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The 10 Best Hidden Home Safes of 2020

by Matthew Wilson

Last updated on August 17th, 2020

Last updated on August 17th, 2020

Using a safe to protect valuables is a straightforward solution, but perhaps too obvious if an intruder gets in and knows where to go. The next best thing in this is to use a hidden safe. Hidden safes ensure thieves won’t immediately find your important items.

We wanted to help you find a good one, so we researched and tested numerous safes, addressing issues like space available, strength, and ease of use. Our search settled us on 10 top-rated safes.

We know you’re eager to find the best hidden home safe, so let’s jump right into our reviews.

Our Recommended Hidden Safes

Amsec WFS149 Wall Safe
  • Amsec WFS149 Wall Safe

  • Our Rating
  • Wall Safe

    Combination lock (knob and key)

    Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 19.5 inches

    1-year warranty (parts and labor)

    Capacity: 1,258 Cubic Inch

Protex IF-3000C Floor Safe, XL, Gray
  • Protex IF-3000C Floor Safe

  • Our Rating
  • Floor Safe

    Lagard Group II combination lock.

    Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 23 inches

    1-year warranty

    Capacity: 2.36 cubic ft.
Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe, Hidden as Air Vent in Plain Sight, Secures Jewelry, Valuables, Cash
  • Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe

  • Our Rating
  • Wall Safe, Hidden as Air Vent

    Cover secures with magnets or screws

    Save cavity: 13.5" W x 4.5" H, 3.5"

    Made In USA

    Capacity: 0.12 cubic feet

10 Best Hidden Safes on the Market:


Amsec WFS149 Wall Safe


The Amsec WFS149 Wall Safe is a hidden fireproof safe with a 1-hour fire rating. It features a spacious, deep interior that can hold small valuables like money, jewelry, or even a handgun. Thanks to its recessed door, you can hang a picture over it without it looking obvious.

As for the locking mechanism, the WFS149 uses a classic knob-operated locking mechanism in addition to having a key lock. It’s built with two chromed locking bolts, and the secured door is 1/2in. thick.

What Consumers are Saying

Many consumers see this as the most secure wall safe that’s simple to install considering it fits between average wall studs with ease. There’s also an appreciation for how well constructed the safe is, and they also enjoy how smooth the locking mechanism is.

If there are any complaints, it’s that you can’t see the combination unless you’re looking down on the safe rather than straight at it. So, it may take some time using the knob to unlock it if you’re in a rush.


  • Solid, reliable build
  • Good fire rating
  • Deep interior with shelf and tray for storage
  • Combination knob isn’t easy to read

Protex IF-3000C Floor Safe, XL, Gray


As far as a small hidden floor safe goes, the Protex IF-3000C is a rugged product that features a reliable steel door and a dead bar for quality pry-resistance. There’s even a carburized hard plate for drill-resistance too.

It’s intended to be installed under the ground alongside concrete, and this makes it flush with a finished floor to keep it well out of sight of any intruder. The lock itself is a knob combination lock. Both the lock and the handle are well recessed so it’s simple to cover up for further concealment.

What Consumers are Saying

Consumers enjoy how large the safe is, giving them more than enough room to hide away various items. It sits well inside the floor, and it features plenty of theft-proof qualities such as being drill-resistant and pry-resistant.

There are some noted issues with opening it, however, so you may have to thoroughly go over the instructions.


  • Hydraulic cylinder lift on the lid so it’s easy to open
  • Spacious interior
  • Door appears strong
  • No type of weather or waterproof capabilities

Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe, Hidden as Air Vent in Plain Sight, Secures Jewelry, Valuables, Cash


The WS1 Wall Safe is a top-quality diversion safe that blends with ease into the rest of your home. This even includes a false wall so no one can see what’s inside by peeking behind the grille blocks. You can fit smaller items inside such as some emergency cash or sentimental jewelry.

It fits between standard studs and comes with all the hardware you need for quick, user-friendly installation. You can choose to secure the cover with either magnets or screws depending on how fast you wish to access the contents inside.

What Consumers are Saying

Several consumers praised this disguised hidden wall safe as effective and simple. It can easily pass for the average household vent so intruders may have a tougher time discovering it. Moreover, consumers appreciate the simplicity behind the installation process.

Though there is a concern that the magnets aren’t that powerful, the rest of the safe feels reliable and long-lasting.


  • Conceals your valuables well
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Multiple ways to secure the cover
  • Magnets could be stronger

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe


The VS-52BLX From Viking Security Safe is a quality fingerprint safe that offers you fast access to your belongings. In addition to the biometric scan, it also has a PIN keypad, and even if the safe loses battery power, it will retain memory of one code and 32 fingerprints. If those fail, then you can always use the override cross keys.

This is a modernized safe that has an integrated LED light inside for visibility at night. Also, it has multiple removable shelves and the interior is also carpeted. You can turn the locking sound on or off, and this is also designed with a warning alert reminding you the safe is open if you forget to lock it.

