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The 10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Reviews in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022

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A hidden camera can have dire consequences upon your life. Your right to privacy exists where privacy is expected, so hidden cameras are a tremendous breach of your trust. Luckily, there is a way to combat this threat. This guide covers the top 10 most effective hidden camera finders. The best hidden camera detectors will work with your everyday life and let you actively scan for potential threats.

Top detectors will have long battery lives, multiple features, be stealthy, and easily transportable. These detectors have been reviewed upon these points, and one of them can be right for you to keep your privacy intact.

Performing camera sweeps is becoming more important to do, for advancements in technology have make hidden cameras affordable and extremely discreet. Continue reading to find top-performing products that are built to counter this threat.

Most Recommended Spy Camera Detectors

sherry Spy Detector & Magnetic Signal Scanning Hidden Camera

High Sensitivity Spy Detector & Magnetic Signal Scanning Hidden Camera Lens Detection RF Signal Detector Wireless Signal Bug Detector for GSM Listening&Tracking Device Finder
  • Our Top Pick
  • Our Rating
  • RF wireless signal detection: Yes

    Magnetic field detection: Yes

    Hidden camera lens detection: Yes

    Frequency Range: 1MHz-8000MHz

    Detection Scope: 2.4G: 10 Square meters

    Power Supply: Build in 1200mA Li-battery

    Sensitivity: High

    Body: Plastic

Spy-Hawk Security Products Professional Handheld Hidden Camera Detector

Spy-Hawk Security Products Pro-10G is The # 1 GPS Tracker Finder and Law-Grade Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep - Newest Professional Handheld Detection of All Active GPS Trackers, Mobile Phones
  • Best Anti Spy Detector
  • Our Rating
  • RF wireless signal detection: Yes

    Magnetic field detection: Yes

    Hidden camera lens detection: None

    Frequency Range: 10MHz-10GHz

    Detection of signals within a range of 35 to 40'

    Power Supply: 9V Battery

    Sensitivity: High

    Body: Plastic

PANNOVO RF Anti-spy Signal Detector Car Tracking Device

Anti Spy Detector PANNOVO RF Detector Bug Detector Anti-spy Signal Detector Car Tracking Device for Wireless Hidden Camera Detectors
  • Best GPS Tracker Detector
  • Our Rating
  • RF wireless signal detection: Yes

    Magnetic field detection: Yes

    Hidden camera lens detection: Yes

    Frequency Range: 1MHz-6500MHz

    Detection of signals within a range of 5cm-l0m

    Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

    Sensitivity: Medium

    Body: Plastic

10 Best Hidden Camera Detectors:


High Sensitivity Spy Detector & Magnetic Signal Scanning Hidden Camera Lens Detection RF Signal Detector Wireless Signal Bug Detector for GSM Listening&Tracking Device Finder


This useful camera finder is excellent for doing extensive searches. It can be labeled as the best hidden camera and bug detector because it can bypass a camera’s RF defenses through a red-light filter.

Although most commercial cameras can be found through RF detection, some models can evade being discovered by shutting down when not in use.

This finder can be used to uncover cameras by harnessing the power of red light. LED’s cover the room and reflect a camera’s lens to highlight its location. If a customer needs to do a deep sweep, this camera tracker is a good buy.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers loved that they found a good product. Some reviewers had no difficulty in getting the device running to look for hidden cameras around their homes.

They found that the layout of this product worked well to convey important information, and they especially loved that it can be used to track GPS devices. Some hidden camera detectors don’t offer this capability, but it is useful when doing anti-bug sweeps.


  • Includes an instruction manual for masterful use of the device
  • Reliably catch RF devices through well-built components
  • Can detect GPS trackers along with hidden cameras for stronger surveillance sweeps
  • Handling the device can be complicated despite referencing the instruction manual


This is a great purchase for most people. Radio-frequency tracking and lens detection make the finder excellent for ensuring that a space is clear from commercial and even professional hidden cameras.

Spy-Hawk Security Products Pro-10G is The # 1 GPS Tracker Finder and Law-Grade Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep - Newest Professional Handheld Detection of All Active GPS Trackers, Mobile Phones


This device requires a bit more of an investment than other hidden camera finders, but it is well worth it. The unit is able to track GPS spy devices.

Spy-Hawk’s model boasts a high-frequency sensitivity level to capture the faintest of radio broadcasts. This means that commercially-available hidden cameras are not safe with this device looking for them. The camera finder also comes with specialized headphones to make tracking easier.

What Customers Are Saying

A particular hidden camera detector review noted that this model successfully found an unwanted GPS tracker on a personal automobile. This feature can be excellent for conducting searches, for spying can be done through means apart from hidden cameras.

