Best 4K Surveillance Systems: 7 Security Camera Systems with 4k of 2020 Reviews & Guide

by Matthew Wilson

Having a reliable security camera system is an easy way to protect your home, business, or property whenever you cannot be there; and even when you can!

With the advancements in imaging technology of late, the products we have at our disposal are quite remarkable. Now you can not only protect your property with cameras, but those security cameras can also now record in 4K!

We can now pull minute details such as facial features and license plates using 4K security camera systems. So, we have decided to analyze the available options and the market to determine which one is the best 4K security camera system.

By analyzing features such as image resolution, weatherproof ability, added cables, and accessories, etc., we have compiled a comprehensive list providing detailed 4K security camera system reviews.

With many more features and specs to discover than are briefly mentioned here, let’s get into the reviews.

4K Security Camera Systems Comparison

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List of 7 Best 4K Security Camera Systems on the Market Today:

Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 8MP Outdoor PoE IP Cameras, 8MP 8-Channel NVR with 2TB HDD Video Surveillance System for 24/7 Recording, RLK8-800B4


Kicking off the reviews list is one of the best 4K NVR security camera system options on the market.

The Reolink 4K Ultra HD PoE Security Camera System is a four-camera system that comes with a network video recorder (NVR).

The cameras are in bullet form and are most suited for mounting on walls. With a simple plug and play design, these cameras are very simple to set up and use.

It takes a single power over ethernet (PoE) cable to power and sends video to the NVR. This is also a 4K security camera system with audio, one of the few on the market.

What Customers are Saying

Consumers are absolutely blown away by this Reolink security camera setup. More than one review states that the value is way beyond the price tag, claiming it could sell for triple the price.

With a crisp and clear image resolution, consumers are very pleased with this Reolink system.


  • Comes with Cat5 and HDMI cables, a mouse, and a start-up guide in addition to the equipment
  • NVR has 2TB of space and is remote viewable via mobile or computer
  • Able to add additional external storage up to 4TB
  • Full HD recording at 20fps
  • Night vision up to 100 ft. in complete darkness
  • Simple PoE plug and play system
  • Waterproof
  • N/A


In conclusion, the Reolink 4K Ultra HD PoE Security Camera System is easily one of the best value packages on the market. With four cameras, an NVR, and all of the necessary cables and equipment to get you started, this package is tough to beat.

ZOSI 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras System,4 Channel H.265+ 4K (3840x2160) Video DVR with 2TB Hard Drive and 4 x 4K (8MP) IP67 Bullet Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras,100ft Night Vision, Motion Alert


Next up in the reviews is the ZOSI 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras System, one of the best wired 4k security camera system models available.

Similar to the Reolink model previously reviewed, this system is a four-camera setup, although they are used with a DVR for recording.

Being that it uses a DVR, the set-up of the system is slightly more complicated than that of the Reolink and other PoE models.

The cameras with this ZOSI set are in the bullet form and the metal casing of each is completely weatherproof.

What Customers are Saying

Consumers are pretty split about the quality of this security camera system. While it is noted that the construction of the cameras is not poor, the function is said to be.

According to consumers, the motion detection barely works when it does work at all and there are few instructions for installation and set-up. However, there are some consumers who are pleased with their product.


  • Comes with power supply cables, connection cables, mouse, etc. in addition to equipment
  • 2TB of space
  • Remote operable
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Night vision up to 100 ft. in complete darkness
  • Simple PoE plug and play system
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year quality warranty
  • H.265+ compression saves storage space
  • No PoE connection/power, which means slightly more complicated installation


In conclusion, the ZOSI system is a good system. It is not the top of the top but it will certainly record the happenings around your property.

The faulty motion detection is something to note but other than that the unit is solid and worth your consideration.

Arlo Technologies Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 2 Camera System | Indoor/Outdoor with Color Night Vision, 180° View, 2-Way Audio, Spotlight, Siren | Works with Alexa and HomeKit | (VMS5240)


Coming in at the three spots in the best 4K home security cameras reviews is the Arlo Ultra – 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 2 Camera System.