What Consumers are Saying

As a home hidden wall safe, consumers appreciate how seamless it is to use the fingerprint and digital PIN pad to unlock it. Additionally, many liked the hidden keyhole. They also praised how heavy-duty the construction is, especially concerning pry-resistance.

There is a complaint though about how well this can be concealed. The mechanisms and battery compartment are a bit bulky, so it may take some work to properly hide the safe behind furniture or in a closet.


  • Easy-to-use biometric system
  • Hefty, pry-resistant design
  • Spacious interior with adjustable shelving options
  • Bulky mechanisms


7725 Flat Electronic Wall Safe For Jewelry Security - Paragon Lock & Safe


The 7725 is a quality electronic wall safe has two opening options: a PIN keypad or a key via the hidden keyhole. You can easily program the lock with up to two codes using three to eight digits, and once you’re inside, you’ll notice the spacious interior with two shelves and three compartments for organizing.

It can fit documents, jewelry, money, and even a handgun un-holstered with no difficulty.

Constructed from solid steel, this safe features tamper-proof hinges inside, and it features a flat panel design so you have a better chance at concealing it behind something like a picture frame.

What Consumers are Saying

One of the most talked-about aspects that consumers respect is that it’s a budget hidden wall safe that doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability.

It’s built tough using solid steel, and for the sake of installation, it comes with mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes inside for easier anchoring. Also, the locking system is simple to manage, and you can change the code indefinitely.

For any concerns about the safe, many consumers expressed disappointment with how the panel took space away from the middle shelf so you may not be able to store as much as you would like inside.


  • Easy to set up to two codes on the keypad
  • Solid weight and build
  • Includes mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Space on the middle shelf is limited


Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe, 5.25",Beige


The PWS-1814E from Protex is a top-quality wall safe that uses an electronic locking system with a motorized locking bolt for automatic opening. Available in beige or black, the safe offers a good amount of space and two removable shelves for a handful of small items.

Its front is nearly flat so that it better conceals behind objects, and it’s constructed to fit in between common 16in. wall studs. Programming new codes for the lock is straightforward so you can personalize the security right after you install it.

What Consumers are Saying

Consumers enjoy the sturdy design of this burglary safe. It sits well into the wall so you can hide it behind almost anything in your house from furniture to pictures or even clothes in your closet. You can also readily input your personal code on the keypad to ensure a would-be thief can’t crack it.

Some people did mention that they had trouble with the motorized locking bolt. In some cases, it didn’t open the safe, so you may have to pry it open sometimes after you unlock it.


  • Simple to program new codes
  • Installs and conceals easily
  • Multiple color choices
  • Some issues with the automatic opening system

CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Wall Shelf with Hooks


The CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Wall Shelf is a simple hidden small gun safe. When it’s closed and locked, it looks like any other shelf in your home where you can hang your coat or umbrella. It’s a wonderful way to keep your valuables successfully concealed from any thieves.

Inside, it’s felt-lined so your gun or any other items you store inside aren’t scratched up. It’s quick to get into as well since you simply push it to open and close it. With its dark cherry finish, it even has an appealing look so visitors or attempted burglars may not think twice about it.

What Consumers are Saying

Consumers praise this as a simple means to stash small items. Although it can work like a handgun safe, it doesn’t have a locking mechanism so it’s important to take care where you install this. Even so, it blends almost effortlessly into your home thanks to the wood-like design and hooks that can hold things like keys.

Some consumers did note that the magnets might not always work, so it might take a few tries to completely close it.


  • Simple setup process
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Can hold a variety of small items
  • Magnets may not always hold the door closed

Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe


The Barska AX12408 Large Biometric Wall Safe can hold 120 fingerprints in its memory system so multiple users or multiple angles of your fingers can be scanned. There’s an additional lock compartment inside if you want to store smaller sensitive items. Otherwise, you can make use of the shelf and two main compartments.

For more convenience, there’s an LED light as well as a fold-out tray. Concerning its security, it’s made using durable steel and it has two pry-resistant deadbolts.

What Consumers are Saying

Many consumers enjoy this as a secret wall safe considering how flush it sits in the wall for easy concealment. They also appreciate how many fingerprints it can save to memory. Additionally, there’s plenty of praise for how sturdy and well-built the safe is as well as how simple it is to install.

Some users did report issues with the fingerprint scanner, claiming there may be some inconsistencies at times. You may have to scan one finger several times to get it to memory.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can memorize plenty of fingerprint scans
  • Extra locked compartment inside
  • Biometric reader can be inconsistent


Giantex Electronic Wall Hidden Safe Security Box.83 CF Built-in Wall Electronic Flat Security Safety Cabinet


The Giantex Electronic Wall Hidden Safe helps keep handheld valuables protected like documents, jewelry, and money. As it’s a hidden safe, it’s flat enough that you can place it into the wall and conceal it with a painting, sculpture, or other furniture.

