10 Best Tactical Belts and Concealed Carry Belts in 2020

by Matthew Wilson

Last updated on June 25th, 2020

Last updated on June 25th, 2020

There can be a variety of advantages to concealed carry, although there are a few things that many people may overlook. Chief among these is the gun belt, which can often be seen as an afterthought. However, this can be quite a prominent aspect involved in making sure that your weapon is safe.

However, choosing the right one can often be quite difficult. This is because there can be several things involved in finding the best CCW belts. To help you decide, we’ve examined quite a variety of them and compared them in several areas. In doing so, we’ve identified a few belts that outperform many of their alternatives.

While style and price will be large factors in a decision, we’ve looked at some other factors, including how long it lasts, how durable it is, and much more. Some CCW belts came out on top in a few particular ways.

Our Top Recommended CCW Belts

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10 Best CCW Belts for the Money:


Hanks Gunner - USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt - 100 Year Warranty - 14 Ounce - Black -42

When you’re looking for the best gun belt for CCW, there are a variety of things that you’ll want to look for. The Hanks Gunner has the majority of these, which is what makes it a recommended choice. Firstly is the high-quality leather material, which means that it shouldn’t split under the weight of a weapon.

The belt’s thickness should also mean that it can withstand the weight of various weapons. This should mean that it can work with a variety of higher calibre and heavier pistols. One of the last prominent benefits is that the Hanks Gunner should last much longer than many other belts. This should mean that you wouldn’t need to replace it anytime soon.

Previous owners have made some negative claims about this, however. While they’ve praised the Hanks Gunner’s benefits, they’ve also noted that the buckle can be loose. This could mean that the metal will shake and generate noise.

This could be frustrating for many owners, especially if they need to walk a lot. While there could be some ways to overcome this, it may take more time and effort than it’s worth.


  • High-quality leather means it shouldn’t split.
  • Thick, so it can withstand more weight than many other belts.
  • Much more long-lasting and durable than alternatives.
  • Belt on the buckle may make a lot of noise.


Hanks Extreme - Leather Gun Belt for CCW - Concealed Carry - 17oz. Premium Leather Belt - Made in USA - 100-Year Warranty - Brown - Size 32

One factor you’ll want to look for when choosing between the best concealed carry belts is how heavy-duty it is. This is something that the Hanks Extreme has in spades, with this thickness meaning that it shouldn’t rip or tear anytime soon. This should also mean that it can withstand a large amount of weight from a holster.

This also extends to the buckle, which is much more heavy-duty than many people might expect. There may be a few benefits to this, with the more obvious being that it should prevent it from breaking under any weight. The buckle is also removable, which could be seen as an advantage.

The belt is also made out of high-quality leather, which should prevent a lot of tearing from taking place. However, some buyers have suggested that this may sag faster than other belts. While this shouldn’t be too large of an issue for many, it may be if you have a somewhat heavy weapon.

Despite this, any potential sagging may take quite a significant amount of time. As such, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for many people.


  • Thicker than competitors for better performance.
  • Completely made of leather so there shouldn’t be any rips.
  • Heavy-duty buckle is removable.
  • May sag faster than other belts.


MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt - Two-Layer Reinforced Nylon with No Metal - Stiffened for Concealed Carry EDC Holsters Pouches Security Military Wilderness

Most CCW belts are made from leather, although many of us might prefer other options. This leads to some wondering what the best nylon gun belts are. The MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt is one to watch, as it has a variety of built-in features. The most obvious of these is that it’s much more lightweight than other options, while also being somewhat more comfortable.

The belt is also much more easily adjusted, which could be an advantage to many wearers. This will mean that you can adjust it on the fly without needing to put too much effort into it. One of the last other prominent benefits is that it shouldn’t bend or rollover, which is an impressive trait in a nylon belt.

While previous buyers have acknowledged these features, they’ve also pointed to some drawbacks. The largest of these is that the MISSION ELITE may not last as long as many of its alternatives, especially those made from leather. This could mean that you may end up replacing it much faster than you initially planned to.