Customers loved the device’s sensitivity levels, but some felt that it was not able to be fully utilized in commercial settings. Wi-Fi networks are common, so sweeping for cameras on the high sensitivity may bring false positives.

This model was still largely recommended for being well-built and reliable, however.


  • User-friendly design makes operating easy
  • RF detection is very strong in locating faint transmissions
  • Additional uses of the device include sweeping cars for any type of unwanted tracking bugs
  • Wi-Fi networks can disrupt the device’s effectiveness in locating spying devices


Despite Wi-Fi networks inhibiting the device’s potential to track hidden cameras, this product is still a recommended purchase.

Anti Spy Detector PANNOVO RF Detector Bug Detector Anti-spy Signal Detector Car Tracking Device for Wireless Hidden Camera Detectors


PANNOVO’s hidden camera detector device is superb for finding unwanted spy technology. It can locate GPS, utilize red-filtering to find cameras on standby and can be paired with headphones to discreetly alert you of cameras that suddenly activate.

All of these features are available in a device that is extremely affordable, so it is a terrific purchase to make. The internal battery is rechargeable, so the purchase of a mobile charger might be helpful if you plan to use this product often on the go.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers successfully used this device to find known and unknown cameras throughout their home. One reviewer noted that they found the infamous smoke-detector alarm installed without their knowledge or consent, so the value of this camera tracker is priceless.

Its affordability combines with the great execution of features to create a highly-recommended product.


  • RF screening and red-light tracking ensures that transmitting and non-transmitting cameras will be found
  • Vibration detection can be utilized to stay discreet when screening for bugs
  • Included low-battery prompt will help you keep the device charged at all times on the go
  • Managing the sensitivity levels can require experience to become proficient with the device


Understanding the different ways that radio frequencies may interfere with the device may require some getting used to, but this is a powerful hidden camera tracker. It doesn’t require a large investment to obtain and may immediately help you sweep for hidden spy technologies.

KJB DD1206 Professional Digital Radio Frequency RF Bluetooth, GSM (Cellular), WiFi, Detector Hunter Sweeper


This KJB camera tracker has a sophisticated look that includes a lot of features. Bluetooth cameras can be detected with this device through its double antennas, and it boasts a wide range of sensitivity levels.

Technology-inclined customers may enjoy this device, for it has many buttons and lights to offer an in-depth sweeping experience.

This model is priced higher than other trackers, but it runs on batteries that are easy to find and purchase. This means that taking this device on trips won’t leave you without a charge, but going to less populated areas may require you to plan ahead.

All things taken into account, this model is for customers who need a high-end device for when entry-level trackers are not able to do the job.

What Customers Are Saying

Because this model is one of the higher-priced trackers, reviews were far less common than for similar trackers that were entry-level and less expensive. However, no negative review was made of the device’s hardware or software components.

This is very good, for this particular modal was designed for accurately locating well-hidden cameras. Some areas may have a lot of different places for a hidden camera to be placed, so this model is built to uncover the most discreet of hiding spots.


  • Conveniently powered through 2 AAA batteries
  • Detects a variety frequency sources including Bluetooth
  • 15-bar signal strength can be used to pinpoint well-hidden cameras
  • Some hidden cameras may evade the unit’s RF detection range


When normal camera trackers can’t do the job, this model can accurately pinpoint trackers in the stealthiest of locations.


Micro Alert 2


This camera tracker is perfect for individuals who need a discreet device that can find unwanted spying systems. A single charge can last three years, so this product can always be assured to function.

Additionally, it can be modified to hide its true purpose. Because the device is small and square-shaped, stickers may be put onto it to make it look like an unassuming white cube.

By memorizing the instructions, this model is unique and would work well when carrying a camera tracker must be kept secret.

What Customers Are Saying

Although the device is costlier than basic trackers, customers were largely pleased. It doesn’t have a rich repertoire of features, but it is one of the most compact camera finders on the market.

A notable hidden camera detector review mentioned that the device never let the user down, so it stands out as a good buy. Despite being extremely small, the model has the capability to track hidden cameras that would otherwise never be found.


  • Simple design lets it be used without complications
  • Exterior modifications like well-placed stickers can hide the device’s true purpose
  • Popular 3-volt battery can be found in most hardware retailers
  • Not as feature rich as some other hidden camera detectors


If you travel a lot, this is a great buy. Various sensitivity levels can be adjusted to uncover spying technology across a broad range of environments.

LawMate RD-10 Portable RF and Hidden Camera Detector


If your budget doesn’t have room for professional trackers, then this model is recommended.

It can be considered to be the best RF detector for hidden cameras, for it can catch spying technology with lens location and through transmitting radio frequencies. It is a larger investment than some beginner models, but this device is powerful.

