features that make the Vimtag VT-361 deserving to be on the best indoor security camera list. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to have access to the camera as well as its recorded data at any time regardless of where you are.

You simply connect your smartphone or your laptop and you can see what is going on inside the area you are looking to monitor. The remote pan and tilt feature is another factor that makes it one of the best home security cameras we will review.

With the ability to rotate the camera 360° X 120°, you can keep your entire home under check. The motion detecting alert is an important aspect in providing 24 hour security to your home or office.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Motion Detection Alert
  • Night Vision
  • Can Be Controlled by a Smartphone or Tablet
  • Maximum Storage of Only 64 GB


The Vimtag VT-361 is an amazing security system. It captures the video very clearly thanks its night vision and motion detection. It provides 24 hour security, and its wireless control makes it easy for you to monitor your family’s security wherever you are.

Wansview Wireless Security Camera, IP Camera 1080P HD, WiFi Home Indoor Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny, Motion Detection, 2 Way Audio Night Vision, Works with Alexa, with TF Card Slot and Cloud


The Wansview is a unit that is designed to work remotely. It comes with alert notification, a built-in speaker, as well as the ability to remotely pan and tilt the camera nearly 360°. The live video streaming makes the security system perfect for individuals who are interested in monitoring their employees or making sure that elderly parents are doing okay.

You have the option to turn on the sharing option on your security camera. This allows you to take some snapshots that can be delivered to your smartphone and then shared on all sorts of social circles.

One of the nice things about the motion detection of this unit is that when objects move, the camera can automatically detect it and take pictures as well as automatically save that portion of the video. The alarm function will send a message to your phone, alerting you to a dangerous situation in real-time.


  • Easy Set up
  • Remote Pan and Tilt Control
  • Motion Detection
  • N/A


Although it could use better instructions when it comes to set up and some of the functions of the unit, the unit itself is pretty much plug-and-play. It is the best outdoor wireless security camera for individuals who want to be able to protect their family and their property but who do not have the time or the technical know-how to set up an elaborate security system.

10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras:

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, White


To kick off the review we have the best outdoor home security camera system, the Ring Floodlight Camera. Ring is known for its quality home security products and this one too meets the standard.

The Floodlight Camera not only keeps surveillance of your home and space, but it also lights it up and allows you to speak through it as well. Additionally, it maintains a live feed for you to watch on your command.

Customers find the camera to be highly useful during the daytime but are not too satisfied with its night time motion detecting. Others claim that the software has its bumps and rough spots. However, the camera is said to be of high quality and clear pictured.


  • Floodlights in addition to camera
  • Two-way audio
  • Siren that can be activated to scare away intruders
  • Customizable motion detection zones
  • Has a 1 year warranty
  • Requires hardwire installation into waterproof electrical box
  • Weaker detection at night


The Ring Floodlight Camera with its siren and lights is the best home security camera and alarm system. The camera is easy to interact with, summoning live feeds via mobile phone or computer and providing two-way audio.

It’s a useful addition to any outdoor home space you wish to keep an eye on. If you are looking for a camera with light and motion detection, this list of best outdoor light bulb cameras can be better and more affordable choice.

Google, NC2400ES, Nest Cam Outdoor, Security Camera, White, 2


The second product in review is the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. Like a couple of options on the list, it could well be the best security camera system for home use.

The cameras are enjoyable designed and smaller as to not stand out so much on your property. Compatible with Alexa voice control, the Nest Cam cameras provide 24/7 live surveillance of your home all in the convenience of your smartphone.

Consumers are thoroughly happy with the quality of video that these cameras record. However, many users are quick to note the difficulties with the software and the Nest Aware subscription packages that can, in turn, make the camera hard to use or deal with.


  • 24/7 Live feeds
  • Two-way audio
  • Panning, tilting, and zooming (PTZ)
  • Waterproof components
  • Crisp image quality
  • Software difficulties are somewhat common
  • Cameras run on AC power


Coming in a two pack, the Nest Cam PTZ Outdoor Security Cameras are great for surveilling your property. The image quality is among the best you’ll find, though be wary of the possibility of software or subscription package confusion or difficulty.


Outdoor Security Camera, 1080P WiFi Camera Wireless Surveillance Cameras, IP Camera with Two-Way Audio, IP66 Waterproof, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Activity Alert, Deterrent Alarm - iOS, Android


Finding a spot on the list at number three, the AMICCOM Outdoor WiFi Security Camera is easily among the best affordable home security cameras. This offering from AMICCOM is a high powered HD camera for surveilling your property either during the day or at night.