  • Adjusted much easier than many other belts.
  • Much more lightweight than competitors.
  • Shouldn’t bend, roll over, or sag.
  • Doesn’t last as long as some competitors.




Men’s Tactical Belt –2 PLY 1.5" Nylon Heavy Duty Belt Quick Release Cobra Buckle - Klik Belts

Many of us may want a concealed carry gun belt made out of nylon that doesn’t disappoint in performance. The Cobra Quick Release is one of the better-recommended options in this regard. It’s made out of military-grade nylon, which should mean that it’s one of the more durable and long-lasting belts on the market.

As the name would suggest, the buckle includes a quick release function, which could be something that many people may want. One of the last main features here is that it’s designed to fit the majority of holsters, so you should be able to use it with most weapons.

While customers have generally been pleased with the belt, they’ve noticed that it has some issues. The most common of these is that it could become loose quite quickly and begin to sag. This might mean that you may have to replace it relatively fast, regardless of in how well of a condition the rest of the belt is in.


  • Made from military-grade nylon for durability.
  • Buckle features a quick release.
  • Fits the majority of belt loops.
  • Can become loose quite quickly.


Hanks A2760 Leather Tactical Belt - 1.5" - Black - Size 32

Hanks NO Break Black Out Leather Gun Belt is one of the more high quality gun belts with a large number of built-in features. One that should be obvious from the start is that it’s made out of high-quality leather. This should mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about it tearing or ripping over time.

Alongside this, it shouldn’t sag or begin to stretch, which can typically be a problem with a variety of belts. Much of this is tied directly to the material that’s used in it, which should mean that this is a long-lasting option for many people.

The Hanks NO Break Black Out should also work with quite a large number of holsters, which means that it can be quite a versatile pick. However, some negatives have been alluded to by some previous owners. Though there have been some minor issues with it, one or two slightly larger ones have been noticed.

The most notable is that the buckle may be quite low-quality. This could mean that it may break off easily. Though you’ll be able to find a high-quality replacement buckle, this shouldn’t have to be the case. As such, this could be a prominent negative.


  • High-quality leather material means that it shouldn’t tear.
  • Works with a range of holster styles.
  • Shouldn’t sag or stretch over time.
  • The buckle could break off quickly.


Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Web Belt with Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Metal Buckle (S 30"-36

Trying to find a good tactical nylon gun belt for CCW can often be much more difficult than it sounds. If this is what you’re looking for, then the Fairwin Tactical Belt is a recommended option, thanks to each of the features and benefits it has on offer. The first of these is that it’s much more adjustable than other belts on the market.

This helps to make it one of the more comfortable options for carrying a weapon. Alongside this, the belt works with most holsters, so you shouldn’t need to worry about compatibility. Despite these benefits, many previous owners have suggested that the Fairwin Tactical Belt has a few noteworthy drawbacks.

The most common issue seems to be that it can sag and become loose quickly. This could be a prominent problem, although it’s something that tends to affect most nylon belts.


  • Much more adjustable than many others.
  • Works well with most guns.
  • More comfortable to wear than many others.
  • Can become loose quite easily.


The Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt | Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt With Steel Insert | Made in the USA | The Toughest 1 1/2 inch Premium Heavy Duty Leather Gun Belt | Black 32

Finding a leather CCW belt is quite easy to do, although finding high-quality one is much more difficult. However, the Relentless Tactical Leather Gun Belt is a standout from its competitors for a variety of reasons. Firstly is the high-quality leather that it’s made from, which should mean that it’s a long-lasting option for many buyers.

Alongside this, it includes a layer of steel inside the leather, which further enhances its overall performance. This should mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about it sagging or tearing at any point. It also makes it one of the more durable options. The belt also works with the majority of holsters.

There have been some common problems noted by previous owners. The largest of these is that the layer of steel inside the belt has a habit of moving. While this wouldn’t typically be an issue, it could get in the way of the buckle holes. As such, if you’re unable to move it, then the belt may be useless.


