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9 Best Hidden Camera Glasses and Spy Sunglasses of 2020

Last updated on December 3rd, 2020

Be like James Bond, pulling off stealthy operations when you have your own spy glasses. We looked at the best spy glasses with a hidden HD camera and performed extensive analysis of each. This allowed us to narrow down the market to the best ones.

We created reviews and some educational information so that you can determine which of these pairs is going to work the best for you. Let’s get started so that you can quickly find the spy glasses that will enhance your life.

Our Recommended Glasses with Camera

MingSung Sunglasses

Camera Video Sunglasses,1080P Full HD Video Recording Camera,Shooting Camera Glasses,Cycling,Driving,Hiking,Fishing,Hunting
  • Our Rating
  • Full HD 1920x1080P

    Video Recording Time: 90 Min

    Charging Time: 2-3H

    Memory Card: 32G Micro SD (include)

Spectacles 2

Spectacles 2 (Nico) — Water Resistant Polarized Camera Glasses, Made by Snapchat (60fps HD Action Camera)
  • Our Rating
  • Video Resolution: 1216 x 1216P at 60fps

    Capture and sync up to 70 videos on a single charge

    Recharge up to four times in the included Charging Case.

    Water Resistant

OHO sunshine

OHO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses, 1080P HD Outdoor Sports Action Camera with 32GB Built-in Memory and Polarized UV400 Protection Safety Lenses,Unisex Sport Design
  • Our Rating
  • Video Format: MOV H264 1920x1080@30fps

    Battery Working Time: 60 Minutes Video Recording

    Charging Time: 1 Hour

    32GB Built-in Memory

9 Best Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses on the Market Today:


Camera Video Sunglasses,1080P Full HD Video Recording Camera,Shooting Camera Glasses,Cycling,Driving,Hiking,Fishing,Hunting

The Camera Video Sunglasses make it easy to record what you see. When you want to start recording, you just hit a single button and it starts working for you. To stop the recording of video, you just hit the same button again.

You get a memory card with it that has a 32 GB capacity. This can hold a lot of video so that you do not run out of storage when you need to record something.

When you want to look at your videos, you can connect your glasses to your computer using a USB cord. Within three seconds, you are able to start watching the recorded videos. There is no need to install any drivers for this purpose.

You can use a loop recording mode. With this, you never need to clear past files in order to start recording new ones so that there is always more video space.

What Consumers Are Saying

Multiple consumers said that these are the best spy camera glasses because they are easy to use. Just hit the button and you are recording video. Other people said that they are comfortable. You can wear them for hours without the bridge of your nose getting sore.


  • The video quality is high
  • These glasses are stylish
  • They are easy to use
  • The start button could have a better design

Spectacles 2 (Nico) — Water Resistant Polarized Camera Glasses, Made by Snapchat (60fps HD Action Camera)

The Spectacles 2 Original Camera Glasses are a good choice for quick videos. By pressing a single button, you get 10 seconds of footage. Get another 30 seconds when you push the button again.

On a single charge, you can get as many as 70 videos. These glasses come with a case that will charge them on the go. This case can give up to four recharges before you need to actually recharge the case.

These glasses are water-resistant so that you can use them in wet environments without any issues. Use them at the beach or when you are enjoying watersports without them sustaining damage.

As long as your phone is close to you, you can sync the glasses so that the quick videos go directly to your SnapChat. The videos that you do take are in HD circular format so that all elements of the picture are visible.

What Consumers Are Saying

Multiple people said that these glasses with a built-in camera take excellent footage for SnapChat. This makes it easier to use this social networking platform.

Other people loved the style of these glasses. You can choose from different colors so that you can find a pair that really fits your personality well.


  • They look just like regular sunglasses
  • You get high-quality video
  • You can record without using your hands
  • There may be some pairing issues on occasion


OHO sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses, 1080P HD Outdoor Sports Action Camera with 32GB Built-in Memory and Polarized UV400 Protection Safety Lenses,Unisex Sport Design

The OhO Sunshine Waterproof Video Sunglasses record at 1080P to ensure that you are getting a high-quality video every time that you use them. Since they are waterproof, they are ideal for shooting in the rain or when you are engaging in watersports.

You can operate the camera with only one button, making it quick and easy to stop and start the recording. There is built-in memory so that you do not need a separate SD card. Use the USB cable to connect these glasses to your computer so that you can review the footage.

The lenses on these glasses are very high quality. They offer strong protection from the sun, making them a good choice when you need to record video on a very bright day. The lenses are also resistant to impact to help to keep them from breaking if you drop them.

What Consumers Are Saying

Many people said that these were the best HD video camera glasses. The video that these glasses take is very crisp and clear so that you can see everything. Others said that these were very comfortable to wear. This is largely due to the wider arms that rest comfortably on your ears.


