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8 Best Alarm Clock Spy Camera of 2020 with Motion Detection & Night Vision

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022

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Spy cameras in alarm clocks are building in popularity due to how inconspicuous they are. Almost everyone has an alarm clock in their home, so they rarely raise questions. However, it’s important you have a high-quality one rather than a mediocre one. The best spy camera alarm clock ensures the camera does its job while remaining “out of sight”.

We’ve spent hours of extensive research, analyzing numerous of spy cameras, and discovered eight top-rated products on the market today. Feel free to examine our top picks as they may help you come to a decision.

Our Top Recommended Alarm Clock Cameras

Goospy Spy Camera

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cameras Clock True 1080P Covert WiFi Nanny Cam Secret Home Security Cams Strong Night Vision Video Recorder Remote View via iPhone Android APP
  • Our Rating
  • Auto record HD videos in 1080P

    Only on a 2.4G WiFi network

    Automatic night vision

    Support Max 128GB Micro SD card(Not including)

Fuvision Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock,FUVISION Wireless Speaker Covert Camera with Night Vision,Motion Detection Nanny Camera,SD Card Record,App Live Control and Viewing Security Camera for Home and Office
  • Our Rating
  • 1920X1080P Full HD high quality video resolution

    Built in night LED light for seeing up to 30 feet in darkness

    Wi-Fi APP view online video anytime and anywhere

    Supports up to 128GB memory card(not included)

ELValley Hidden Camera

Spy Camera, 1080P Hidden Camera Clock WiFi Video Recorder 140° Wide Angle Lens Wireless IP Cameras for Indoor Home Security Monitoring Nanny Cam with Night Vision Motion Detection Upgraded APP
  • Our Rating
  • With 1080P resolutions, 140°wide angle lens

    Wi-Fi Streaming Via IOS/ Android APP

    The hidden camera supports Only 2.4G Wifi Network, Not Support 5G Wifi.

    Cameras support 128 GB micro SD card (micro SD card not included in the package)

8 Best Hidden Alarm Clock Cameras on the Market:


Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cameras Clock True 1080P Covert WiFi Nanny Cam Secret Home Security Cams Strong Night Vision Video Recorder Remote View via iPhone Android APP

This hidden camera digital alarm clock from Goospy features a mini clock camera with a 6-glasses lens that helps enhance the picture quality. To record, simply insert a micro SD card and you can auto-record HD videos in 1080P. It’s supportive only on a 2.4G WiFi network.

Via the app, you can live stream the app that’s free to download and compatible with iPhone and Android devices. For the sake of privacy, only you and those you invite can access your camera.

The camera features automatic night vision thanks to the six invisible infrared lights. Once the area becomes dark, the night vision kicks in so that you can always see the room.

What Consumers Are Saying

Users of this hidden camera clock appreciate how the mini clock isn’t readily detectable unless you know what you’re looking for. They also note how easy it is to set up and appreciate how well the motion detector activates itself.

However, there are complaints about the low sound quality, especially if you’re watching downloaded videos via the SD card.


  • Camera sensor isn’t noticeable
  • Quality motion detector
  • Easy setup process
  • Sound seems low in quality


Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock,FUVISION Wireless Speaker Covert Camera with Night Vision,Motion Detection Nanny Camera,SD Card Record,App Live Control and Viewing Security Camera for Home and Office

This hidden WiFi camera from Fuvision triples also as an HD digital clock and a Bluetooth device to playback music. It has a 125° wide-angle camera lens. There’s both a 12-hour and a 24-hour switch. The built-in battery should last around 5-6 hours on continuous runtime. Or you can plug it in using the USB cord.

It records to an SD card and the compatible Smartphone app. You can choose two modes: continuous so that it erases old video files, or motion detection to save memory. There’s built-in night vision in the camera that turns on automatically, and it sees up to 16-26ft.

What Consumers Are Saying

Consumers appreciate how you can zoom while viewing. The camera remains hidden rather well, and setting it all up is simple as the instructions are straightforward. They also enjoy how, beyond it being an alarm clock with a spy camera, it can be used as a Bluetooth device for your music.

There are some issues with the app though. Users report problems with it lagging, freezing, or simply not working.