  • Made with high-quality leather for longevity.
  • Layer of steel has been added for enhanced performance.
  • Works with most gun holsters.
  • Steel core could shift and make the best unusable.


Hanks ACH101 Kydex Stiffened Belt – 1.5” - Black - Size 32

The Hanks Kydex Belt has a few features that many gun owners might find appealing. One of the more obvious of these is that it has somewhat of a slimmer design than many alternatives. This gives it a more stylish look without compromising on its overall performance, which may be an attractive proposition.

Coupled with this is the fact that it shouldn’t stretch or rollover while also being tear and rip-resistant. One of the last key benefits to this is that the buckle is quite easy to remove and replace. This could be an attractive feature for many people, especially if they want to use a more heavy-duty belts buckle instead.

However, some leather gun belt reviews have suggested that the Hanks Kydex Belt has some flaws. Chief among these is that it might not last as long as some of its competitors. This could mean that you may end up needing to replace it quite quickly.

While the belt is relatively affordable, replacing it often could add up these costs much faster than you might expect.


  • Slim design without compromising on performance.
  • Buckle is easy to remove and replace.
  • Shouldn’t stretch or rollover when being used.
  • Not as durable or long-lasting as many alternatives.




Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather Belt - Stitched 1.5" Wide CCW Concealed Carry Gun Belt (Black, 32)

Many of us will look for heavy duty leather gun belts for our weapons, although we may struggle to choose between them. The Daltech Force Bull Hide Leather Belt is one that’s worth a large consideration, as it has a few attractive features. Prominent among these is the high-quality leather, which should make sure that it doesn’t tear or rip.

Alongside this, the belt has been designed to be as long-lasting as possible. As a result, it shouldn’t sag or stretch for a significant amount of time, so you shouldn’t need to replace it quickly. The last core feature is that it’s been designed to work with a variety of holsters, so most pistols can be strapped to it.

How heavy-duty the belt is may work against it in some ways, however. For example, this has made it quite thick, which could mean that it might not fit into some pants. While this might not be an issue for some buyers, it’s something that you should be aware of before you buy.


  • Works with a large number of holsters.
  • Designed to prevent sagging and stretching.
  • High-quality leather means it should last a while.
  • May be too thick to use with certain pants.


Hanks A2900 Old World Belt - 1.5" - Size 34

The Hanks Old World Harness Belt looks somewhat more stylish than many of its competitors, with there being a few reasons for this. The most notable of these is that it’s been designed for comfort, which has slightly affected the look of the belt. This hasn’t been a bad thing, however, as it’s mean that it blends comfortability with functionality.

The belt has also been created with high-quality materials, which has meant that it’s more durable than some alternatives. Alongside this, it can hold a decent amount of weight, which should mean that it will be able to carry most pistols and holsters.

While previous owners have had a lot to say about the Hanks Old World Harness Belt, not all of them have been positive. Instead, there have been some negatives pointed out. The most significant of these is that it could have somewhat of an odor when first bought.

Though this will go away in time, it’s an issue that many people may dislike and which could be offputting for a significant amount of time.

And most importantly, always remember the safety of both yourself and others.


  • Designed to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Can hold more weight than some alternatives.
  • Made from high-quality and durable materials.
  • Can have quite a strong odor.

best ccw belts


Trying to find the best CCW belt can be quite challenging. With all of the factors that you’ll have to consider and each of the available options, the choice can become overwhelming. While all of the above belts are quite high-quality, there are a few that stand out from the others.

One stand-out choice is the Hanks Old World Harness Belt. Though there are some noticeable drawbacks with this, these are much more minor than you might see elsewhere. Alongside this, it’s one of the more cost-effective options, which should make it a recommended choice for anybody on a budget.

This doesn’t mean that it’s compromised on quality, however. Instead, it’s one of the better performing CCW belts on the market, especially with some holsters that might not fit on other belts. As such, this should be near the top of every gun owner’s list when looking for a CCW belt