A wide range of frequencies can be zoned in on, and the six LED lights can pinpoint carefully-hidden cameras. AAA batteries power the device, so this model is good to travel with.

Its antenna can be folded in during transportation, and it can also be set to alert you of frequencies though vibrations to avoid drawing attention to yourself in public.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers were largely happy across the board, but there were a few of them that were dissatisfied that their model did not come with an instruction booklet.

This is not a big setback, for the device is very simplistic in its design. The real value of the product comes from its ability to spot non-active cameras. Once the viewfinder is turned on, hidden cameras pop up with a massive glare on their lenses.

Some hidden camera detectors don’t offer this feature, so non-active cameras can slip away unnoticed by not sending out radio frequencies. This model bypasses the need for cameras to be turned on, so it is a good investment to make to ensure that a place is bug free.


  • Six sperate LED lights help find non-active cameras
  • The antenna is retractable and prevents accidental damage to make this device perfect for transportation
  • Broad signal-capturing ranges help boost the device’s effectiveness
  • Unable to track other types of bugs like GPS systems


Great value comes with an affordable price tag, so this device is recommended if you suspect that you are being tracked with sophisticated bugs.

Anti Spy RF Detector Wireless Bug Detector Signal for Hidden Camera Laser Lens GSM Listening Device Finder Radar Radio Scanner CDMA Wireless Signal


For certain groups of people, this could be the best device to detect hidden cameras. The finder can track CDMA waves, so there is almost no camera that can escape detection.

Additionally, this model boasts a wide frequency range that will locate all hidden bugs with the exception of the most professional devices.

The only drawback to this unit is its lack of support for red-light detection. A separate unit will need to be purchased to find non-active cameras, but this particular detector works great for finding active bugs.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, for this model can find a large variety of transmissions. GPS, microwave, and CDMA are all trackable for an affordable price. Good Friend’s camera detector does not cost as much as high-end devices but performs like them.

One review mentioned that experience was necessary to get the most out of the device, so users should expect to spend some time getting acquainted with the model to use it well.


  • Double antennas can capture frequencies of 1MHz to 8000MHz
  • Strong usage time of 10 to 15 hours from a fully-charged battery
  • Colorful signal-strength indicator is easy to read
  • Doesn’t support red-laser lens detection


Powerful RF technology can find the most elusive of cameras, so this model is a great buy for tracking cameras that actively send out frequencies.

Spy-MAX Law-Grade ProMax GPS Tracker Buster & Detector - Ultimate GPS Counter Surveillance - Designed Exclusively as Professional GPS Tracker Detector for Professionals & Law Enforcement


The Spy-MAX hidden-camera detector can get the job done for anyone who needs a large display and an easy-to-read user interface.

Its giant bold lettering is advantageous towards those who have difficulty seeing, for bright numbers illustrate current settings. The user interface is prioritized in this model, yet the price could make it out of reach for some buyers.

Most models do not have such a friendly design, however.  If someone finds themselves needing a camera tracker that needs to be user friendly above everything, then the Spy-Max is perfect for them.

Additionally, we recommend you check the best budget radar detectors under $100.

What Customers Are Saying

The camera detector reviews revealed that customers were largely happy about their purchase. Vibration detection, easy to read settings and easily replaceable batteries makes this device ideal for anyone who can’t use entry-level trackers.

Almost every setting is shown with bright lights, so usage in dark areas is not impossible.


  • AAA batteries are used to power the device making usage easy
  • Device’s antenna can retract when not in use to prevent possible damage
  • Bright lights make this device perfect for customers who need simple layouts
  • Costs slightly more than average hidden-camera detectors


Although the device was commented to be expensive, reviewers found that it performed exactly to their liking. Being a one-of-a-kind model, it fulfills a great niche market for trackers that are easy to use.

Mini Gadgets CDLM10 CDLM10: Lawmate Wireless and Wired Camera and RF Detector


The CDLM10 can assist individuals who need a device that can alert them on its own when it picks up a wireless transmission. Occupational or recreational use aside, this model can discreetly alert you with vibrations that it has picked up a frequency.

The device comes packed with a red-light filter for manually finding cameras, and a decent range of locatable frequencies. The model is also small and lightweight, so this camera finder can be hidden on one’s person to monitor frequencies without being observed.

What Customers Are Saying

A spy hidden camera detector can be expensive, but buyers found that this device suited their needs without breaking the bank.

The richness of the features pleased customers, for they were able to have a plethora of tools available to them to check for hidden cameras anywhere. Silent detection is possible, and the retractable antenna ensures that the device can be discretely used.