This system from Arlo is a step beyond the others in some regards.

The unit is wire-free; the cameras communicate with the smart hub wirelessly, keeping installation hyper simple.

The cameras and smart hub are also designed with a modern touch, having smooth, and round corners design. The cameras themselves work best when mounted to walls.

What Customers are Saying

Consumers are not high on this product. Almost every consumer claims that the wireless feature is actually a detriment because the cameras cannot be beyond a certain distance from the smart hub.

Also noted by consumers is a lack of actual 4K footage. This is a pretty big point being that the camera system is advertised as being in 4K.

With many negative reviews and few positive ones, be wary when considering this seemingly awesome wire-free system.


  • Wire-free, supremely simple set-up
  • Custom monitor zones allow for more control
  • Comes with one (1) year of Arlo Smart Premier service
  • Weather-resistant
  • Auto-zoom and auto-tracking
  • 2-way audio
  • Only comes with 2 cameras


In conclusion, what the Arlo system attempts to do is valiant but it seems to fall short of operable. If you have a small property and you are the risk-taking type, perhaps you can get away with giving this Arlo Ultra system a shot.

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Bullet POE IP Camera, 3840x2160, 131ft NightVision, 2.8mm Lens, IP67 Weatherproof, MicroSD Recording, Black (IP8M-2496EB)


Next up in the 4K security camera system reviews is the Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Bullet PoE IP Camera.

Unlike the three previously reviewed models, this security camera option is a single camera (not a set).

Also, because it is only one camera, it does not come with a smart hub, NVR, or DVR. It is capable of recording to some of these types of devices but they are not included with the camera.

However, you can view your cameras via the free Amcrest View Pro app or your desktop so there are no additional purchases necessary for the camera to function.

What Customers are Saying

Consumers are overwhelmingly supportive of this camera model from Amcrest. The most common review is that the camera has great resolution and high quality. Consumers also find the price to be fair and reasonable for the received value of the camera.


  • No NVR necessary, view cameras on mobile app
  • Deep night vision coverage (up to 131 ft.)
  • Weatherproof
  • Simple PoE plug and play system
  • Only one (1) camera


In conclusion, the Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Bullet PoE IP Camera is a fantastic option for those looking for either an individual camera or multiple cameras but no recording system.

The free app makes using these cameras from Amcrest highly simple and reduces the labor of installation immensely.

EZVIZ 4K Ultra HD IP PoE Surveillance System, 4 Channels, 4 Cameras, 2TB HDD - REFURBISHED


At number five we have one of the better 4K home CCTV systems available in the EZVIZ 4K UltraHD 8MP Outdoor IP PoE Surveillance System.

This system from EZVIZ is most similar to the Reolink system reviewed at number one. The system comes with a set of four cameras in bullet form and an NVR.

The cameras in this set from EZVIZ are black though and therefore are relatively inconspicuous in comparison to the many white camera models reviewed thus far.

The cameras are able to be mounted to walls or ceilings but are more suited to ceiling mounting.

What Customers are Saying

While this system seemingly provides all that and a bag of chips, consumers are not very happy with it. This product receives overwhelmingly negative feedback from those who have used it.

According to consumers, the video quality is horrendous and grainy when attempting to zoom. Additionally, some have noted that the system did not hold up to the elements and stopped working after just two weeks.



  • Comes with Cat5 and HDMI cables, a mouse, and a start-up guide in addition to the equipment
  • NVR has 2TB of space
  • Motion detection is customizable for preferential monitoring of particular zones/sections
  • Easy set-up/installation with PoE plug and play design
  • Night vision up to 100 ft. in complete darkness
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa via IFTTT (free, online service)
  • Weatherproof
  • N/A


In conclusion, be very wary of choosing this system from EZVIZ. With so many negative reviews from consumers, it is hard to believe that the product will hold up and perform for you over time.