Like many of the other quality outdoor camera options, this model is fitted with two-way audio for conversing or warding off people; although the camera offers much more than that. Consumers have nothing but words of satisfaction for this unit. It’s claimed to be very functional, providing crisp, high quality recording all while standing up to the elements.


  • Full 1080p HD surveillance
  • Two-way audio for conversations and warding off intruders
  • Supports up to 128 GB memory
  • Works at very high and very low temperatures
  • Camera runs off of plug-in power


The AMICCOM Outdoor WiFi Security Camera is a heavy-duty, reliable home security camera at a reasonable price. The camera is great for surveilling your property at night with its 24 meter night vision range.

YI Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p Cloud Cam IP Waterproof Night Vision Surveillance System with 24/7 Emergency Response, Motion Detection, Activity Alert, Deterrent Alarm, Phone App, Work with Alexa


The YI Outdoor Security Camera at the fourth spot is certainly among the best wireless security cameras for home use. This camera from YI has a similar design to the camera offered by Nest. It’s a mountable, white, cup-like camera that can be situated wherever you please, granted the location has access to power.

As with many of these outdoor camera models, customers are satisfied, if not excited, about the quality of recording from this YI model but have concerns about the app and cloud.


  • Ball mount allows for various angles of surveillance
  • High-grade night vision with 12 LEDs
  • Two-way audio
  • Deterrent alarm
  • Weatherproof unit
  • Works at very high and very low temperatures
  • Runs off of plug-in power
  • Ball mount not automatic


The YI Outdoor Security Camera is a great outdoor security camera option for your home or property. The high quality night vision is great for those looking to play some defense when it’s dark.


Wireless Outdoor IP Security Camera - Weatherproof HD 720p Home WiFi Surveillance Internet Video w/ Built in16g SD Storage - Motion Detection Night Vision for PC iOS Android - Serenelife IPCAMHD15


The Bullet IP outdoor surveillance camera is extremely easy to set up. With three simple steps and in less than three minutes, you can have the camera up and running and protecting your home. The full 720 P HD image quality allows you to see a clear and detailed image.

The infrared night vision is powerful enough to allow you to see up to 50 feet away. The camera’s housing is waterproof, making it a good outdoor and indoor camera. The remote viewing feature allows you to see what’s happening outside of your home from anywhere you are in the world.

Using your mobile device, you can automatically record and playback what you see. The camera has the option to hold up to 16 GB of information with its microSD card.

What makes this wireless outdoor camera one of the best outdoor security cameras in our opinion is the fact that its manufacturer warranties the product for one year without question. If they have this much faith in their product, we believe you should too.


  • Easy to Set up
  • 720 P HD Image
  • Remote Viewing and Remote Recording
  • No Questions Asked 12 Month Warranty
  • The Mobile App Can Be Difficult to Use


This is an easy to set up device. It does not provide the 1080P resolution some of the other cameras do, but it provides a clear enough image for you to see what is going on around your property.


Amcrest ProHD Fixed Outdoor 1.3 Megapixel Wi-Fi Vandal Dome IP Security Camera - IP67 Weatherproof, IK10 Vandal-Proof, 1.3MP (1280x960 TVL), IPM-751B (Black) (Renewed)


The Amcrest ProHD Outdoor is an excellent choice for outdoor security surveillance. This powerful unit allows you to create and receive customized motion alerts and has a wide 92° field of view. The intelligent digital zoom and night vision with a range of up to 98 feet will provide superior protection.

This is the best WiFi security camera for easy setup. Quickly scan the QR code on your camera and you can start viewing your camera immediately on your mobile device. The IP 67 weatherproof IK 10 vandal-proof housing protects the unit from inclement weather as well as from attempts by would-be intruders to disable the unit.

Home security camera reviews repeatedly praise this unit because it offers multiple ways to keep track of what is going on outside of your home, including using your Apple device, your PC or Mac, or connecting to an android device.


  • 1.3 Megapixel Video Resolution with 30 Frames per Second
  • Easy Wi-Fi Setup
  • 92° Viewing Angle
  • This Is a Fixed Position Camera That Does Not Provide Pan or Tilt


This unit has a lot of nice features that makes it a worthwhile purchase for the price. You do not have the 1080P or the tilt and pan options some of the other cameras review have, but this is still a stable unit that serves its purpose well.

Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera - IP66 Weatherproof, 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-842 (Black) (Renewed)


Since it uses a QR code, connecting the cameras to your mobile device is easy. There is no complicated setup, and you do not need to have a degree in computer science to get this to work. Thanks to its Sony image sensor, the camera is able to stream in beautiful 1080P video. With this level of detail, there is no guesswork when it comes to figuring out what is going on around your property.

