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5 Best Garage Door Rollers in 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Last updated on September 25th, 2020

Do you intend to replace your garage door roller any time soon? Regardless of your answer, you must understand that garage rollers play a vital role in the performance of your garage door. Garage door rollers allow your garage door to close and open at your disposal. This is why you need the best garage door rollers for your task.

This guide will help you to understand the best garage door rollers available for you. We got everything covered for you, from how garage door rollers work to their installation. Here are the top-rated garage door wheels in 2020.

5 Best Garage Door Rollers Available:


DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX 2" Sealed 6200ZZ Bearing Nylon Garage Door Roller, 4


The Ultra-life Max Garage rollers offer the ultimate garage door roller wheels for your garage. This roller is designed with a dual-cage 6200ZZ bearing. It has a seal covering the bearing that protects grime and dirt from penetrating the house. The 6200ZZ cage has a long lifespan and is rated at 155,000 plus cycles.

It can also support a door weight of 190 lbs. It also comes with a replacement kit for noisy, broken, and old garage doors. This results in a smoother and quiet closing and opening of your garage door. It is projected to reduce your door closing and opening noise by 75%. Install these garage door rollers and get a better door opening and closing experience.


  • It rotates smoothly and quietly without producing too much noise
  • It offers a lifetime operation
  • Provides maximum strength
  • None


Garage Door Hardware Kit.tune up Kit


According to information from garage door rollers reviews, these rollers come in a full package. The rollers come with hinges, cables, bearings, bottom, and top fixtures. The kit allows you to replace your garage door with new parts. These rollers are one of the most efficient rollers and are made up of 11 bearings.

Your door will be more durable after installing this kit. Rollers are also able to handle more pressure as they are made from high quality galvanized steel. You can use the kit to fix any brand of door. The installation process is quite easy and doesn’t require much experience to accomplish. This is an all in one kit, which comes at a cheaper cost.


  • The kit can fix almost all door brands
  • The rollers can fit any garage door size
  • Rollers can handle more pressure
  • Rollers are noisier compared to nylon rollers


Garage Door Roller Wheel LONG STEM 2" X 7


The steel garage door rollers are the perfect rollers for commercial and residential garage doors. They are the commercial-grade rollers and are better than standard OEM rollers included with the best garage door openers. The steel wheels are more durable and quite sturdy.

They are designed with nylon shells around the wheels to reduce operational costs. You can operate smoothly with ten ball bearings per wheel.

Since the ball bearings are well lubricated, and the weight of the door divided equally among them, the movement of the garage door is very smooth. The wheels are 1-13/16 inches, thus fitting perfectly in 2 inches tracks. These rollers are widely used in 99% of all garage doors.


  • The rollers are available in 2 pack
  • They are best for both commercial and residential garage door
  • Their steel wheels provide a smooth operation
  • According to customer reviews, the bearings are dry


Seal N Soft 2" Nylon Garage Door Rollers, 13 Ball Bearing Hinges 4


The National HD designs nylons rollers with 13 ball bearings. These rollers make some of the most durable and quietest rollers available. The one and three-quarter size garage door rollers can work for dozens of years. These rollers are made with a long stem to prevent the garage door from coming out of the bent.

They also have a lubricating groove included that helps in dispersing lubrication. Lubrication enables the door to work smoothly and quietly. The roller is cheap and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

It is also easy to install this roller compared to others. Using DIY technology, you can only take one hour to complete the installation. The rollers also have longer stems compared to other products.


  • Provides a noiseless and smooth operation
  • It is easy to install
  • The rollers are durable
  • The cost of the rollers is low compared with other products
  • These garage door roller reviews show some clients complaining that the rollers come with some of the seals off


XiKe 10 Pack 2" in Nylon Garage Door Roller Use 6200ZZ Shield Bearing, Rotate Quiet and Durable, 4" in Stem and Reuse More Than 100,000 Cycles - Blue.


The Xike 10 pack 2 is one of the best nylon garage door rollers. It provides a long term service with an assurance that your garage door will operate in a quiet and smooth mode. It has a 4-inch steel stem that offers prolonged service when appropriately maintained.

Since the device is stainless, it can be used in the salty coastal regions. The garage roller supports a 12-inch door while offering 100,000 cycles. It is also sealed to prevent the inner bearings from grime and dust. Dust and grime affect the smooth operation of a door roller. The roller can comfortably support a weight 150lb offering quiet operation.