Perhaps if you desire indoor security cameras it may work for you as the need to zoom and deal with weather is all but gone inside.

ANNKE 8 Channel Ultra HD 4K Home Security System with 4x 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Cameras, H.265+ DVR Recorder with 2TB Hard Drive Storage, IP67 Weatherproof Expandable Surveillance System


Next up is a system that is nearly identical to the ZOSI model reviewed at number two. The next option in review for Ultra HD 4K security cameras is the ANNKE 8 Channel Ultra HD 4K Home Security System.

As with the ZOSI system, this package comes with four bullet form cameras and a DVR for recording.

As was previously stated, the DVR system installations are slightly more hands-on than the NVR system installations.

Utilizing EXIR technology, the night vision capability of this ANNKE system is pretty advanced (EXIR is infrared lights housed separately from the lens in the camera casing).

What Customers are Saying

Consumers love this system from ANNKE. While there are some notes about needing longer cables (completely circumstantial), consumers claim the cameras are great and come with no hiccups that are not able to be worked around.

The image resolution is known to be of high quality and the system itself is more than capable.



  • Comes with built-in 1TB HDD
  • Motion detection is customizable for preferential monitoring of particular zones/sections
  • Night vision up to 100 ft. in complete darkness
  • Weatherproof with IP67 metal camera casing
  • Slightly more complicated installation than PoE


In conclusion, the ANNKE system is one of the more reliable systems in review here. With a fully inclusive equipment package it is unlikely you would need to purchase any other materials to have this system running smoothly on your property.

If a full security camera system is what you are in the market for, the ANNKE 8 Channel Ultra HD 4K Home Security System should be an option in consideration.

LaView LV-KNG968E84D8-T3 8 Channel Home Security System, 2 TB/4K


The next and final 4K home security camera system in review is the LaView 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System.

The LaView 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System is another four-camera system with an NVR, similar to the Reolink at number one.

What is different about this LaView model, however, is that the cameras are in dome form; therefore, they mount to ceilings most appropriately but may also be mounted to walls.

Similar to the Reolink and a few other models in review, the LaView system runs on PoE and thus is a pretty simple setup that essentially allows for plug and plays operation.

What Customers are Saying

Consumers are in agreement that the security system from LaView is operable and even a leap forward in comparison to some lesser options on the market.

One complaint to note is an apparent lack of customer support, though this does not seem to be a widespread issue. With more positive than negative feedback, the LaView system has gained the trust of consumers.



  • Comes with Cat5 , a mouse, and a user manual in addition to the equipment
  • NVR has 2TB of space
  • Motion detection is customizable for preferential monitoring of particular zones/sections
  • Easy set-up/installation with PoE plug and play design
  • Night vision up to 100 ft. in complete darkness
  • Weatherproof (IP67)
  • N/A


In conclusion, the LaView 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System is one of the best options in these 4K security camera system reviews. Being the only camera system with dome-shaped cameras, this system may be preferred by some.

Either way, the LaView 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System is a viable option and one certainly worth consideration.

What the Advantages of 4K Surveillance Security Cameras?

Seeing intricate details: 4K surveillance systems allow for you to pick up tiny details that are typically not possible to see with lesser image resolution systems.

For instance, 4K systems give you a better chance at reading license plates of unwanted guests as well as facial features of intruders, etc.

This is helpful because while it can helpful to see that someone is intruding or messing around with your property, it is almost as if it is in vain if you cannot identify to the intruder.

Better night vision: Night vision detection can be difficult to view with camera systems below 4K image resolution.

While the IR technology is not necessarily different, the actual lens itself is able to capture more detail and allows for more comprehensive night vision.

This is comforting because most criminal activity and intrusion happens in the dark or at night. Having a lesser quality system that is not able to record at night too well does not seem to make much sense.

Recording capacity: Many of these 4K surveillance systems are able to record more with less. Due to their compression abilities, many 4K systems can record more than older systems on the same amount of storage.

This means you can save money on extra, external storage or extra cloud space for your recordings.