  • Clear instructions and ease of setup
  • Good level of sensitivity
  • Versatile design
  • App interface seems poor


Spy Camera, 1080P Hidden Camera Clock WiFi Video Recorder 140° Wide Angle Lens Wireless IP Cameras for Indoor Home Security Monitoring Nanny Cam with Night Vision Motion Detection Upgraded APP

The ELValley home alarm clock spy camera sends alerts and video straight to your Smartphone when you download the accompanying app. It features a hard-to-detect camera lens that has an ultra-wide view, capturing 140° worth of footage in a room. The camera is said to have 1080P HD resolution.

There is a night vision setting on the camera so that you can still view the room in dim or low-light conditions. As for the motion sensor, you can customize the alarms for different lengths of time to further personalize your experience.

What Consumers Are Saying

There have been user reports that enjoy how easy it is to personalize this hidden spy camera. Since you can set the timeframe, you can get alerts sent to your phone when you want them.

Users have mentioned, however, that they don’t feel that the picture quality is that spectacular in spite of the camera being HD-level. There are also some complications with setup, so you may have to take some time learning how.


  • Wide angle camera lens
  • Customizable timeframes
  • Good motion detector
  • Image seems low-quality


Hidden Spy Camera Clock,HD 1080P WiFi Camera Alarm Clock with Night Vision and Motion Detective,Monitor Video Recorder Nanny Cam for Home Office Security

This Hidden Camera Clock has a 150° wide camera lens that captures 1080P HD videos. For a clearer visual, you can even peel off the thin protective layer of film that covers the clock. Supportive of a 2.4 WiFi network connectivity, you can sync this clock to the accompanying Smartphone app.

It features a built-in SD card slot so you can capture recordings, and it’s good for up to 128GB worth of storage. With night vision and motion detection, you can get a versatile recording experience. You can view a loop of the recordings or simply real-time recordings with the motion detector system anytime via your phone.

What Consumers Are Saying

Customers mention how much they enjoy the rather clear picture quality from the camera. They also claim the audio comes out well too. There’s also an appreciation of how small the overall clock is, which may help it blend effortlessly into any room.

If there are any complaints, it’s with the app. You need the app in order to set the camera up, and there are times when the app simply won’t work or allow you access even after you’ve signed up.


  • Adequate image quality
  • Good compact size
  • Simple setup
  • App complications


State-of-The-Art Wireless Hidden Camera Clock | Motion Detection Alarm Clock Camera | Spy Camera Clock with Night Vision | HD Recording Camera Clock | Clock Spy Camera & Hidden Cam Remote

This State-of-the-Art Wireless Alarm Clock is a security camera with a quality, 1080P camera lens. Once you enter a micro SD card, it can begin recording automatically. If you want 24/7 recordings, the video will simply erase over itself over time.

It has motion sensors as well to pick up any activity that occurs in front of the camera. In addition, there is a night vision setting that uses infrared lights. With its discreet size, you can set it just about anywhere without it getting attention beyond being a clock. Its size also allows for easy portability if you need to use it in different rooms.

What Consumers Are Saying

Users spoke highly of how quick you can set up the camera as well as its small, unremarkable size that makes it go unnoticeable. They also enjoy the good image quality even though there may be some issues getting the night vision to work as well.

In spite of clear images, the sound doesn’t appear to be on that level as users report issues hearing static.


  • Quality image
  • Takes little time to setup
  • Discreet size
  • Poor sound quality

Hidden Camera -Spy Camera -WiFi Spy Camera - FHD 1080P Clock Camera More Than 33FT Night Vision with IR-Cut Support Motion Detcetion 160 Degree Angle Multiple Use for Home/Office/Outside

The LITSPED Hidden Camera features a touchpad design for a sleek appearance. If you don’t have a power input, this does have a backup battery that can last up to six hours or so. It records videos in 1080P HD quality, and it offers you a 160° wide visual range.

The motion sensor is triggered within 25ft., and once detected, it can send alerts straight to your phone as long as you have the app installed. This camera clock also supports night vision up to 35ft. When your memory is full, it can save to your phone or to an SD device. Otherwise, it loops over old footage.

What Consumers Are Saying

There is a lot of talk about how useful the wide picture range is for covering more area in a single room. Also, users enjoy how well-lit the night vision function actually is so you can still make out some details. Another high point is that the camera lens is hidden well, and the clock itself is a nice, small size to fit with ease wherever you need it.

Even so, some users mention that others might notice the camera depending on the lighting in the room. There may be a noticeable blue light on the back that indicates the camera.