  • The lenses let you see easily
  • You can record hands-free
  • They have a good battery life
  • The frames may break easier compared to similar glasses

Camera Glasses 1080P Miota Mini Video Glasses Wearable Camera for Office/Outdoor/Training/Teaching/Kids/Pets

The Miota Mini Video Glasses have a quality camera so that the video that you record shows up clearly, allowing you to see a lot of detail in the recording. You only need to hit a button to get the camera working, allowing you to never miss something fun and interesting to record.

These glasses can accommodate a USB card up to 32 GB. This makes it possible to store a lot of video before you need to start deleting files to find space for more of it.

These glasses recharge quickly. The batteries are rechargeable and can gain a full charge within a couple of hours. This ensures that you do not have to go long waiting for your glasses to be ready again. The glasses are made of a high-quality plastic so that they remain durable even when you use them in rugged environments.

What Consumers Are Saying

Several people said that these best hidden camera glasses give you a great view. You can see straight out in front of you as well as some of your peripheral vision.

The battery is good quality, according to multiple consumers. Once you charge it, you can get a lot of video before you need to take the time to recharge.


  • These glasses are comfortable
  • They are lightweight
  • Once you start them, they are hands-free
  • The buttons could be placed better on the glasses

Govision Pro2 Video Camera Sunglasses | 15MP Camera Glasses | Wide Angle View, Unisex Design, Stylish, Water Resistant and Lightweight Frame - Maroon

The Unisex Camera Sunglasses have a long run-time, allowing you to get a lot of video before you need to recharge the battery. When it does come time to recharge it, you can get a full charge within about two hours.

These glasses are ideal for a wealth of outdoor activities from camping to more exciting things, such as skateboarding. They provide clear video in various light conditions, including bright and direct sunlight. The glasses themselves are very comfortable and can be worn by all people. They are lightweight, so they do not put too much stress on your nose or ears.

When you are ready to record, just hit the button on the side of the frames. This will get the camera rolling so that you can start recording. When you are ready to stop the video, just hit the same button.

What Consumers Are Saying

Multiple people talked about the design of these glasses. They are comfortable and both men and women can wear them.

While exploring some video recording glasses reviews for these glasses, I found that a lot of people like the operating time. In some cases, they work for up to two hours at a time.


  • They produce quality video
  • These glasses are comfortable
  • They are easy to use
  • N/A

OHO Video Sunglasses, 16GB Ultra HD Outdoor Sports Action Camera with Built in 16MP Camera and Polarized UV400 Protection Safety Lens (1920x1080-1)

The OHO Video Sunglasses Wearable Hidden Camera Glasses are easy to wear and use. All you have to do is operate a button to get the camera to start and stop recording video. You can expect about 50 minutes of video every time you get a full charge on the battery.

Once the battery does die, you only need about an hour to fully recharge it. This ensures that you are not waiting long to go back out and start getting more video. To charge the video, you just need to plug them in and start the charging process.

You need to get an SD card if you want to increase the amount of storage space that these glasses have.

What Consumers Are Saying

The camera is very small on these glasses. Multiple people said that this is a good thing because it makes it almost impossible to see. Other people said that these glasses with a recording camera are comfortable. You can wear them for a long time without discomfort.


  • They are stylish and comfortable
  • You get quality video
  • It is easy to replay your videos
  • You have to buy a SD card separately

Sunglasses Camera Full HD 1080P, 65 Degree Angle for Outdoor Use,Mini Video Camera with UV Protection Polarized Lens

The Full HD Camera Sunglasses give you about 1.5 hours of recording time when you fully charge them. A full charge takes under two hours. When the camera is recording, there is an indicator light that illuminates so that you know when you are getting video. You can turn the camera on with a single button, making it easy to start recording.

You can add up to 32 GB of memory to these lightweight frames. The read/write speed for these sunglasses is 1.5 to 60 MBps, allowing you to get clear video in real time.

What Consumers Are Saying

The eyeglass camera reviews for this product say that you get a great angle with them. This ensures that you get a good picture when you are recording. Several people said that the lenses provide good sun protection. You can wear them on bright days without any issues.


  • The glasses have a unisex style
  • The video quality is high
  • You can wear these glasses comfortably
  • The videos these glasses take are much shorter than similar glasses

iVUE Rincon 1080P HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sport Sunglasses DVR Eyewear (Tilt Lens, Polarized/Impact Resistant, WiFi/App) (No Mem)

The iVUE Rincon Camera Glasses have a camera lens that you can tilt, allowing you to get the best angle for your videos. The image quality is high since there is an 8MP sensor.

In addition to getting video, you can also record audio single there are two microphones on this pair of glasses. Take video and audio at a 110-degree wide angle to get the perfect shot. The lenses on these glasses are resistant to impact. These lightweight frames also have polarized lenses for solid UV protection.

What Consumers Are Saying

These are among the best camera sunglasses due to the video quality. Several consumers said that the video that you get is very clear.