  • Duel-tracking system of RF and lens location can ensure that a strong sweep is made
  • Small size makes it useful to frequent transportation
  • Passive vibrate-detection mode can alert you when it picks up a radio frequency
  • 20MHz to 6GHz might not be sufficient to track professional spy-camera models


High-end camera finders can cost a considerable amount of money, but some mid-tier finders can work well for a large groups of buyers. Automatic detection of frequencies can be an invaluable feature for many types of occupations, and this unit delivers it along with many other useful inclusions.

AUGOTE Wireless RF Signal Bug Detect Wireless Camera Spy Detector WiFi Audio Cell Phone


As an affordable and durable detector, the AUGOTE tracker is ideal for buyers needing to travel often. If something happens to the tracker during transportation, it is affordable enough to be replaced. But its strong build suggests that it can hold up to a lot of usage.

The tracker works with an attachable antenna to increase the device’s accuracy, and it is powered through a single AA battery to make it hassle-free. It has a solid range of capturable frequencies, and its jet-black design looks professional.

What Customers Are Saying

Despite it appearing very well made, some reviewers were unhappy at the device’s performance. A prominent hidden camera detector review noted that the tracker failed to pick up known cameras.

Instructional videos were referenced over the internet, yet some customers were unable to get their tracker to work.

If this was the result of a faulty product, then a working product could have remedied their frustration. The specifications for this device available at an affordable price left customers who had working models pleased with their purchase.


  • A 30-meter detection range can be utilized for screening large venues
  • Dual-alert mode helps track unwanted spying technologies
  • 9-volt battery is easy to find to keep the device charged
  • Some users reported difficult in getting consistent readings


It is possible that some defective models entered the market, but customers who were pleased with their buy were ecstatic at owning a device that can find hidden cameras placed to spy on them.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Hidden Camera Detector

A covert camera detector should help you to uncover hidden devices, so you should look at your particular situation and determine the features that are necessary to have.

There are a myriad of different detectors, so consider these seven factors by applying them to your situation to find your perfect model.

Discreetness of Device

If you need to ensure that no one else but you knows that you have a hidden camera detector, a model that offers earphone support and retractable antennas is a good buy.

A few devices on this list have these features, and they can be used to keep your sweep private.

Professional Purposes

If letting a camera slip by your sweep is unthinkable, consider investing in a professional model.

These trackers are designed with sensitivity and frequency ranges as a priority.

Entry-level camera detectors are excellent for private use, but professional trackers are made to combat the most sophisticated cameras.

Red-Light Filtering

strobe lightFrequency technology works by locating cameras that send signals, but some models can shut down and remain undetectable. That’s where red-light filtering comes in.

This feature is a must-have, for cameras that don’t send out frequencies emit bright glares under the red light of a tracker.

Even if your need for a camera tracker isn’t involved with your line of work, having this feature is important.

Power Supply

Traveling with your device can change your ideal model. Some devices are only powered through internal batteries, and these units won’t work for your situation.

Carrying an extra mobile charger can be cumbersome, for they take up space and need to be recharged themselves.

Consider looking at models that are only powered by common batteries to always have a fresh charge quickly available.

Two Devices

TransmissionHaving two separate trackers can be beneficial to you.

One tracker can be a powerful model that focuses on finding devices over radio frequencies, and another model can have a red-light system for inactive cameras.

If you can afford to carry an additional tracker and spend money on two devices, owning two specialized units can provide you with the best technology to combat hidden spy cameras.

Track Other Spying Devices

WiFiA hidden camera detector review noted that the buyer used their detector for its GPS-finding abilities to track a spying device in their car.

Imagine the different ways that you can use feature-rich trackers, and consider getting one if tracking GPS, CDMA or audio recording bugs would be helpful in your life.

Exterior Network Traffic

SignIf your designed sweeping area is in the middle of a lot of busy networks, buying a tracker that has very low sensitivity levels may help you locate bugs despite massive interference.

Public and private Wi-Fi networks can give you false positives, so owning a device that only targets what it is very close to it gives you the opportunity to catch cameras that rely on interference to stay hidden.

High Sensitivity Spy Detector & Magnetic Signal Scanning Hidden Camera Lens Detection RF Signal Detector Wireless Signal Bug Detector for GSM Listening&Tracking Device Finder


Finding the best hidden camera detector requires doing research on the different available models and analyzing your situation. Some devices are excellent at locating cameras that are placed stealthily in heavy-network zones, and others can help you operate them discreetly.

Your situation will determine your ideal model, so this list covered ten units that performed well that can serve your different needs.

Consider buying one today to sweep personal and commercial areas wherever you go. It only takes one hidden camera to make your life difficult with the consequences it brings, and hidden cameras are daily becoming easier to obtain.

Countering malicious attempts at spying with a personal camera tracker is a great way to protect yourself. There is a very low cost after making the initial purchase, and they can work for years to keep uninvited filming away.