Inside, there are two shelves separating the compartments. You can open it up using the PIN keypad or you can use the hidden keyhole and the backup keys that come with it.

What Consumers are Saying

There are many consumers that appreciate how heavyweight the safe is for reliability while still being easy to hide behind items in the home. They also like how easy it is to program the locking mechanism and the safe time-out function after three failed attempts to input a pin.

One issue consumers have is the turn knob seems a bit flimsy compared to how well-built the rest of the safe is.


  • Spacious interior design
  • Easy to set up the keypad
  • Solid steel construction
  • Turn knob has a bit of play


Gardall WS1314-T-EK 4" Concealed Wall Safe with Single Key and Electronic Lock, Tan


The Gardell WS1314-T-EK features two locks: a single key and an electronic keypad. It’s compact so it’s meant to hold only a few small valuable items. There’s enough space that it can house a small handgun if you need it to.

This is supposed to fit with ease between standard wall studs for easy installation. There are even four mounting holes that you can reach via the interior for a more convenient mounting experience.

What Consumers are Saying

Many consumers view this safe as a quality hidden closet safe thanks in large part to its small size and easy setup process. The locking mechanism works well, and setting up the keypad is quick as long as you follow the clear instructions.

Some consumers mentioned though that there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn off the beeping of the keypad, so it’s not the quietest safe around.


  • Good recessed design for easy concealment
  • Constructed from durable steel
  • Simple to set up the keypad
  • Can’t turn off the loud beeps from the keypad

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hidden Safe

With a reliable hidden safe, you can get more peace of mind that your valuables are out of sight of any potential intruders. To properly secure your home, it’s best to have a high-quality product. There are some considerations to keep in mind while you shop around that might help you come to a decision on which is the right hidden safe for your home.


As you’re searching for hidden wall safes for the home, perhaps the first thing you want to think about is the design of the safe.most secure wall safe

Hidden safes come in various styles. Some of them are a straightforward design meant to fit inside the wall or the floor.

Others take a different approach and use common household items to create a hidden safe. For example, some are made using clocks and vents, a style that is effective at hiding in plain sight, so to speak.


Safes should be reliable to withstand various outside factors, so consider ones built from tough steel that have a decent fire rating, if possible.

Also, consider how burglar-proof it is. Besides the lock, many safes are designed to be pry-proof so an intruder can’t use something to tear it off the hinges.


Safes are constructed using different types of locks. Although some may still use the classic key or combination lock, others rely on a key as a backup method of entry. The main security feature might be a digital lock where you input some kind of code, or a safe may even have a biometric design for fingerprint entry.small hidden floor safe

Many quality safes rely on a combination of different types of locks, which can make it tough for a burglar, but easy for you if you forget your code.

Beyond the type of lock used, some safes offer an additional layer of protection.

Found in safes with a digital lock, some of them may time out after a certain number of failed entries. This time out function might ensure that an intruder can’t get in if they try to guess at your combination.


If you want to install a hidden safe in your home, it’s important then to know how much space you can spare. Whether it’s going somewhere inside the floor or inside the wall, you may want to measure the area available.best hidden home safe

By doing so, you know what to look for concerning the dimensions of a safe so that you don’t get something that’s too big or too small to fit in your home.

Interior Space

On the topic of size, the next important area to note of a hidden safe is the interior space. The best size is a personal choice depending on what you need to keep secure.

Are you just using the safe for important documents? Or are you going to also put in additional items like a gun?

Once you understand what you need a safe for, you may have an easier time choosing one.

Hidden Safes – FAQ

Here are some of the more common questions people just like you have about hidden safes.

Where can you install a hidden safe?

Hidden safes can be installed in various places depending on the style. You can set them up inside your wall, inside the floor, a closet, a fake air vent, or even inside furniture such as a bed or a drawer.

How do you safely install a hidden wall safe?

Before you purchase a safe, you’ll want to find a good spot like the back of your closet, or if you want in the bedroom or living room, behind heavy furniture or picture frames.

From there, you need to measure the studs in the wall as they determine if you can actually install the safe and keep it recessed inside the wall.

This is easily done with a stud finder. When you have a safe of the appropriate size, you can cut that part of the wall out. Remember to check for wiring or plumbing beforehand as you may have to reroute the wires or choose another spot.

What can you stash inside of a hidden safe?

Just like with any safe, hidden safes can hold any valuable you want based on the interior space available. Some can act as a gun safe for smaller firearms. Others can hold plenty of documents, USB drives, and more.

Making the Decision

If you want a high-quality hidden wall safe that can fly under the radar for common thieves, then consider choosing the Amsec WFS149 Wall Safe. We believe in all of the products in our list, but the WFS149 stands out the most thanks to its long-lasting construction. It has a good fire rating and sturdy build.

The safe also offers more than enough room for common small valuables. On the topic of being a hidden safe, the WFS149 sits well inside the wall so you can conceal it with no issues. We encourage you to take a look at the safe to learn more so you can decide whether it or the other safes in our list are best suited for your home.