  • Rotates smoothly and quietly without the use of much oil
  • It is long-lasting
  • It fits the tracks easily
  • None

Factors to Consider when Buying Garage Door Roller Wheels

If you don’t check systematically, you might find it challenging to buy the best garage door rollers. Buying a proper roller will help you to improve efficiency and reducing the noise of the roller. Below are some factors you can consider when purchasing the best roller:

The material Used to make the roller

DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX 2" Sealed 6200ZZ Bearing Nylon Garage Door Roller, 4The material used for making rollers will determine its durability. When it comes to durability, steel rollers are more durable compared to nylon rollers.

Since durability determines efficiency, the materials used for making rollers should be selected carefully.

An insulation kit is also provided to protect the garage door during cold winters and hot summers. Using steel to make rollers will also produce quiet garage door wheels as compared to nylon.

Bearings Needs Inspection

When you are buying rollers, it is essential to check whether the bearings are sealed or opened. You should always purchase rollers with sealed bearings.

This is because sealed bearings are not exposed to grime, debris, and dust. This will allow the bearings to operate noiselessly and smoothly. It will also increase its lifespan and improve efficiency for extended periods.

The Compatibility of the Rollers with Standard Shafts

It is important to remember that there are standard shafts that can fit almost all rollers. When shopping for rollers, you should identify those compatible with standard shafts. This will enable you to replace the rollers with ease. It will also reduce tear and wear on your roller.Garage Door Roller Wheel LONG STEM 2" X 7

The Weight that Each Roller can Take

There is a prescribed weight for every roller. You must first determine the weight of your garage door and then cross-check with that on the roller.

If a roller carries the right pressure, it can last longer. Always buy a roller that supports the weight of your garage door.

The Number of Cycles of Closing or Opening the Door

Every roller has a certain number of prescribed closing and opening cycles of the garage door. You should count the number of closing and opening cycles of your garage door to avoid any inconveniences.

You must consider these factors carefully before buying a garage door roller. These will save you the trouble of having to replace your roller every time. Choosing the wrong roller might lead to severe consequences. It will benefit you to make a conscious and smart choice.

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Garage Door Rollers FAQ

We often have a lot of questions when it comes to buying a product for the first time. For instance, you might be asking yourself, which is the approach on how to change garage door rollers.

Asking yourself questions will help you to find solutions to things you didn’t know. We have some of the questions which we have answered below to clear your doubts around the best door rollers.

What is the size of the garage door roller that I need?

Rollers often come in three standard sizes: one inch, two inches, and three-inch. To determine the required roller diameter, you need to measure the face of the roller. The length of the face of the roller usually is less than the width of the track system.

For instance, you would require a roller with a diameter of 2 inches for a 2-inch track. However, the safest approach is to buy the roller size recommended by the manufacturer.

Do garage rollers wear out?

Just like any other product, garage door rollers have their life limit. Their durability is dependent on their maintenance and use. To reduce their wear and tear, you should at least inspect them once per year. You should also replace rollers that have worn out.

What is the lifespan of a nylon garage door roller?

If a roller is installed at the same time as the door, it might last up to 10 to 20 years. The durability of the roller depends on the level of maintenance it gets. Nylon rollers are less noisy compared to steel rollers but are less durable. You should choose a roller based on the material that is useful in the long run.

What is the cost of replacing a garage door roller?

So many factors determine the cost of replacing a garage door roller. The first factor is the type of door you have. The higher the door, the more the rollers, and consequently, the higher the cost. However, it should not cost you more than $150 to $170, including the cost of labor.

The total cost of replacement will depend more on the number of rollers you want to replace. Consider asking your garage door manufacturer about the price, as most of them are aware of the exact amount.


The decision to buy the best quiet garage door rollers is purely yours to make. Following these details will benefit you when choosing the best garage door rollers. There are garage door rollers that don’t use ball bearings. These rollers are often cheaper compared to those that have ball bearings.

All you need to do to save on costs is to keep these recommendations in mind. You should also carry out a regular inspection to determine whether the garage door rollers are damaged. Regular maintenance is also essential to prolong the lifespan of rollers. You will never regret it if you make the right buying decisions.