8 Best Gun Safes Under $2000 Reviews in 2021

This blog post is an in-depth review of the eight best gun safes in 2020. If you are wondering how to protect your firearm from a fire or burglars, this is just the article for you.

Choosing a gun safe can be a bit confusing. We know this because coming up with this list was anything but easy. However, after extensive research and trying out numerous products, we were able to point out the best high-end gun safes that will give you full value for your money.

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Gun Safes Under $2000 Comparison

1. Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Gun Safe

Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, 72x40x27-Inch

2. Kodiak Strong Box Gun Safe

Kodiak Strong Box KSB5928EX-SO Gun Safe by Rhino Metals, 20 Long Guns & 4 Handguns, 485 lbs, 60 Minute Fire Protection, Patented Swing Out Gun Rack, Electronic Lock and Bonus Basic Door Organizer

3. SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe

SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe, Storage for Firearms and Valuables for Home or Office, Security Gun Safe w/Electronic Lock, Fire Protection, Measures 59”H x 38”W x 17.5”D- Black

4. Kodiak Tactical Series Gun Safe by Rhino

Kodiak KTF5940EX-SO Tactical Series Gun Safe by Rhino Metals, 38 Long Guns & 8 Handguns, 720lbs, 60 Minute Fire Protection, Patented Swing Out Gun Rack, Electronic Lock and Bonus Door Organizer

5. Barska Rifle Cabinet

Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)

6. Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Gun Safe

NEW and IMPROVED E.M.P Proof Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes AMHD593024-EMP

7. Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe

NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk

8. Stack-On TD-69-GP-E-S Total Defense 51-69 Gun Safe

Stack-On TD-69-GP-E-S Total Defense 51-69 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Gray Pebble

Dimensions 27 x 40 x 72 inches 20 x 28 x 59 inches 61 x 40.5 x 22 inches 59 x 40 x 23 inches 40 x 22 x 59 inches 59 x 30 x 24 inches 59 x 39 x 24 inches 28.5 x 43 x 59 inches
Weight 879 lbs 485 lbs 500 lbs 720 lbs 667 lbs 765 lbs 689 lbs 837 lbs
Fire protection 1-hour up to 1700F 1-hour up to 1400F 1-hour up to 2300F 1-hour up to 1400F 60 Minutes up to 1200F 2 hours of fire protection at 1875°F 1 Hours of fire protection at 1875°F Fire resistant for 75 minutes up to 1400 F
Capacity Up to 30 Long Guns up to 20 long guns & 4 handguns up to 24 Long Guns up to 36 Long Guns & 6 handguns Store up to 45 rifles up to 22 Long Guns up to 30 Long Guns Can hold 51 to 69 guns
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year Lifetime Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty N/A Lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty N/A

8 Best Gun Safes Under $2000 on the Market

Best Overall

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This Blue Dot safes product has a classic black powder coat that gives it a stylish look. The coating is also scratch-resistant, which means that the aesthetic value of the safe will remain intact for a long time. This safe has various features that make it virtually burglar-proof. For starters, it has a drill-resistant lock hard plate. This means that any attempts at forced entry will be fruitless.

Secondly, the safe has re-lockers that are automatically activated if someone punches it. This further boosts protection against burglars. Further, the safe has an auto-detent feature that makes the bolts to extend as soon as the door is shut. A bolted door is extremely difficult to break into.This product also comes with anti-pry bars on the door hinges. The bars prevent the safe from giving in during prying attacks by burglars.

Most importantly, these safes have U.L listed locks, which means that they meet the safety guidelines set by the authorities. Overall, the safes surpass the safety standards set by the Department of Justice.The safe also provides excellent protection in the event of a fire. The body is made of 12-Gauge steel, which is known for its hardiness. The doors are made of the same material, and they have expandable seals that further add protection in case of a fire.

The safe can withstand a 1700F-hot fire for about an hour. This is decent fire protection; it will suffice on most occasions.

Many buyers are pleased with this product, and most laud it as one of the quality gun safes that provide value for money



Best High-Quality Safe

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This product by Rhino Metals truly lives up to its StrongBox name; it is exceptionally resilient and durable. It also has a rustic feel to it and will add aesthetic value to any room. Here are the outstanding features of this cool gun safe under $2000.

The durability and toughness of this Kodiak safe are unquestionable. The ceiling is made of 3 layers of 12mm fireboard, while the body and door all have two layers of this material. This robustness makes the safe fireproof for an hour at 1400F.

The steel plates also protect the safe from drill attacks. The safe comes with re-lockers that automatically lock if someone attempts to force the safe open.The door seal on this safe is also expandable. Not only will it lockout smoke and water during a fire, but it will also expand to 7 times its size to keep your guns safe from the flames.

The safe has ample storage space and can comfortably hold four shotguns and 20 long guns. In addition to six shelves, the safe also has a door organizer to add to your space.If you have a great sense of style, you will love the 1800’s looks of this safe. It has minimal decorative features, which is reminiscent of centuries past. The safe’s inconspicuous appearance will also blend in with any home decor.