The device is designed to easily interact with your PC and your mobile devices. With just an Internet connection, you can easily check on your loved ones even if you are far away. The IP 66 heavy-duty metal waterproof housing has been engineered to stand up to the most strenuous environmental conditions. These are some reliable surveillance cameras.

Unlike most of the cameras reviewed that can only see up to 50 feet away in the dark, this unit is designed to see in excess of 98 feet in the dark, allowing you to see what’s happening in your entire driveway.


  • Full HD 1080 P Video
  • Quick WiFi Setup via iPhone or Android Smartphone
  • Easy Set up
  • Provides Intelligent Monitoring and Email Alerts
  • Some of the Unit’s Software Is a Bit Clunky to Use


This is a reasonably priced unit that has a lot of nice features. While it’s easy to connect your camera to the app, actually getting the app to reply can be a little wonky at times. Outside of that, the other features of this camera work beautifully.

Funlux 2-Minute-Setup Smart Wireless Security Camera System, 500GB Hard Drive


This is an affordable option for anyone looking to secure their home or office. It is a wired security camera kit, so you can easily check on your business or your family anytime. It is designed to be easy to set up and takes advantage of the latest connection technology. You can view your home or office remotely using your iPad or your PC.

The smart motion alerts allow you to receive smartphone notifications when there is unexpected motion detected. You can also set up special monitoring for specific times during the day. The infrared lights allow you to see what is going on up to 65 feet in the dark.

This unit is easy to customize by simply adding more cameras. This is a complete solution for your home and business.


  • 720 P Color Sensor
  • Night Vision up to 65 Feet
  • Weatherproof
  • The App Is Very Buggy


These are door security cameras that are designed to be simple to use and are extremely functional. What makes the entire package so unique is that you can add more cameras easily, allowing you to expand and customize the security of your home or business.

EsiCam HN03 720P Wireless Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera Home Security IP Camera with Smart Alerts and Night Vision iOS & Android APP Support


The EsiCam HN03 has been designed to be the best outdoor camera for individuals who like a camera with a plug and play feel. The mobile app is easily installed by scanning the QR code. You are instantly ready to start live streaming. The camera comes equipped with one 16 GB SD card, so you do not need to buy an SD card to get started right away.

When looking for the best outdoor security cameras, one feature most people look for is how far the camera can see away at nighttime. In this regard, the EsiCam HN03 is stellar. It can see more than 40 feet away at night.

One thing that outdoor security camera reviews highlight about this unit is that it is sturdy. It has an IP65 waterproof outfit metal case. It can stand up to heat, cold, and other inclement weather conditions.


  • Easy Remote Viewing
  • Night Vision up to 40 Feet
  • Intuitive Mobile App
  • Intermittent and Random Wi-Fi Connectivity Drops


This unit is built to be functional and easy to use. The ability to record information on a local SD card means that you can easily review any information captured. It has a powerful microphone, and you are able to use all the features of the camera without buying a monitoring program.

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Outdoor 1TB Hard Drive Pre-Install CCTV Recorder 4pcs HD 1920TVL Upgrade Surveillance Cameras with Night Vision Easy Remote Access Motion Alert


This is an all-inclusive unit that includes four cameras, a 1 TB hard drive, and a four channel surveillance DVR. Thanks to its 24 hour motion detection recording, you will receive emails when motion is detected.

You can set the device to automatically record suspicious activity. This is the surveillance camera of choice for individuals who are concerned about looking after their children, elderly parents, or monitoring their pets when they are away.

The cameras are state-of-the-art with the ability to see 85 feet away at night. These units have a lifetime limited warranty and are protected by a 1-years free warranty. The unit comes with lifetime online technical support. Outdoor security camera reviews make reference to this system when discussing top-of-the-line outdoor home security cameras.


  • 1080p Recording Resolution
  • 1 TB Preinstalled Hard Drive
  • The Instruction Manuals Are Not Detailed Enough


These cameras and the accompanying monitoring system are designed to provide you with the flexibility you need to monitor your home day or night whether you are there or away. It is not a do-it-yourself install project since you will need a professional to do the job. But the results are worth it.

Do You Need a Home Security Camera?

In a word, yes. In the United States alone, it is estimated that every 13 seconds someone’s home is broken into. That ends up being around 6,000 homes a day. Unfortunately, people fall into a false sense of security feeling that since they live in a safe neighborhood, they do not need a home security camera.