  • Well-lit night vision
  • Wide picture range
  • Lens is well-hidden
  • Lighting can make camera noticeable


WiFi Hidden Clock Camera, Wireless Nanny Spy Cam with Alarm Clock, Night Vision, Motion Detection, App Control & Remote Viewing for Home/Office Security

This WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock features a compatible app you can download for Android or iOS devices. You can record 24/7 for full-time recording on a loop, or you can simply use the motion detection mode for specific recordings. Everything can be saved to a micro SD card that’s up to 128GB.

There’s an auto night vision function that can still offer as clear an image with low lights as it does in the daylight. As for the alarm clock function, it acts just like any other clock with both 12-hour and 24-hour settings. This way, no one may be the wiser that there’s a spy camera in place.

What Consumers Are Saying

Customers appear to enjoy how straightforward this alarm clock camera is. It takes little finesse to set it all up, and there’s plenty of space an SD card can record so you can view old footage when you want to.

The motion detection sensor seems highly accurate, and the camera can provide you with pleasantly clear images. Consumers have noted though that there is a noticeable sound the camera makes when it switches over to night vision mode.


  • Motion detection is accurate
  • Easy to set up and connect
  • Smooth, clear picture quality
  • Makes noticeable sound when switching to night vision

Hidden Camera Miota Spy Camera Wireless Security Nanny Cam with 1080P Full HD, WiFi, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Bluetooth Speaker,FM Radio,Cell Phone App,No Sound Recording

This MIOTA Hidden Camera Alarm features a modern, sleek design with its easy-to-read screen.

It’s an alarm clock spy camera with audio that works both ways. You can hear what the camera records, but you can also speak through. Once you’re linked into the app, press your phone’s microphone and speak through, and the sound comes from the camera’s speakers.

Able to capture images in the dark as well, this spy camera features a lens that are well-hidden to the naked eye. You get motion detection as well as alarms sent to your phone. With a WiFi connection, you can Livestream all of your content no matter where you’re at.

What Consumers Are Saying

Many users have reported enjoying the two-way audio function on the camera clock that allows them to speak into the room even if they’re out of the house.

They also enjoy how well discreet the camera is in addition to how well this simply functions as an alarm clock. When it comes to any negativity, some users claim that the picture quality isn’t that good. They believe it’s lower than the stated 1080P and closer to 720P or so.


  • Lens are hidden well
  • Two-way audio
  • Good alarm clock function
  • Recordings seem low-quality

Factors to Consider When Buying Hidden Camera Clock

Even with the above recommendations, you still may find yourself at a loss on which alarm clock with a spy camera is best for you. Beyond understanding the legalities behind these types of cameras, there are a number of different features to address that may help in your decision.
best alarm clock spy camera

Image Quality

This may be one of the more important decision-making factors. Since you want to know what’s happening in your home when you’re not there, it stands to reason that the image should be clear enough.

Usually, top-quality cameras offer 1080P HD recordings so everything is clear and detailed.

Concealed Rating

Perhaps just as vital as the image quality is how well-concealed the camera actually is. You don’t want anyone readily detecting your camera, so it helps that your spy alarm clock of choice features a lens that isn’t readily noticed.
Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cameras Clock True 1080P Covert WiFi Nanny Cam Secret Home Security Cams Strong Night Vision Video Recorder Remote View via iPhone Android APP

Bonus Features

A spy camera may work best depending on the extra features. For instance, some have motion detection that can help you save on space. It should have a good sensitivity rating so that it detects accurate movement.

Another nice feature is a night vision system. Many feature an auto night vision that cuts on the moment the lights dim. In this case, it’s imperative that the image quality isn’t sacrificed.

Also, check up on the app connectivity with your clock. Many feature easy-to-use compatible apps that setup in no time and rarely, if ever, crash. As such, you can relax and view your home no matter where you’re at.

Making the Decision

It can be difficult to name one product as the best clock with a hidden camera built-in, but from our list, we have to go with the Goospy Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cameras Clock. This clock features a reliable build that lasts for a long time. It has a user-friendly app that easily livestreams videos to your phone.

The strong night vision and accurate motion detector sensor makes it a go-to choice for many users. Feel free to check out our top pick or the others in our list in more detail. Leave a comment on how you feel about these spy alarm clocks or if there are others you have in mind