A lot of people said that these glasses are durable. The lenses are resistant to impact to ensure that they are unlikely to break if you accidentally drop the glasses.


  • You can record video quickly
  • They attach to a computer with a USB port
  • There is plenty of storage
  • The frame arms may become loose


Hidden Camera Eyeglasses - Super Small Surveillance Spy Camera/Video Loop Recording/Snapshot/Mini Digital Camera

The HD Hidden Camera Eyeglasses offers a 5-megapixel camera for high-quality video. All you have to do is look at what you want to record and the video that you get is clear. You can use these in bright sunlight without glare causing any issues with the picture.

You only need one hand to operate these glasses. They are ideal for activities like hiking and sports where you need to start taking video fast so that you do not miss anything important.

These glasses operate on a battery that you can easily recharge. On a full battery, you can expect up to two hours of recording ability. When you are ready to start viewing your video, just plug the glasses into a computer with a USB drive. The file comes up so that you can start looking at it.

What Consumers Are Saying

A lot of people talked about the lenses. They provide plenty of protection from the sun, so it is easy to look at what you are recording. These are the best quality spy glasses, according to many consumers. You can use them often without worrying about them breaking or the components coming off.


  • You cannot see the camera unless you look very closely
  • The lenses are high in quality
  • They fit like regular glasses
  • The charger may fail prematurely

Factors to Consider When Buying Hidden Spy Camera Glasses

When you are ready to pick up a pair of spyglasses, there are several things that you want to consider. This will make it easier to ensure that you choose the best pair for your needs.

Start by reading the spy glasses camera reviews here and then check out this section to ensure that you are fully informed.
Recording Timebest hidden camera glasses

Recording Time

Ideally, you want your glasses to be able to record up to an hour of video. This gives you plenty of time to get the exact shot that you are looking for. If you do need more time, there are several pairs that can record at least 90 minutes of video before you need to recharge them.
Battery Recharge Time

Battery Recharge Time

Most of these glasses have batteries that can be recharged in one to two hours. This allows you to quickly start wearing your glasses and recording video again.
SD Card

SD Card

Most of these glasses do not come with an SD card. However, if you want to make sure that you choose a pair that you can start using immediately, you can pick some glasses that do have an SD card with them. In most cases, when they come with a card, it is one that can hold up to 32 GB of video.
Video Transfer

Video Transfer

You will use a USB cord to get the video from your glasses and onto your computer. Some will need you to download software for this while other glasses allow for an instant transfer of the video files.
Video Qualitybest spy camera glasses

Video Quality

Cameras that can record at 1080P are ideal. This ensures that the video that you capture is as clear as possible so that it is easy to see all of the details present in the shot.
Style glasses


You want the glasses that you choose to have a good look to them so that you look natural when you are wearing them. Most of them come in black frames made from plastic or they have a sporty sunglass look. Both types look like a regular pair of glasses, so no one will know that you are wearing spyglasses.

Hidden Camera Glasses FAQ

When you are shopping for the best eyeglass camera, you probably had some questions along the way. Getting the answers to these will make it much easier to pick the best pair for your needs.

Do Spyglasses Come with Prescription Lenses?

glasses with recording cameraThese types of glasses usually do not have a prescription lens. They are often either clear and plastic lenses with no vision correction or colored lenses to offer protection against the sun.

Prescription lenses require a doctor’s prescription, so you cannot purchase them unless you are getting them from a qualified seller who meets the legal requirements to sell prescription lenses.

Because of this, if you need to wear eyeglasses when you are using your spy camera, it is generally recommended that you instead wear prescription contact lenses and then wear the spyglasses on top of them. This ensures that you can record and correct your vision at the same time.

Do Spyglass Cameras Break Easily?

best hd video camera glassesThe primary purpose of these types of glasses is to get video when you are out in nature or participating in sports. Because of this, it is possible that they will fall off.

The camera lenses are made from durable materials so that they can withstand some wear in rugged environments. However, if something happens like the camera getting stepped on, it is possible that it will break.

What is the Best SD Card to Use with Spyglasses?

Most of these glasses recommended that you use an SD card with a 32 GB capacity. This gives you adequate space to keep your recordings so that you can get a lot of video. Just make sure to erase old video or pick a pair that has looping capabilities so that there is always space to start recording new video when you are ready to.


There are a lot of viable spy camera sunglasses on the market. The ones mentioned here are among the best. They have a great style and they are very easy to use.

Camera video sunglasses by MingSung are the best option. Unlike most of these glasses, you get a 32 GB SD card with the glasses so that you do not have to buy one separately. This lets you start recording and storing video as soon as you get your glasses.

This pair is very lightweight so that you can wear them comfortably. They also provide adequate protection from the sun when you are wearing them outside during the daylight hours. The video that you get is clear, allowing you to easily see the finer details.

The next thing to do is to is look at these spy camera sunglasses reviews and decide which pair is going to be perfect for you.