It is the sense of security that criminals rely on. According to the FBI, one-third of all homes that do not have a security system, which in most cases include outdoor security cameras, fall victim to burglary. On the other side of the coin, only one out of every 250 homes that do have a security system is broken into.

Security When Travelingbest home security cameras

Most people have jobs that require them to spend some time away from home or even to travel to another place.

When you purchase the best home security cameras available, you will likely end up with cameras that have a surveillance system that allows you to monitor your home no matter where you are.

Some security systems even allow you to listen to what is going on in your home and to speak to your family via the camera’s audio system.

Peace of Mind

When you use the best outdoor security cameras for your home’s environment, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are secure whether you are there physically or whether you are away. Most people would agree that this peace of mind is worth more than anything they would pay for a security camera system.

Types of Security Cameras

Although security cameras may seem complicated, it’s easy to understand them if you break them down into two categories. There are indoor cameras and outdoor cameras.

The best outdoor security camera will be designed to protect against the weather as well as tampering. Since outdoor security cameras have to withstand so much, they are made from extremely durable materials and may be placed inside of a very heavy-duty housing in order to discourage someone from tampering with indoor security camera

When you purchase the best indoor security camera, you’re looking for something that is going to be small, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing.

Both outdoor and indoor cameras are going to have infrared features and the ability to transition easily from a darkroom to a bright room.

Both outdoor and indoor cameras should be able to provide you with a crisp picture even when there are drastic changes in color in the area they are recording.

Dome cameras are a popular style of camera for both outdoor and indoor use. The nice thing about a dome camera is that it makes it difficult for an intruder to know where the camera lens is pointing. The dome provides an extra level of protection for the camera.

Of course, this is not all use electronic devices that can help keep your home safe. We also recommend you to buy a keyless door locks and wireless doorbell or good peephole camera to improve your property security.

One of the unique security features is fake cameras, they give the impression that everything is under surveillance, and this tool increases your security, we advise you to look at the overview of the 10 best fake security cameras on the market today.

Security Cameras Features

As you have seen in our review, not all cameras are created equal. There are a few factors that you should take into consideration when trying to determine what the best home security camera is for your needs. They include the following:


You could find the nicest camera in the world, but if it costs more money than you can afford, then there’s no point in getting it. So before looking at reviews, it is good to clearly understand how much are security cameras and make sure you have the budget for them.

Camera ResolutionResolution

Resolution is a term that you are going to hear over and over again in outdoor wireless camera security reviews. Basically, this term tells you how clear the image from your camera is going to be. The clearer the image is, the easier it will be for you to identify what is being captured by the camera.


Having sound with security cameras was considered a novelty a few years ago, but now it is a must. Most security camera systems not only allow you to hear what is going on in the area that is being monitored, but it allows you to speak using the intercom. Check out our best home intercom system reviews.


Having a home security camera that can tilt and the pan will allow you to record a larger area than a camera that is static. It can also be cost-effective as it minimizes the number of cameras you will need.

Night visionNight Vision

Most home security camera reviews will highlight the night vision capabilities of their cameras. The farther away your camera can see at night, the more secure your property will be and the fewer space criminals have to engage in their nefarious activities.

eye3Field Of View

This is another feature that is going to impact the area that your camera will be able to record. The wider the field-of-view, the fewer cameras you will need and the more area you have that will be covered.

WiFiWi-Fi Capability

As the Internet of things becomes more and more popular, the need for devices to have Wi-Fi capability increases. Cameras that can communicate via Wi-Fi will allow you to monitor your home no matter where you are, adjust your cameras, and communicate with your family members as well as listen to what they have going on.

Motion DetectionMotion Detection

Cameras that have motion detection will be able to alert you when something passes in front of its field-of-view. Many people set the motion detection feature to activate during times when any movement in front of their home or office would be considered suspicious.

What is a Z Wave Camera?

Most people want their security cameras to be one facet of a multi-pronged approach to securing their home or office. A Z Wave security camera allows them to do this since it works seamlessly with the Z Wave home automation system.

You are able to add multiple cameras without any wiring and then monitor these cameras regardless of where you are on the planet. These cameras can be standalone devices, or they can work in conjunction with complete home automation and security system.

Z Wave cameras use Z wave technology. This is the latest in home automation and home monitoring technology. If you notice a suspicious person entering the premises while monitoring your camera via your smartphone, you can immediately begin to record and store the information so you know what happens next.

What Is Z Wave Technology?

Z Wave technology

Courtesy of Intel Free Press

Z Wave technology is efficient and low energy. It is at the heart of communication between smart devices.

It is mostly used in connection with home automation and is based on RF signals.