Compatibility: Going forward, 4K is likely to be the most common video resolution and production standard. This means that going forward to your 4K system will be more suited for compatibility with future tech and upgrades.

Factors to Consider When Buying a 4K Security Camera System

The following is a list of factors to consider when buying the best 4K security camera system:

Full system versus a single camera:

The first factor to consider when buying a 4K security camera system is whether or not you need a full system setup or a single camera.

As we have seen with these reviews, many systems come with an either and NVR or DVR. However, if you only need a single camera, it would not behoove you to buy an entire system.

There are plenty of models, such as the Amcrest, that are sold individually and you are able to view the feed on an app or desktop online. Consider your needs and choose a surveillance model in accordance.

Plug and play (Power over Ethernet):

Another factor to consider is whether or not the model is plug and play.

What is meant by plug and play is that the camera or system is essentially designed ready to go only needing an ethernet cable to work?

This is because some models are designed to receive power over ethernet, reducing the amount of cabling and installation necessary.

This also makes the systems highly reliable because the opportunity for malfunction and system failure is reduced.

Consumer product reviews:

The third factor to consider is what consumers have to say about a product model.

While consumer reviews should not be taken as the product’s ultimate quality determinant, they should be considered and thought about. For instance, some models that we have reviewed have received a fair amount of negative feedback from consumers.

Even when they have received such poor reviews, there are still a number of positive reviews; however, they are more difficult to find because they are fairly simple while negative feedback is eye-grabbing.

Do consider what consumers have to say, but if a product seriously intrigues you, do not let the consumer reviews prevent you from entertaining it and its features.

Playback/Video output method:

The final factor to consider is how you view the video playback or where the video output is sent.

With the NVR and DVR models, you will have an entire system dedicated to receiving the video and displaying it for you either on a monitor or television, whichever you choose.

However, if you simply want to view your cameras from an app or online, there are models that allow for that.

It does not make a whole lot of a difference other than if the internet were to be down you may not be able to view your cameras on apps and online. Which kind of video playback system you choose is more so a personal choice. (You can also install hidden cameras that will not be visible to the eyes.)

4K Security Camera Systems FAQs

Q. Should I purchase a wireless or wired 4K security camera system?

A. Regarding quality and reliability, a wired 4K system is likely the better option. However, wireless models can certainly get the job done.

The main thing to consider here is where you intend to place your cameras and how far away from the central hub each camera will be.

Wireless systems do not tend to work too well outside of a specified area and because of this are likely more suited to indoor situations. For most outdoor surveillance setups, wired systems are the most appropriate.

Q. Should I opt for an NVR system or a DVR system?

A. There is a distinction to be made between NVR and DVR systems. NVR systems work over a network whereas DVR systems must be wired to their analog cameras.

NVRs are simpler to set up and are more or less easier to work with because the cameras work over a network (either wired or not). This improves compatibility and also requires less installation and wiring than a DVR system.

However, a DVR system will work well if you are looking for a system that will also handle your older surveillance cameras.

Q. Do I need to buy extra storage space for the system?

A. The answer to this question depends on the system you decide to go with. However, most of the newer systems come with immense storage space and therefore you should be okay to hold off on buying extra storage.

If you are buying an individual camera and setting it up with another system you already have, extra storage may be necessary; but generally speaking, the models in review here all come with ample storage space or cloud storage space opportunities.


In conclusion, the best 4K home security camera system will help you keep away unwanted guests, keep an eye on your loved ones, or simply stay alert to changes around your home or property.

With so many options on the market when it comes to surveillance, it can be hard to narrow down the truly useful product models available. We have created these 4K security camera system reviews in order to help mitigate that turbulence.

By analyzing various 4K surveillance models, we have provided a comprehensive list of products and their details that will help you block out the noise of lesser models.

Whether you are in need of an entirely new system or a single camera, by reading these reviews you are well on your way to determining your best options. So wait no longer and go get that new 4K system so you can start keeping a crisp eye on your property!