The simple yet elegant look of this safe endears it to many buyers. Add to this the fact that it is made of solid, durable steel, and you have a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations.



Best Fire Proof Safe

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This powder-coated gun safe boasts of excellent construction using top-quality materials. This Titan Safe by SnapSafe offers a variety of security features to keep your guns safe. For one, it has a 9-gauge steel body that can withstand burglary attempts with ease. Not only is it pry-bar and sled-hammer resistant, but it also comes with eight 1-inch bolts that keep it securely closed at all times.

The safe can withstand a 2300F fire for an hour. This is one of the highest fire-resistance ratings in the market. It also comes with heat-activated door seals that expand exponentially in the event of a fire.

This SnapSafe product uses an electronic lock to restrict access to guns. The digital lock is easy to use, and you will be able to access your firearms shortly after keying in the passcode. The construction of this safe is splendid. It has a plush interior that is fully carpeted, and the exterior has a powder-coated finish. You can expect this safe to stay in excellent condition for ages because it is made of durable materials.

With interior dimensions of 53.5″H x 33″ W x 14.5″ D, this gun safe can comfortably hold long guns. It comes with a full shelf, a full rack, and half a rack. You will have enough space to store your firearms with this safe.

Many buyers love the ease with which you can assemble this product. It even comes with a wrench to make the process painless.



Best Designed Safe

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This military-green Kodiak product is an excellent choice of safe for those who have a lot of guns. Its unobtrusive appearance also makes it easy to blend in with any home decoration theme.

This safe provides ample security for your guns. Its body is made of 2 layers of hardened steel plates to safeguard against forced entry and drilling attacks. The ceiling is also sturdy, seeing that it is made of three layers of steel plates. The product also has an Anti-tamper clutch. This ensures that the safe door stays intact during a burglary attempt. Additionally, the safe has a re-locker that automatically activates if anyone tries to force the safe open.

This safe comes with 11 bolts, each at least 1.25” thick. Any burglar will have a hard time prying it open.In case of a fire, you needn’t worry about the safety of your guns. With its substantial steel body, this product can withstand a 1400F-hot fire for an hour. The door seal also boosts the fire-resistance properties of this safe. It can expand to 7 times its size during a fire to ensure that the heat doesn’t destroy your guns.

Buyers are taken by the size of this safe. You can store over forty guns in this safe without any struggles. Others love that it offers the full value of money, especially since it made of premium-quality materials.



Large Gun Safe

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This black and spacious rifle safe is a quality product by the renowned Barska Company.

This safe is quite large. You can store up to 45 rifles of varying lengths in it. Additionally, the cabinet has a door organizer that provides more storage space for smaller guns and gun accessories.

There is an electric digital keypad that allows you to access the safe. You can also use the two backup keys that come with the product to unlock it should you forget your code.

The lock goes into lockout mode when there are too many incorrect unlocking attempts to prevent unwanted access to the cabinet. This not only keeps burglars at bay, but it also ensures that curious kids do not accidentally open the safe.

Any attempts at prying the safe open with a pry bar will be fruitless because the safe has a six-point deadbolt locking system. The door and body of the safe are also made of top-grade steel, which is very difficult to break into.

This cabinet can withstand a 1200F-hot fire for one hour. While this is not outstanding, it is adequate protection for most occasions.

There is a lot that consumers love about this cabinet, starting with its exquisite design, plenty of storage space, and hardy construction.



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This is an elegantly designed gun safe that is exceptionally sturdy The essential feature in a gun safe is the hardiness of its body. If your safe is made of weak materials, it is easy to break into and cannot protect your firearms during a fire.

This fireproof gun safe boasts of a 9-gauge steel body, which is one of the most robust materials used to make safes. The door also has a ¼ inch steel plate for reinforcement. Additionally, the safe comes with hard plates for the vulnerable parts of the safe.A burglar does not stand a chance with this safe thanks to its hardy construction. If they try to break in using a crowbar or such other tools, they will be in for a rude surprise.

The safe can also withstand a 1875F fire for at least two hours. On average, most home fires last an hour, which means that your gun is reasonably safe from this hazard. Accessing your safe is easy, thanks to the digital keypad opening mechanism of the safe. A bypass key also makes it impossible to lock yourself out of the safe.

The top-long shelf is made of steel, which is impervious to warping. You can expect this shelf to remain intact even when there are rapid temperature changes. Your guns will always fit as they should in this safe. The gun safe has two racks that can fit up to 11 guns. This is a somewhat decent holding capacity for a safe.

For most buyers, the appeal in this safe lies in its high fire rating. This safe provides better fire protection than most other gun cabinets in the market.



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This massive gun safe is an excellent investment if you own a sizable collection of guns. Although it holds 24-30 guns on average, you can fit a maximum of 39 long guns by placing 13 on each of the three shelves.

The Steelwater gun safe is made of 12-gauge steel, which is exceptionally strong and resilient. The safe can withstand an hour-long fire of up to 18750F without caving.