When Z Wave technology is used in a home, your electronic devices begin to communicate with each other by exchanging signals and messages.

They then use this information to perform whatever function you want. In the case of a Z Wave video camera, the product will monitor your home, activate when there is motion, record when you want it to, and move to capture the information you want it to.

There are many different styles of security cameras that will work with Z Wave technology. The key is finding the right camera for your needs and then integrating it into your home security system.

Placing and Maintaining Security Cameras

You could have the nicest home security camera in the world, but if it is not properly placed, it will not provide you with the security you need. The following are a few tips for placing and maintaining security cameras.

Tips for Placing Security Cameras

There are a few common places where people put cameras and for good reason. Some of these places include:

The Front and the Back Door

The front door is one of the most common places for people to put a security camera. Unfortunately, many people neglect to put outdoor security cameras by their back door. Most criminals are going to opt to come in through the back door because it is often more secluded and provides ease of access.

Areas of High Foot Traffic

When determining where you’re going to place your security camera, ask yourself, where would a criminal need to walk if they were going to steal my belongings? Those high foot traffic areas, such as hallways and living rooms, should definitely have security cameras.

Make Sure Your Camera Is Pointing the Right Way

Part of this has to do with understanding how your cameras and your camera’s motion detectors work. Most motion detectors work best when people walk by them, not to direct toward them. That is why pointing a camera in the right direction and placing it in a location that people walk by, such as hallways, is a good idea.

Keep Your Bedrooms Safe

One of the first places a burglar is going to go is your master bedroom. They know that most people store their valuables there. Also, putting a camera in your child’s bedroom or in your child’s playroom gives you the ability to monitor them while you are cooking, at work, or even watching television in another room.

Cover Blind Spots

Any guide on how to install security cameras outdoors is going to encourage you to look for hidden areas that criminals might take advantage of. These would include blind spots, such as a side gate, your backyard, or even off-street windows.

How to Maintain Your Security Cameras

Your security camera is a financial investment and an investment in your family’s safety. You should be keenly interested in doing whatever you can to keep your outdoor security cameras as well as your indoor security cameras well-maintained and working at 100 percent.

Inspect Cameras Twice a Year

A careful inspection of your cameras twice a year may reveal signs of corrosion. Replace any corroded connectors as well as make sure that snowstorms or spring rains have not caused the power loss. These inspections would be a good time to check for signs of outdoor security camera

Take the time to clean your camera lenses, removing any dust or water spots. A dirty lens can render your camera virtually worthless. Just a small smudge could distort the image to the point where people or objects become unidentifiable.

Loose cameras or cameras that are subject to vibration can quickly become ineffective. Even the best outdoor security camera can be rendered inert if wind, jiggling, or vibration causes it to move out of place or affects the quality of the image.

Replace Broken Cameras

If your camera has a broken part, replace it. When buying new parts, it is recommended that you buy them from the same manufacturer who sold you the camera in the first place. This way, you can guarantee that the system will continue to function flawlessly.

Broken cameras are often the result of landscaping issues or tampering by animals, such as birds, squirrels, or bees. So during your biannual check, go through and trim back any shrubbery that is interfering with your camera and remove any nests or hives around your camera.

The environment can also take a toll on your camera. You want to make sure that your housings and enclosures are waterproof. Check for signs of condensation and dirt. If it appears that your cameras are overexposed to the elements, make any necessary adjustments either in their location or in the housing that secures them.

Finally, keep the instruction manuals. The instruction manuals are full of troubleshooting suggestions as well as maintenance suggestions that can save you time and money, helping you to get the most out of your security cameras.

Making Decision

We live in an ever-changing world. There are threats that you face at home or that you face at the office that was not there just a few decades ago.

For this reason, it is imperative that you protect your home and office with the best home security camera for your personal needs.

Throughout this guide, we have worked to give you a concise yet thorough review of a wide range of products In addition to our home security camera reviews, we have provided you with basic information on how the cameras work, where they should be positioned, and what steps you need to take in order to keep your camera working its best.

Now the ball is in your court. We urge you to take the time to look at our reviews. If a particular camera catches your eye, do more research on it. Then make a decision.

There is no reason for you to leave your home or office unprotected any longer. When you decide on the security system you’re going to buy, we encourage you to consider purchasing it online.

While there are brick-and-mortar stores that you can purchase from, the experience that you get buying your security cameras online is so much better.

You are able to learn about the camera from the comfort of your home, and then when you’re ready to buy, you can do so without being pressured by salespeople to purchase items that you don’t need.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our indoor and outdoor security camera guide. Feel free to tell us about the camera you purchased and why you felt it was right for your needs.