To improve its fire-resistance capabilities, the safe has a heat-activated door seal that can expand to 8 times its thickness during a fire. The seal also keeps out water and smoke during a fire, which further improves protection for your guns.

If you are more worried about burglars than fire, then you should consider getting this Steelwater product. It has a robust body that is virtually impossible to break in to, but it also comes with 20 solid steel bolts to boost security.

Moreover, the safe has two re-lockers that make it harder for thieves to access your guns by the use of brute force.

You can access your safe easily using its sensitive digital keypad. Owing to its heat sensitivity, the keypad will quickly detect your input, thus prevent early wear of the keys that you use repeatedly.

Most buyers feel that this is a worthwhile investment thanks to its sizeable gun-holding capacity and robust construction



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This Stack-On safe may have a simple design, but there is nothing simple about its construction or gun-holding capacity. With a maximum gun-holding capacity of 69 guns, this is one of the largest safes in the market.

This safe can withstand up to 75 minutes of a 1400F-hot fire. This is because of the fire-retardant materials used to make the safe’s door. Although this is not the highest fire-resistant rating on a gun safe, it is enough protection for most homes.

The safe also offers water protection for your firearms for up to 72 hours. You must, however, ensure that the safe is bolted to the floor so this waterproof rating is maintained. This waterproof feature is of outstanding quality in this product.To prevent forced entry, the safe has 4-way locking live-action bolts. Burglars and other criminals will be hard-pressed to break into this safe.

The interior of the safe is fully upholstered and comes with enough shelf space to hold 69 guns. Additionally, there are adjustable barrel rests that allow you to store guns of different lengths conveniently.The electronic lock on this safe has an LED that tells you when the safe is open or if you input the wrong password. It also warns you when the battery is running low so you can recharge it.

Many buyers are pleased with this product. Most love it for its waterproof capacity, especially those living in areas prone to flooding.



Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gun Safe

One of the most significant safety hazards for your guns is a home fire. This is why you should consider the fire ratings of a gun safe before you purchase one. Typically, a safe can withstand a lot of heat if it is made of sturdy materials. Top-grade steel is one of the best materials for this purpose.

Additionally, a safe that has an expandable door seal will offer better protection for your guns in case of a fire. It keeps out water and smoke, both of which can cause considerable damage to your rifles. Any respectable gun safe should be able to protect your guns for an hour in a 1200F fire. Some can even keep them safe at 2300F, so choose one that is best suited to your needs.

Other than fire, another hazard for your guns is burglary. You also don’t want your kids or their friends to be able to access your safe without supervision, do you?

A safe is only as strong as the materials used to make it. If you have a cabinet made of sturdy steel, then burglars will have a hard time breaking into it. Also, a safe that has strong bolts and a re-lock mechanism is better at keeping intruders at bay.

You should also consider the size of a safe before you buy it. Some cabinets can store nearly 70 guns, while others will only hold 11 arms. Choose a safe that has enough storage space for the guns you own.

Additionally, pick a safe that has a door organizer since it provides handy storage space for smaller guns and accessories. If you get a cabinet with removable shelves, choose it too as it gives you extra space for storing guns.

You want a safe with a lock that will allow you quick access to your guns. If guns are your first line of defense in protecting your home, you don’t want to wait for minutes to reach them in case of an emergency. Delays in accessing your firearms can compromise the safety of your loved ones considerably.

Finally, you should pay attention to the construction of the safe you intend to buy. Any top rated gun safe will have an upholstered interior to protect your guns from scratches and other kinds of damage.

A carpeted interior is also pleasing to the eye and generally spells class and style.

Gun Safes FAQs

A fireproof gun cabinet is an excellent investment since it ensures that your firearms are safe in the event of a fire. Be sure to check the fire ratings of a safe before you purchase on. The higher the ratings are, the more likely that your guns will not suffer damage in case of a house fire.

There is no universal testing standard for a safe’s ability to withstand a fire. Most manufacturers, however, conduct testing to determine how well a safe can stand the heat to give it a rating. The best manufacturers use independent laboratories, such as the Underwriters Laboratory, to test and rate their safes for them.

Typically, a safe’s fire rating tells the highest temperature to withstand and for how long. For the best protection, choose a safe with at least a 12000F rating for one hour.

Moisture is a threat to guns; it can cause corrosion and rust, which ultimately diminishes the quality of your guns. In a fireproof safe where ventilation is a challenge, the probability of moisture getting trapped and damaging your guns is extremely high.

You can use a sacrificial anode, such as copper-colored sheets, to protect your firearms. These sheets are more vulnerable to rust and corrosion than the metals used to make guns, so they become the target of these two processes.

You can also use dehumidifiers to keep your guns intact.


When it comes to choosing a gun safe, there are three factors you must consider: fire rating, safety levels, and storage space. Pick a highly-rated product made of sturdy materials to safeguard your guns.

Of the eight products reviewed in this blogpost, the Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe is the best long gun safe under $2000. It is made of top-quality 12-gauge steel, but it also has one of the highest fire ratings. 

Better yet, it has an elegant design, and its quality is excellent. There is a lot to love about this safe.